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CBD Oil Dosage: finding your ideal dose

CBD is becoming highly popular, as people with a broad range of conditions start using CBD Oil for various reasons. However, since every one of us is a unique human being with a body that responds differently to cannabidiol, it can be hard to determine how much CBD Oil you need to use. For which conditions and symptoms can you take CBD Oil? How do you find your perfect daily dose? And how do you prevent taking too much? Read on to find out!

What Do People Use CBD For?

CBD has many potential benefits to offer. CBD Oil can have a soothing effect, for instance, which enables it to help people sleep better. Symptoms of depression and anxiety can be relieved with CBD Oil, too.

Besides its usefulness for mental health, CBD Oil can also be used for a diversity of other conditions. The anti-inflammatory potential of CBD makes it a candidate for controlling arthritis and rheumatoid symptoms. The World Health Organisation states that CBD can have positive effects for many different conditions, including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, nausea, and pain.

How Do You Find The Right CBD Oil Dosage?

The ideal dose is different for every single one of us. However, several factors can help you arrive at determining your unique individual dose.

Personal Factors

When trying to figure out how much CBD Oil to use, you should take a few personal factors into account. These include your age, your sex, your body weight, and your overall health. Broadly speaking, tall and heavy-set people will need higher dosages, whereas elderly people can usually manage with slightly lower doses than younger people.

Your Body’s Sensitivity To CBD

How Much CBD you need to relieve your own symptoms partly depends on your body’s tolerance to CBD. The more sensitive you re to CBD Oil’s effects, the less you’ll need to notice them. Some people take longer to notice the effects of CBD, which requires them to increase their dose until they reach the intended results.

Which Symptoms Do You Wish To Relieve

The symptoms you intend to relieve obviously lay a part in finding your ideal CBD dosage. Different health conditions call for different dosages of CBD, on top of anyone’s individual needs.

Quality And Contents Of Your Chosen CBD Product

In addition to the above, the percentage of cannabidiol contained in the CBD Oil, CBD Chocolate, or CBD Gummies you buy affects how much of these products you’ll need to use.

CBD oil dosage

Finding Your Own Ideal CBD Dosage

Studies have demonstrated that an overdose of CBD is highly unlikely. That makes it both safe and important to arrive at your own unique CBD Oil dosage. Our general advice is to start out by taking a low dose for the first three days of use, to allow your body to get used to cannabidiol. Perhaps this low dose will be enough for you, but this is not necessarily so. If you are trying to control severe pain, for instance, you will have to find the specific dose that works for you.

If you like, you can use an online CBD calculator to determine how many milligrams of CBD you need to use every day. However, we advise you not to rely too heavily on these ‘smart technology’ aides, because they do not take your unique personal factors into account. No matter what you do, always trust you’re your own experience, and learn to listen to what your body tells you.

As a  very broad guideline, you can start out by taking [xxx] as a responsible initial dose. Of course, you’ll need to look closely at the percentage of CBD in the oil or other supplements you are using. You’ll only need half the number of drops when using our 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil, for instance, compared to the recommended dose of our 5% Full Spectrum Oil. The examples provided below illustrate the point.

Take this initial dose for three days and allow your body to get used to CBD. From that point onwards, you can gradually increase your daily dose until you notice full or partial symptom relief.

cbd oil dosage
Every drop counts…

Side Effects

In the unlikely event that you notice undesirable side-effects, stop increasing your dose right away. Fortunately, severe side-effects of CBD are very uncommon. Some of the mild side-effects reported include dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness, and reduced appetite.

If you notice any of these side-effects, simply revert to the last dose at which they did not manifest. This is your ideal daily dose; at least for the time being.

The time of day when you take your CBD can make a difference, too. We usually recommend taking CBD in the morning, but another time of day may better fit your lifestyle or daily schedule. Determining the perfect moment, or moments, to take CBD throughout the day requires you to reflect on your personal needs and daily rhythm.

The various CBD supplements we offer are suited for combined use. All of our CBD products contain only the finest quality CBD. Cannabidiol works by the same mechanisms regardless of which product you prefer. In other words, feel free to chew on one of our delicious CBD Gummies every now and then to complement your dose of CBD Oil!

When Is A High Dosage Of CBD Oil Useful?

As a general guideline, the recommended daily dose of CBD is between 20 and 40mg. In certain cases, however, higher doses can be useful. Some studies hint at recommended dosages for different conditions or symptoms. One study into CBD for anxiety disorders, for example, used doses ranging from 300 to 600mg. Another study focussing on pain caused by cancer showed even greater differences: here, participants received between 50 and 600 mg of CBD per day.

Please note: these studies reported the dosage of pure CBD in milligrams; not the amount of CBD Oil!

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How To Calculate Your Ideal CBD Oil Dosage

CBD Oil is available in different concentrations. Our product range includes bottles of 5% and 10% cannabidiol content. By default, the higher the cannabidiol percentage, the more CBD each drop of oil contains. Of course, you’ll need to take these percentages into account while determining how many drops a day you’ll need.


CBD Oil 5%: 500mg CBD in 10ml Oil; 1 drop contains 2.5mg CBD.

CBD Oil 10%: 1.000 mg CBD in 10ml Oil; 1 drop contains 5mg CBD.

Suppose for example that your ideal dose is 25mg CBD. That would require 5 drops of 10% CBD Oil, as 5 x 5mg equals 25mg. Of course, you could also take 10 drops of 5% CBD Oil to reach the same effect (10 x 2.5mg = 25mg).

If you prefer CBD Tablets, CBD Gummies, or CBD 24/7 Chocolates, here’s their respective CBD content. One CBD Tablet contains 12mg CBD; one Gummy contains 4mg, and 24/7 Chocolate Thins contain 25mg CBD each. Always check the CBD contents of any supplements you order!

Combining CBD Oil And Medication

Generally speaking, research has demonstrated that CBD Oil is safe to use. However, CBD is a powerful compound that can work together with various important systems in your body. Cannabidiol can interact with certain types of medication. If this happens, these medicines may become less effective, which can be hazardous in certain cases. That means it is very important to be cautious when combining CBD Oil with specific (prescription) drugs.

Studies have shown that the effects of certain antidepressants, beta blockers, and painkillers may be influenced by CBD. Certain antibiotics, steroids, and sedatives may become less effective when combined with CBD. In some cases, you may even need to adjust the dosage of certain medicines you use!

We always recommend consulting your doctor on the medication you are using, to see whether they can be combined with CBD without potential interactions.




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