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CBD For Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple sclerosis (or MS) is an inflammatory disease of the nervous tissue. In this very serious condition, the body’s immune cells attack the central nervous system. The brain, spine and even the entire nervous system are irreparably damaged. Although no drug has (yet) been found to cure multiple sclerosis, research shows that using a cannabinoid such as CBD against MS can have a positive effect.

Multiple Sclerosis Is Agony

This disease occurs in one in a thousand people in The Netherlands, which means that there are around 17.000 people who suffer from MS. To put it mildly, MS is not pleasant. Because the nerve impulses can’t move the right quick way through the neurons, bowel problems, muscle spasms, vision problems and speechs disorders arise. Besides this, fatigue and chronical pain are always included with MS.

Regular Treatment

Although MS occurs in quite a few people, there is no cure. In most people it’s treated with chemical medication that slows down the development of the disease and try to cure the symptoms. However, these drugs have a lot of nasty side effects and are not naturally. CBD is known worldwide as a natural muscle relaxer, pain killer and anti-inflammatory. Wouldn’t it therefore be useful and completely logical to take a good look at CBD to cure MS? That is exactly what they have been thinking in Tel Aviv (Israel)…

Israeli Research Into CBD Against MS

The university of Tel Aviv specifically looked into the effects of CBD on Multiple Sclerosis. During their extensive research they injected CBD in paralysing immune cells in mice. Eventually the scientists saw that these cells produced less inflammatory molecules. And exactly those molecules are the cause of the breakdown of the insulate around the nerves and they are causing MS. The mice in the study could even walk again after the ‘treatment’. This makes the researchers believe that cannabis can do more than just treat the symptoms.

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Promising Outcomes For Using CBD Against MS

The Israeli scientist provisionally concluded that CBD slows down the immune response and can reduce the inflammation in this way. Even patients whose eyes grow dimmer every day because of the MS could benefit from CBD, as it slows down the inflammation of the optic nerve. Off course we have to mention here that CBD is no miracle cure. There is still no irrefutable prove that CBD can cure MS, but it can be helpful for this decease. That’s why we advice people to always consult a doctor. But it doesn’t take away the fact that this kind of report gives a lot of hope. Nature is still a long way off revealing all her secrets!

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