SupMedi CBD | Refund Policy and Return Service

SupMedi subjects all CBD products to the strictest of standards.

Although our thorough scientific approach is your best quality guarantee, if you nonetheless feel less than 100% satisfied, we will do our best to provide the best refunds and return service. Below, you will find our return policy explained in detail.

Return Service

If for any reason you are not 100% satistfied with your SupMedi CBD product, we provide the opportunity to return your product. Do make sure to inform us of your intention to return your CBD product within 14 days of receipt. Please contact us by email first, to ensure a smooth return procedure. If you inform us by email at [email protected], we will reply as soon as possible. We are only able to process your return shipment after one of our staff has approved the return request.


If your product is damaged upon receipt, we will accept the returned product to find out what went wrong. As soon as we receive and inspect your damaged product, we will send you a new one, provided that we establish it has indeed been damaged. Here, too, please inform us of your intention to return the damaged product within 14 days of receipt. As soon as we indicate our approval of your returning the product, you have 14 days to return the damaged product to us.

SupMedi Return Shipping Address:

  • Basisweg 43
  • 1043 AN, Amsterdam

How To Ship Damaged Products

The first thing to do when receiving damaged SupMedi products is to take several clear pictures that prove the damage. Do not use the damaged CBD-products, but pack them carefully to prevent any further damage, injury, and spilling. After consulting our customer service (see above), please return the safely packed product to the address provided above for inspection within 14 days.

Expiry Date

The packages of all our CBD products state their expiry date. Always check whether the expiry date has not been passed before contacting us.

Refunds Policy

We strive to always replace damaged products with similar products. However, should you be less than fully satisfied with your SupMedi CBD product, you can request us to refund the amount paid. After our staff have accepted your complaint, we will refund the amount paid if you wish; preferably using the same payment method that you used for your purchase. Any potential expenses incurred for product return shipment can only be refunded if your product was already damaged on the moment you received the product involved.

We Value Your Feedback

If for any reason you have any remarks or comments on our SupMedi CBD products, we are always open for any feedback you provide. We continuously aim to further perfect our product range, so your opinion is important to us. For all your feedback, suggestions, possible complaints, or other comments, please contact SupMedi at [email protected].