General product information

SupMedi CBD Oil And CBD Tablets

SupMedi manufactures high-grade CBD dietary supplements with the greatest care, dedication, and expertise. Years of experience in fibre hemp crop improvement, and processing of cultivated hemp extracts into high-purity CBD products, give SupMedi a considerable head start in comparison to other producers.

Thorough Analysis In Independent Laboratories

Our CBD oil and CBD tablets are set apart from regular products by our unshakeable faith in our own production process. From this foundation of confidence, we proudly have our CBD dietary supplements tested in independent GLP-certified certified laboratories specialised in analysis of high-end hemp products.

Consistent Quality For An Honest Product

The thorough lab analyses that we submit our CBD oil and tablets to guarantee that their composition is consistent and quality levels remain stable, without impurities or varying ingredient concentrations. This allows us to indicate the exact CBD content for every single drop or tablet. This is how SupMedi provides honest natural products, with steady quality and careful dosage as central values.

An Honest And Natural Dietary Supplement

Our tried combination of professional expertise, scientific insight, and experience in improving the finest natural products makes SupMedi CBD products a reliable and natural source of first-class dietary supplements. With our product range, you have access to a smart, responsible, and balanced way to give yourself the very best that nature and modern science can offer!