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SupMedi CBD: preferring product excellence over smooth sales pitches

At SupMedi, we are squarely behind any single CBD product we develop. SupMedi prefers product excellence over smooth sales pitches!

Natural Experience; Scientific Expertise
SupMedi pairs years of experience in natural products with solid scientific knowledge. For the development of our CBD products, we collaborate closely with Holland Biodiversity as our esteemed scientific partner. Our CBD oils and tablets are tested by independent analysts at ProxyLabs. This is the only Dutch laboratory officially licensed by the Ministry of Health for analysis of the purity of CBD products. We have confidence in our products, so we are not afraid to subject them to a strict testing regime, allowing us to accurately identify all ingredients down to the very last milligram. This clearly sets us apart from the competition, and puts us in a unique position to provide you with the natural quality your health deserves.

Rock Solid Faith in Our Natural Roots
SupMedi gives the natural origin of CBD the attention it deserves. We employ twenty years of field experience and thorough knowledge of the subject to make sure that we use only the finest ingredients for our products. Of this we are so certain, that we have all our CBD products tested in laboratories officially licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Health. This is our way of guaranteeing that our dietary supplements always meet the strictest criteria – including your personal demands. If the purity levels in any one of our batches are not exactly right, or if other substances are present in our samples, we simply refuse to use the entire batch altogether. We are able to demonstrate the exact CBD content of all our CBD oil and CBD tablets down to a single milligram. That is how SupMedi assures you of the constant quality that you trust: quality that you can keep relying on in the future.

An Honest and Original Dietary Supplement
Industrial fibre hemp is an honest and natural basic material. Supported by the knowledgeable experts of Holland Biodiversity, we make sure that you get the best that nature has to offer whenever you purchase our SupMedi CBD products. This enables you to take good care of yourself, while we take care of the very best CBD dietary supplements that nature and modern science can provide!