CBD Oil for your cat

Do you already use CBD Oil for your cat? CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular, and is not only used for health complaints in humans, but also for animals. The relaxing, anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties of this natural remedy can be very useful to relieve anxiety, stress, chronic or acute conditions and reduce problematic behaviour. Are you looking for a way to support your cat in a natural way? Read everything there is to know about CBD Oil for your cat in this blog!

What is CBD Oil for your cat?

CBD Oil has become one of the most known health supplements, so you’ve probably heard about the oil before. Even though it’s well-known, for many people it’s still not really clear what CBD Oil precisely is. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a cannabinoid, a substance that’s being produced by the hemp plant. This plant produces over 100 different kinds of cannabinoids.

The bodies of birds, fish, reptiles and mammals contain an endocannabinoid system (ECS). You can see this system as a big network of receptors throughout the body, and its goal is to keep the body and all its processes balanced. The ECS can do this with the help of cannabinoids, both endogenous and those that come from plants. The ECS can influence the immune system, the sleep-wake rhythm, emotions, the digestive system, blood pressure, basically all body processes.

You can use CBD Oil (both for yourself and for your cat) as a health support. CBD isn’t psychoactive, so it’s safe for pets and animals.

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The advantages of CBD Oil for cats

Cats have a reputation for being very independent, yet sensitive animals. They like to go their own way and if there’s something they dislike, they’ll surely let you know. Still, they can get stressed easily. A relocation, a new baby in the household or even moving some furniture can cause our little house tigers to lose track for a while. CBD Oil is a great remedy to support your cat when it’s suffering from diseases, pain, anxiety or stress and behavioural problems.

We have to note here that only little research has been done into CBD Oil in cats. However, nowadays we do know a lot about the effects of CBD in human beings. Cats probably do not differ from humans in the way their ECS functions. So, it’s very likely that CBD Oil works just as well for cats.

Helps with anxiety and stress

Like we’ve mentioned before, cats can become anxious quickly. A moved couch, that scary vacuum cleaner, a kid that’s running around or fear of unknown visitors: many things can make your cat feel anxious. Going to the vet is another thing that many cats dread. Does your cat displays anxious behaviour? Maybe CBD Oil can help big time!

The calming and relaxing properties can help your animal to deal with stressful situations. We know that in people CBD Oil can bring both physical and mental relaxation. There are no studies done into the effects of CBD Oil in cats. But a research from 2021 does show that it can have soothing effects in dogs that show aggressive behaviour.

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CBD Oil with pain

No matter how hard we try to take good care of our animals, accidents can always happen. CBD Oil can also be used with pain. Unfortunately, cats that go outside can get hurt. But these animals can also suffer from joint pain, especially when they get older. That’s not just painful for your cat, but your beloved animal can show a behavioural change all of the sudden. A cat in pain may become sluggish or aggressive.

So, it’s important to get some painkillers, so your precious four-legged friend can enjoy running around the garden. CBD Oil has painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects. This has been established in dogs, although studies with cats haven’t been done yet. Still it makes sense to assume that cats could benefit from the oil as well.

Lack of appetite

Does your cat suffer from a lack of appetite? Cats are known for being picky about their food and some cats are very difficult eaters. Sometimes this is just the nature of the cat, but it can also be the result of the side effects of medication, or caused by disease (kidney failure). CBD Oil can help if your cat has eating problems. Research proved that the oil can stimulate the appetite when it comes to human beings. However, there is still some uncertainty about the effects of this natural remedy on appetite.

Furthermore, CBD can help with nausea. When a cat suffers from kidney failure, the animal will eat less and drink more. It’s not clear if CBD can help to prevent or reduce kidney failure. But, it can help to stimulate the appetite and reduce nausea.

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CBD Oil for epilepsy

Unfortunately, cats can suffer from epilepsy, just like humans can. There have been studies conducted with people and dogs into the effects of CBD Oil to diminish epileptic attacks. In 2019, a clinical research has been done with dogs that suffered from epilepsy. In 89% of the animals, a reduction in seizure frequency was noticed after the administration of CBD Oil.

Is CBD Oil safe for cats?

CBD Oil is a natural remedy and is generally safe for humans and animals. This doesn’t mean it can’t cause some side effects though. Every animal is different, so they can all react in a different way. The calming effects of CBD Oil, especially in high doses, can cause your cat to act sluggish or sleepy. This could mean you have to lower the daily dose.

Furthermore, CBD Oil can have an antihypertensive effect. This can also lead to sluggishness and dizziness. Keep a close eye on your cat. When you see a notable change in behaviour and your cat doesn’t respond normally, stop using the CBD Oil.

Your cat can start to vomit after a dose of CBD Oil. This can be caused by the specific flavour of the oil. Try not to feed your cat pure oil, but mix it with some food or a strong flavoured snack. Also be careful when your cat’s on regular drugs (like heart medication or tranquilizers). In that case we recommend you consult your vet and ask if you can give your cat CBD Oil.

Just like in humans, it needs time to find the right dose. Your cat’s body is very small and can react sensitively. So start with a small dose and work your way up if you feel your animal need more.


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