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Hemp Oil SoapWhite Choco

This unique luxury soap has been lovingly made with our own special White Choco Hemp Oil. All our soaps are designed with you in mind. Each handmade, completely natural and infused with hemp oil.


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Discover our new luxury ‘White Choco’ Hemp Oil Soap. All our soap has been designed with you in mind. Each piece is handmade, completely natural and infused with hemp oil for a healthy effect on the skin.

Our hemp oil infusion give your body and mind a whole host of wonderful therapeutic advantages over everyday soap.

A soothing blend of essential oils including Vetiver, Bergamot, Cherry and Raspberry make this new creation earthy, herbaceous and fruity in one. Just like our world renowned White Choco cannabis strain. This calming scent does not only stimulate the skins health, but stimulates the spirit as well. Working as an anti-stress and anti-aging agent for both the exterior and the interior of your body.

Another compelling reason to choose our handmade soap is glycerin. Glycerin has the amazing ability to draw much needed moisture to the skins surface. Commercially available soaps usually have the glycerin removed from them and sold separately.

Once you’ve spoiled you and your loved ones with our handmade luxury soaps, you’ll never want to purchase normal soap again!

Hemp Oil is great for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry Skin, Acne, Blemishes and as a Anti-Inflammatory.

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