CBD for Dogs: Can You Give CBD During Exciting Events?

CBD has become a popular supplement, not only for humans but also for dogs and cats. Do you have a dog that gets stressed easily, for example, due to unexpected events? CBD could be a good solution. It has calming properties that can help with anxiety, stress, and restlessness. In this blog, you will read when and how to use it best.


What is CBD for Dogs?

Many people know CBD Oil as a supplement to support health. It works through the endocannabinoid system (ECS), but all mammals have this system. Therefore, CBD can also be used for pets, including dogs. The ECS’s task is to maintain the body’s natural balance by adjusting various processes.

The body itself produces cannabinoids, which can send messages to cells through receptors (CB1 and CB2 receptors). These are found throughout the body, such as in the digestive tract, joints, skin, and brain. Through these receptors, the ECS can influence sleep, memory, appetite, and mood.

CBD is a cannabinoid that can interact with the ECS. It has anti-inflammatory, calming, and analgesic properties. Since your dog also has an ECS, your furry friend can benefit significantly from using CBD. For pain, behavioral problems, stress, and joint complaints, this natural remedy can provide relief.


CBD Oil for Tension and Stress

Some dogs are more sensitive than others, just like humans. It could be that your faithful four-legged friend struggles with changes, becomes nervous from visitors, or doesn’t like to be left alone. Such situations cause tension, which can manifest in various ways.

Sometimes tension is hard to recognize. A dog left alone may bark or chew on furniture, which is noticeable. But it can also become introverted and excessively pant and drool. Stress and fear can also manifest as aggressive behavior, trembling, shivering, or hiding. However it shows, it’s good to do something about it when your dog is experiencing tension.

CBD can give dogs more resistance to stress. Your dog can remain calmer without the substance sedating or making your buddy lethargic. CBD is suitable for daily use, or you can give it only when you know a special event is on the agenda. Consider the following situations:

  • The family goes on vacation, and the dog can’t come along. He has to go to a kennel or a boarding place (change of environment).
  • You’re celebrating a birthday and many people are coming over.
  • A visit to the vet.
  • For daily situations that cause tension, such as car rides, when the doorbell rings, vacuuming, or if your dog is quickly scared of people, other animals, scooters, etc.


How Does CBD Work for Dogs with Anxiety and Stress?

When a dog experiences stress, it causes tension in the body. Just like in humans, you can see that the muscles of an anxious dog tense up. Stress hormones are produced in the body, and the heart rate and breathing accelerate. That’s why anxious dogs often pant. Additionally, stress also affects mood. Anxious dogs are not happy, usually don’t want to play, and have difficulty making contact with people or other animals.

CBD helps your dog relax. Cannabidiol has a calming effect on the body, it helps to slow down the production of stress hormones, allowing your dog to calm down faster. CBD can also help improve mood. People who give CBD to dogs report that their animal is less upset in unfamiliar situations, less reactive, and feels better overall.

Is your dog always quickly nervous? CBD is suitable to give to chronically anxious dogs. It’s essential to give it daily so that a stable level of CBD is maintained in the blood. Is your dog only upset by sudden changes, and do you know that a stressful event is coming up, such as a birthday or a vet visit? Start giving CBD a few days in advance, so your dog can go through this event more relaxed.


How to Give CBD to Your Dog?

If you want to give your dog CBD oil, it’s helpful to know the best way to do it. CBD oil has a relatively strong taste. Some dogs are easy and will take it without problems. Then you can administer the dosage directly into the mouth. But if your dog doesn’t like that, you can also mix the CBD oil with food or drizzle it on a tasty snack. Most dogs will have little trouble with it this way. CBD oil taken orally usually takes effect within half an hour to an hour.

For your furry family member, you obviously want the best supplement. SupMedi’s CBD oil is strictly controlled, and only the best ingredients are used in its preparation. For dogs, CBD oil 5% is a good choice. Start with one drop per day, and if that doesn’t have enough effect, you can slowly increase the dosage. Especially do not give too much; even a natural product can cause side effects at too high a dose. And do you have other pets, such as a cat? They too can benefit greatly from CBD!



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