How to Adjust Your CBD Intake for Special Events?

When considering the use of CBD, it’s a wise choice to align your CBD intake with special events. But the question arises: how best to do this. Can you just take CBD on the day you have something intense or exciting to do? Or is it more effective to start using it well in advance? In this blog, you will discover how best to use CBD oil and how to create a CBD schedule.


Unexpected Events and Your CBD Intake

Life seldom goes as expected. There might be periods of calm, but unexpected events can always arise. In some cases, you might know in advance that a special event is scheduled, such as moving houses, the birth of a child, or starting a new job. Coping with such changes isn’t always easy, especially if you’re easily upset or highly sensitive.

Fortunately, supplements like CBD oil can support you during these challenging times. Are you experiencing tension, stress, anxiety, or sleeplessness due to an upcoming special event? CBD, with its calming and relaxing properties, can help. It brings more peace to your mind and body, enabling you to handle unexpected situations more effectively.

Like any substance, however, it’s crucial to use it in the most effective way possible. Many wonder how best to adjust their CBD intake according to life’s events. Is it sufficient to take a single dose on the day of, say, an exam or a job interview? Or is it more beneficial to start using it days or weeks in advance?


The Best Way to Take CBD

For a headache, you might take a paracetamol, experiencing relief within half an hour. You usually know exactly how this medication affects you. However, CBD is different. It’s not advisable to take CBD on a whim, hoping for immediate calm and freedom from anxiety or unrest.

CBD interacts differently than medications like paracetamol. It’s a natural substance that works with your body, especially the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It influences cell receptors, transmitting messages that can induce calming effects. However, it’s unpredictable how you’ll respond to CBD.

Therefore, it’s not recommended to take CBD only when you think you need it. Without knowing:

  • How you will react
  • How effective it will be for you
  • The dosage you need
  • How quickly it works
  • The best time to take it

It takes time to discover what works best for you. Due to these unknowns, it’s wise to start taking CBD earlier. Creating a schedule for CBD intake is a good idea.


Guidelines for a CBD Schedule

When first using CBD, you’ll need to find the ideal dosage and timing. If you’ve never used CBD before, it’s suggested to start with a low dose. If necessary, you can gradually increase it after a few days.

The dosage and timing of intake partially depend on your symptoms. For instance, if you’re struggling with sleep issues due to stress or anxiety, it’s practical to take your CBD intake before bedtime. But if you prefer to experience more calmness or better focus during the day, taking it in the morning is advisable. Once accustomed to the supplement, you might consider taking CBD two or even three times a day.

Finding the right dosage requires time. Allow yourself at least two to four weeks. Regularly taking CBD also helps maintain a stable concentration of cannabinoids in your blood, building up a level. It’s believed that this buildup increases cannabinoid receptors in the body, enhancing the ECS’s efficiency and CBD absorption.

Let’s say you have an exam on March 1st. You could set up your CBD schedule as follows:

Date • Number of Drops
February 1st • 1 drop evening
February 5th • 2 drops evening
February 8th • 1 drop morning, 2 evening
February 12th • 2 drops morning, 2 evening
February 15th • 2 drops morning, 2 evening


Finding the Right CBD Intake

This way, you’ll have found an effective CBD dosage within two weeks. It’s important to keep listening to your body. If you continue with your CBD intake over the next two weeks, you might find that adjustments to the schedule are needed. And that’s okay. You might discover you’re still more nervous for your exam (or driving test, or moving day). Whatever it is, you can always slightly increase the dose.

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