Scheduling CBD Use: When Is the Best Time to Take CBD?

Is planning your CBD use necessary? CBD is a natural remedy that works differently than a paracetamol. Its effects are less predictable since every body is unique. So, how should you take it, especially when you have an important event coming up? In this blog, we’ll explore the best way to plan your CBD intake.


Why Planning Your CBD Use Is Necessary

CBD Oil has become a well-known supplement used by many for support with stress, anxiety, pain, sleep issues, and hormonal complaints, among others. However, CBD is not comparable to conventional medication, which usually has known effects and specified dosages and timing. CBD works in conjunction with your body, affecting the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This system regulates various processes in the body, such as sleep, pain sensation, emotions, blood pressure, and digestion. When a process is disrupted, the ECS uses the body’s own cannabinoids to send messages to cells, helping the body return to balance. Plant-based cannabinoids, like CBD, can also perform this role, thereby influencing the body.

But everyone’s body operates and responds differently. With CBD, there aren’t clear instructions on how much to take and how quickly you’ll notice its effects. Therefore, if you want to benefit from CBD, it’s useful to make a usage plan. The effects and the speed at which it works depend on various factors, not just your weight, age, and the issue at hand, but also the type of supplement you use.


Factors Influencing Your CBD Use Plan

If you’re considering using CBD, it’s important to understand how CBD works and how you’re taking it. There are different types of CBD supplements:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Tablets
  • CBD Food and Beverages

All are effective, but they differ in how quickly they’re absorbed by the body. CBD Oil and CBD Tablets are absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth into the bloodstream relatively quickly, within 10 to 20 minutes you may start to notice the first effects.

For CBD Food and Beverages, the process is slightly different. With edibles, such as CBD Chocolate or Oatmeal, the active substances first go through the digestive system before being absorbed into the bloodstream. This process takes a bit longer, about half an hour to an hour before you start feeling the effects.

When planning to take CBD for a specific event (a presentation, a long trip, a doctor’s visit, or anything that makes you nervous or stressed), consider the type of supplement you’re using.

It’s also a good idea to test how you react to CBD and what dosage you need beforehand. It would be a pity to take CBD for the first time right before an important appointment and not consume the correct dosage. Taking too little or too much means you might not notice the desired effects. Thus, it’s helpful if you have already used the product before, so you know what dosage you need and when to take it.

Choosing a specific CBD supplement can also be beneficial. If you want to take CBD daily and multiple times a day, CBD tablets and oil are convenient to carry, whether you’re going to work out or heading to work. CBD edibles are perfect for discreet consumption. At a birthday party, you can relax with a delicious cup of CBD coffee or a piece of CBD chocolate.


Structural Use of CBD or Just at the Right Moment?

Another important consideration for your CBD use plan is whether you should take the product every day or just before a significant event. This decision also depends on your particular issue. If you’re frequently stressed, anxious, or suffer from chronic pain, it’s best to take CBD regularly. This way, you build up a level of cannabinoids in your blood, allowing them to work most effectively.

If you want to use CBD only for special occasions or when you have a headache, muscle pain, or menstrual cramps, you can, in theory, use it just at those times. Keep in mind, though, that your body will then need to readjust to the active substances, and you might not respond as effectively. It might work better if you start using the product a few days beforehand, so you can fully benefit from its effects.

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