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What Exactly Is CBD?

Over the past few years, CBD oil and CBD tablets have become an increasingly popular choice when it comes to dietary supplements. Many people from all walks of life use it to soothe a broad range of symptoms and ailments. This may have you wondering what CBD is exactly, and why so many people notice its beneficial effects. Scientists keep discovering new ways in which CBD is active in the human body. Although the biology behind these effects is quite complicated, it can be explained in non-technical language. Below, we try to explain the workings of CBD in plain and simple terms.

CBD Comes From Hemp; An Amazingly Useful Plant

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a plant-based substance found in hemp plants. Hemp grows all over the world, and has been used by many cultures for thousands of years. Hemp plant fibres are still used for production of rope and clothing, for instance, but they are also used for sustainable construction of houses. The Latin name for the hemp plant is cannabis, a name easily associated with weed and hashish, which can indeed also be found in the flowering parts of the hemp plant. Still, there is much more to the hemp plant than just THC – the substance that can make people feel high after smoking cannabis. One of the many other substances found in hemp is CBD; an amazingly useful natural agent.

CBD; A Natural Substance With Many Uses For Your Body

CBD can be harvested from the flowers and the stems of the cannabis plant. This natural substance will not get you high or stoned like THC can. Instead, it has all sorts of beneficial effects on your body. This is because CBD is very similar to substances produced by your own body, which can be found throughout the human physiology. This explains why CBD is such a great natural dietary supplement.

CBD Reinforces Your Own Body’s Balance

Let’s have a crash course in biology. All day long, your body works hard to keep itself in balance. This way, all your organs can keep performing optimally, because all the various processes in your body are being synchronised. This important function depends heavily on your so-called endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is part of several important mechanisms in your body, including your nervous system. ‘Endo-‘ means ‘interior’, and ‘cannabinoid’ refers to the botanical name ‘cannabis’. This ECS system reacts to certain substances in your bloodstream, which are able to connect with what we call receptors.

You can think of receptors as similar to little keyholes, which only work in combination with very specific biological keys. CBD in turn affects these keyholes. By temporarily binding to the receptor keyholes of the body, CBD makes them less sensitive for the keys – or substances – that normally interact with them. You could think of CBD as a kind of ‘dimmer’ like the ones you use to dim the lights in your home. If the dimmer does its job because of the CBD supplements we use, the light will not shine too brightly. The receptors of the ECS system become less sensitive, subtly changing the influence of the ECS system throughout your entire body. That is why this useful natural substance is so helpful in maintaining an optimal balance in your body!

Not Medication, But A Bit Of Natural Support

Your own trusty ECS system can usually benefit from a little bit of support. By taking CBD as a daily dietary supplement, you are making sure that the functioning of your ECS balancing system is subtly nudged in the right direction. That is why CBD is a dietary supplement rather than medication, just as vitamin C is, for example. In spite of years of scientific research, no side effects of CBD have been discovered. All you do when using CBD supplements is simply giving your own body a bit of natural support.

Your Own System For Body Balance

Your own ECS system keeps your entire body in balance. This balance has all sorts of positive effects across all the various parts of the body. This explains why more and more people are being convinced by CBD as a natural dietary supplement. SupMedi works closely together with the knowledge experts of Holland Biodiversity, to ensure that we use only the best plant-based extracts in our CBD products. We have complete confidence in the quality we provide. That is why we have all our CBD tablets and CBD oils tested by the independent experts at ProxyLabs. This is our way to ensure that you will always get the purity and the quality that you are looking for – right down to the last milligram!

Promising Studies

Many people wonder whether CBD could help alleviate their personal symptoms or ailments. Since CBD is a natural dietary supplement rather than a medicine, we are not legally allowed to answer these questions, What we do know, however, is that all over the world, researchers are conducting more and more studies into the effects of CBD. We encourage anyone to search for the latest articles, websites, and research papers to stay up to date with these promising studies. Meanwhile, you can rely on the fact that SupMedi CBD oil and tablets provide you with the natural purity that only the strictest of independent laboratory tests can guarantee!