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Can CBD Oil Stop Performance Anxiety?

Performance anxiety: the paralyzing feeling that grips you right before an important test, or just when you need to talk to your corporate CEO. That nagging conviction of not being up to the task; of being certain to fail – it affects surprising numbers of people.  Most annoying of all, this type of anxiety tends to curb your potential. Performance anxiety can easily grow strong enough to keep you from doing what you really want to do. Yet even though performance anxiety is notoriously difficult to treat, CBD Oil could provide that much-needed source of support that keeps your anxiety from dominating your life.

What Is Performance Anxiety?

We all make mistakes; let’s get that perfectly clear. Evidently, no performance is entirely flawless, especially when new skills or unfamiliar tasks are involved. For people suffering from performance anxiety, however, the fear of failure can become overwhelming. Even though such anxiety is unrealistic, it still feels real for those affected by it. We can distinguish three different kinds of performance anxiety:

  • Cognitive performance anxiety;
  • Social performance anxiety;
  • Motor performance anxiety.

Although all three types shares the same basis, they affect different spheres of life. Cognitive performance anxiety occurs when mental feats are required, such as with important exams or a big presentation, for instance. Social performance anxiety interferes with our perception of how other people think about us. Motor performance anxiety, finally, sets in during physical activities, such as in gym class, athletic feats, or even as we try to relax by painting, for instance. You can be affected by all three types of performance anxiety, or by only one.

The fear of failure can express itself in two ways: either through active or passive performance anxiety. If you are affected by the active type of performance anxiety, you will try to do anything to achieve excellent results. That means tending towards perfectionism, which typically involves extremely high standards for your own performance. People suffering from passive performance anxiety are so impaired by their fear of failure that they tend to quit before they even begin. Their lack of (self-) confidence causes them to postpone their dreaded activities, or to drop them altogether.

Performance anxiety can be treated with certain therapeutic interventions and specific medication, but could CBD Oil provide a viable and natural alternative for treating performance anxiety, too?

cbd oil performance anxiety

Coping With Performance Anxiety

Many people turn to coaches and therapists to tackle performance anxiety. Although such professionals can be real sources of support, these trajectories usually involve long-term (and costly) treatment perspectives. People suffering from anxiety often turn to medication for relief, but this often comes with serious drawbacks. Sedatives, for example, are generally intended for short-term support only, since they tend to cause dependency or even addiction. This is because sedatives calm people down, and once they stop using it, these people run the risk of becoming anxious about being unable to relax without it. This establishes a vicious cycle that constitutes to mental dependency and addiction.

CBD Oil And Performance Anxiety

CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural supplement that is non-addictive and hardly causes any side-effects. Its soothing properties make it a good choice for using against anxiety. CBD is a phytocannabinoid derived from hemp plants. Through the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS), this compound can influence a diverse range of physiological processes, including memory, circulation, digestion, and our emotions. The most common benefits of CBD Oil associated with performance anxiety are:

  • Less worrying;
  • Improved focus;
  • Easier social interaction;
  • Improved physical relaxation;
  • Decreased emotional turmoil;
  • Greater self-confidence;
  • Reduced nervousness.

The influence of CBD ca make you feel more at ease, both on a physical and a mental level, which improves overall performance, whether cognitive, social, or motor-oriented. Regular use of CBD can help you experience how your anxiety gradually grows less intense. Research supports such self-observations.

Studying CBD Oil And Performance Anxiety

A Brazilian study conducted in 2019 investigated CBD’s effects on performance anxiety. A group of 57 healthy subjects received oral doses of either 150mg, 300mg, 600mg of CBD or a placebo. The study followed a double blind design to ensure that participants did not know what they were given. Ninety minutes later, they were asked to give presentations in front of an audience. Their anxiety levels were measured before and during the test by registering heart rate and blood pressure as well as through self-assessment.

cbd oil performance anxiety
Speaking in public: enough to make anyone anxious.

Compared to the placebo control group, the 300mg CBD group performed best, with anxiety scores significantly lower than those of the others. The participants were calmer prior to and during the test, while addressing the audience. The placebo group were significantly less relaxed on all accounts. The researchers concluded that CBD can be a good way to control performance anxiety, recommending further study of the most effective dosages.

By now, a fair amount of research is available on the overall links between CBD and anxiety, although specific studies of performance anxiety are still few and far between. One 2019 study, for instance, focused on CBD for anxiety and related sleeping problems. After two months, 78% of participants indicated that experiencing improvement in terms of their anxiety symptoms, although 15% reported their symptoms had gotten worse.

A 2020 article published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association reported on a meta-analysis of eight previous studies. The researchers intended to verify how CBD can be used effectively against anxiety disorders. They concluded that CBD can be effective either as a therapy or as therapeutic support for a range of different anxiety disorders, including generalised anxiety disorder and PTSD,

The Potential Of Using CBD Oil For Performance Anxiety

Are you struggling with performance anxiety yourself? Then you’ll know how deeply unpleasant it feels not to be able to rely on yourself, afraid of failing at what you intend to do. It is extremely frustrated to be held back by your own anxiety. If you want to give yourself some relief by restoring a sense of calm in your life, you could try using CBD Oil or CBD Tablets for your performance anxiety. It could be a good way to unlock your full potential. Who knows? Perhaps CBD will let you nail that speech or finally take those salsa classes. After all, life is far too precious to let your anxiety hold you back!


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