What Should You Know About Giving CBD to Your Loved Ones for Specific Moments?

Have you ever thought about giving CBD to your loved ones, such as children or pets? It can be a challenging step since your loved ones can’t ask for it themselves. However, CBD can be a fantastic way to support your family. In this blog, we’ll explain what to consider when giving CBD oil to your family members.


Giving CBD to Your Loved Ones: How to Approach It?

There are times in life when your family faces a lot of stress. Children might have exams, a sick pet, a nerve-wracking music performance; whatever it is, you notice that your children (and pets) are tense, in pain, or having trouble sleeping. Every family member goes through their own development. Children deal with tests, making friends, sports matches, and so on. Pets are also exposed to stress and often sense when something is going on in the family.

You can use CBD for yourself when you need it. But what about giving CBD to your loved ones? Children, the elderly, and even pets like dogs and cats can benefit from the advantages of CBD. It offers many benefits. CBD is pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and calming. Naturally, any living being can benefit from that.

But how do you determine if they need it and if it works well? How do you know if you’re giving the right dose and using the correct CBD product? These are all factors that affect the effectiveness of CBD.

The Benefits of CBD for Your Family

First, why should you use CBD for your loved ones? CBD is a natural product made from cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. These substances interact with the body (specifically with the endocannabinoid system) and have pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and calming properties.

The pain-relieving properties of CBD can be beneficial in many cases. Think of a child who has fallen off their bike or a pet with arthritis. Children also often suffer from anxiety and stress. The calming effect of CBD helps them better handle stress, making them feel better. CBD can also help with concentration issues. So, if your child or pet needs extra support, you can try CBD.

But how do you know if your family members need CBD? And how much do they need? Below, we’ll go over what to look out for.

How to Give CBD to Your Loved Ones?

CBD can be given in any situation. Young children and animals can’t indicate that they need support. Therefore, it’s wise for parents to always keep an eye on things. If you see that your child is stressed or your pet is in pain, you can choose to give CBD. You can decide to give a single dose or provide CBD regularly.

The Dosage

It’s important to give the right dose. Giving too little CBD may not have much effect, but giving too much is also not advisable. Always start with a low dosage. Especially young children (CBD can be given from 4 years old) and small animals need very little. Start with 1 or 2 drops per day and observe the effects for a week. You might see that your child becomes calmer, sleeps better, and can concentrate better. If this dosage doesn’t have the desired effect, you can gradually increase it until you see the desired results.

Which CBD Product to Give to Your Loved Ones?

It’s also important to choose the right CBD product. CBD is available in various forms. The most well-known is CBD oil. The advantage is that it works quickly. A drop of oil is taken under the tongue, where the active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. However, the strong taste can make it difficult for children to take. For young children and pets, oil with a low percentage of CBD (5%) is suitable.

CBD tablets are also available. These have a pleasant flavor (orange) and can be taken like candy. However, the dosage is too high for young children, making them unsuitable in this case. They are, of course, suitable for adults.

Then there are CBD edibles. For children, CBD Candy Tablets are ideal. They contain a low dosage of CBD (5 mg), have a tasty strawberry flavor, and work quickly. For adults, CBD Coffee is a good option. With a cup of coffee containing 10 mg of CBD in the morning, you get a great start to your day. Or treat yourself to a piece of dark CBD Chocolate.

These edibles are not suitable for pets. If you have a dog or cat you want to support with CBD, CBD oil is the best choice. They usually don’t mind the strong taste if you mix the drops with their food.

How Long Should You Give CBD?

If you find the right dose (symptoms decrease or disappear) and the right CBD product, you can safely continue giving it. Some conditions are chronic, and CBD can provide ongoing support. In other cases, you might give CBD temporarily, for example, if there’s a special event. Once the event is over, you can stop. If you want to give CBD to your loved ones, check out our shop for our range of products.


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