Pure CBD, tested by independent laboratories

In order to guarantee the undisputed top quality of our CBD products, SupMedi works in close collaboration with the scientists of Holland Biodiversity.


This knowledge hub embodies a wealth of knowledge on any crops imaginable, constantly working from a perspective of innovative applications of nature’s bounties. Throughout the manufacturing process of our CBD Oil and other supplements, Holland Biodiversity safeguards the persistent top quality and purity levels of our products. That is why our customers can rely on consistent prime quality every single day, using a responsible and natural CBD product that is peerless in today’s markets.

Esteemed Partners

Holland Biodiversity is closely connected to renowned institutions such as Leiden University, Erasmus Medical Centre, Wageningen University, Universitat de Barcelona, and the Spanish National Research Council. The constitute a vital link between the world of scientific research and enterprises aiming to offer only the best quality in natural products.

A Treasure Trove of Natural Product Expertise

Holland Biodiversity maintains an extract library comprising over 1,700 unique plant extracts. This natural treasure trove is used by universities, companies, and research institutes all over the world, in order to develop innovative natural products.

Quality CBD products, tested by certified laboratories

Each and every batch of the high-grade hemp extract we use for our CBD products is subjected to a regime of rigorous checks and tests. This is our only way of ensuring that we continue to provide the very best CBD, free from contaminants. In order to conduct these tests, SupMedi and Holland Biodiversity have entered into cooperation with acclaimed independent laboratory research institutes with official GLP certification. To us, the matter is very simple: we either use the purest hemp extracts to supply pure CBD, or we don’t do it at all. Whenever a single batch of hemp extract does not meet our strict testing criteria, the whole batch is rejected, and we simply start over from scratch. That way, our clients know for sure that for SupMedi, only the very best is good enough.