About SupMedi

If you’re looking for a body in balance and the very best natural support for your health, you choose the highest quality that you can find. With SupMedi CBD Supplements, you know you get top quality every step of the way. We use the finest hemp extracts, the most reliable production processes, and thorough lab analyses to give you the healthy trust you seek to experience the natural benefits of CBD for yourself.

The Finest CBD For You, Every Single Day

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a relatively new natural supplement. Every day, more people experience how CBD can help control and prevent a huge diversity of physical and mental issues. All over the world, researchers are working hard to fully map the science behind CBD’s effects. The more we learn about the possibilities of CBD, the more CBD products are released onto the market. But in booming markets like these, finding the best quality becomes harder and harder. That’s why SupMedi goes all the way to get you the most effective, purest, and most reliable CBD Supplements you can get. That’s how we get you the very best, every single day. To make this work, we combine the best of nature with the latest scientific insights.

SupMedi CBD: A Passion For Purity

We have true passion for purity. This passion, along with our years of experience, drives the quality of our CBD products. Full control of extraction techniques and hemp crop cultivation are part of our nature. We are happy to share our knowledge and expertise with you. We use everything we know and all the latest scientific insights: not just in our products, but also in our blogs and newsletters. That is how we keep it pure, honest and transparent – just like the CBD Oil, Tablets, Nutrition, and Skincare Products that made us famous

The Strongest Partners

The best CBD products come about through cooperation with the strongest partners. SupMedi works in close collaboration with Holland Biodiversity. This scientific organisation operates a database with nearly 2000 plant extracts: a treasure trove for developing natural supplements. Holland Biodiversity is closely linked to renowned institutions including Leiden University, Erasmus University Hospital, Wageningen University, Universitat de Barcelona, and the Spanish National Research Council. They connect scientific research and natural care for the most powerful results.

Strict Quality Control By Independent Laboratories

True quality needs to be proven: especially when your health is concerned. That’s why we have all our products tested for composition and purity. The independent analysts at Eurofins Proxy Laboratories rigorously oversee that every single product we make meets the strictest demands. If the composition and purity of ingredients is not 100% up to these standards, the entire batch is discarded. This is the only way to guarantee you are using the finest CBD, every single day.

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