What is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural substance found in hemp plants. The substance is recognised by the human body. This is why CBD is accepted by an important part of our body, specifically of the nervous system, which plays a crucial part in maintaining the balance that our body needs. Although presently, many different scientific studies are investigating the various specific effects of CBD, we cannot make any claims about such effects at this time. SupMedi CBD products are not medicinal; they are dietary supplements approved for regular retail.

Is Using CBD Useful for Me, and will CBD Help with my Specific Health Issues?

SupMedi CBD products are dietary supplements. Increasing numbers of people all over the world are becoming enthusiastic about using CBD; however, we do not make any claims about specific effects of our CBD products.

Should I Consult my Doctor on my Use of CBD?

Although SupMedi CBD products are dietary supplements rather than medicinal products, there is no harm whatsoever in consulting your doctor on using CBD. It can be wise to inform your doctor of your CBD use; particularly so if you are using our dietary supplements to work on your physical wellbeing. Of course, all doctors have different opinions, and so there may be different perspectives on the use of CBD between various doctors. Nonetheless, we do advise you to maintain an honest and open relationship with your doctor if at all possible.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a natural fibre crop that has been used by cultures all over the world for thousands of years, and for many different purposes. The hemp SupMedi uses for CBD products has been carefully cultivated to contain high levels of CBD. This results in a great plant-based source for obtaining CBD for our dietary supplements. The purity of our natural basic ingredients makes us confident enough to have our products tested by certified laboratories. This way, we can remain sure that we always attain the exact right percentages of CBD, without any impurities or presence of substances we do not want in our dietary supplements.

Are SupMedi CBD Products Tested for Quality?

SupMedi has all CBD products tested according to strict standards by a GLP licensed laboratory. This ensures that our CBD products contain only those substances they should contain, without any potential contamination by other substances.

Is CBD Medicinal?

Although more studies on the potential health effects of CBD are published every day, the current scientific body of evidence is still insufficient to call CBD a medicinal product. That is why we do not call CBD medicinal; we develop our CBD products purely as dietary supplements.

Are SupMedi CBD Products Suitable for Use by Children?

We discourage use of our CBD products by children below four years of age. We also discourage such use during pregnancy and breast-feeding. If you have any doubts about using CBD products, we advise you to consult your physician.

Worden de CBD-producten van SupMedi getest op kwaliteit?

SupMedi laat alle CBD-producten grondig testen door een GLP-erkend laboratorium. Zo kunnen we er zeker van zijn dat in onze CBD-producten alleen de stoffen zitten die erin horen te zitten, zonder mogelijke vervuiling door andere stoffen.

What is the Best Moment of the Day to Use SupMedi CBD Oil?

We advise taking our CBD products once every day, as soon as you have determined your optimum personal dosage. The optimal moment for using our CBD products depends on your personal user experience. Some users indicate that they experience a mildly enervating effect after ingesting CBD products, comparable to the effects of coffee. Others experience a soothing effect by contrast. Many users do not experience either of these effects at all. Upon your first use of CBD products, determine which group you belong to, and then decide whether to use our CBD products in the morning, or at night before bedtime.

What is the Best Way to Store SupMedi CBD Oil?

We advise storing our CBD oil at room temperature, in a dry and dark place. Storage in a refrigerator is not necessary: it will not add to the shelf life or quality of the oil, but the lower temperatures will in fact make the oil slightly thicker, making it more difficult to ingest. Optionally, you can warm up the oil by rubbing the bottle in your hands. Always shake the oil well before use.

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