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Discover CBD Skincare By SupMedi

At SupMedi you will find a wide range of CBD products. Especially for natural, deep-acting skincare, we developed our CBD Argan Salve, CBD Argan Cream, and our handmade Hemp Oil Soap in two delicious, naturally pure scents.

CBD (cannabidiol) can support the condition and recovery of the skin in various ways. For example, it offers anti-inflammatory capabilities and can protect cells against free radicals. As a result, CBD can contribute to a naturally vital, supple and silky skin that radiates health.

CBD Argan Cream is enriched with vitamin A, for vital skin that feels silky soft. In addition, vitamin A promotes the production of collagen in the skin cells. This keeps the facial skin firm and elastic. Always use a product with good SPF protection against UV light.

CBD Argan Salve is enriched with vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that promotes the recovery of the skin and prevents the aging of the skin. CBD Salve protects and revitalizes the skin, even with scratches, scrapes and bruises. That’s natural care and First Aid for your skin in one!

CBD Argan Salve Vs. CBD Argan Cream

People often ask us what exactly the difference is between the CBD Cream and the CBD Salve, hence this short explanation. Both products contain organic argan oil that nourishes and nurtures the skin. In addition to the different vitamins that the products contain, these products also differ in substance. CBD Argan Salve is more oily than CBD Argan Cream, so it forms a wafer-thin protective layer on the skin. Because CBD Salve only contains fat and no water, it feels greasy than the Cream that is made on a water basis and therefore absorbs faster.

Another difference between the Cream and the Ointment is the volume and the dose of CBD. CBD Argan Salve comes in a jar with 30 ml of ointment, which contains 150 mg of CBD. CBD Argan Cream is available as a jar of 50 ml of cream, which contains 250 mg of CBD. Relatively speaking, both products contain the same amount of CBD.