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How Can CBD Help Dogs With Arthritis?

A very recent study has proven that dogs that suffer from the nasty condition arthritis can benefit a lot from CBD. This is very good news, because it is the biggest cause of limping in dogs. Even worse: one in every five dogs has trouble in life with this disorder. CBD could help dogs with arthritis! Read on to find out more.

What Is Arthritis?

Arthritis is an inflammation in the joints that is mostly caused by degeneration of the cartilage. It is a painful, incurable and usually a progressive disease. Dogs that suffer from this will get more and more pain. You can recognize the symptoms of this condition like difficulty with standing up, not wanting to play or walk, limping and even crying because of the pain.

Clinical Research Into Dogs With Arthritis

Because it’s well known that CBD has a pain killing and anti-inflammatory effect, researchers did a clinical trial with dogs. The same way as it would have been performed with people, half of the dogs got a placebo, the other half got the CBD extract. Vets and the owners of the dogs answered questionnaires about their functioning. The animals were monitored in this way for 4 weeks. For people who have knowledge about the beneficial effects of CBD, the results of the study were not a surprise at all.


Less Pain And More Active, Without Side Effects

The dogs that got the real CBD during the study, showed in their behaviour and attitude that they were doing better. They were more active and it was quite clearly that they had less pain. Besides this, there were no side effects. So basically it’s an improvement of the quality of life. So if your dog shows symptoms that indicate arthritis, CBD extracts can also improve the life of your animal!

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