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Is CBD Oil Medicine Or Not?

CBD Oil has many different applications. It is used in a wide range of products, including edibles, drinks, oils, tablets, and skincare formulas. Many people who use CBD report experiencing benefits, including its potential for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting good sleep, and relieving different kinds of pain. It seems as though CBD serves some sort of medicinal purpose for all of these consumers. But does that mean CBD Oil officially classifies as medicine? We get you the facts on the current state of affairs!

Can You Call CBD Oil Medicine?

In the Netherlands at least, CBD Oil can not be marketed as medicine. In fact, in spite of all the positive experiences reported by CBD users, manufacturers can’t even make medical claims about its effects. This is due to the fact that according to applicable standards, CBD has not been studied extensively enough to officially qualify as medicine.

Although regulations vary to some extent between different countries, most authorities agree that further research is required to promote CBD Oil to medicine status. Scientists are working hard to extend our insight into the workings of this promising cannabinoid, but medical research is a slow process, so for now, CBD enthusiasts have to be patient while laboratories around the world continue their work.

It is important to keep in mind that CBD can have different effects from one individual to the next. This means that although one person may experience tremendous pain relief, another person may not feel any difference at all. This implies that the effects of CBD vary greatly between individual cases, which means that doctors are not allowed to prescribe CBD as medicine to their patients.

Rather than being considered medicine, CBD Oil is currently sold as a nutritional supplement only, and we are only allowed to discuss the potential medicinal effects of cannabidiol. Fortunately, a lot of research is already underway. Current studies keep providing more scientific evidence for the medical potential of CBD.

cbd oil medicine
Do CBD Oil and Tablets belong in the medicine cabinet?

CBD Oil Worldwide

From an international point of view, the situation is equally complex, such as in the United Kingdom, for instance. Here, health authorities including the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) recognised growing confusion among consumers. The MHRA suggested that this confusion is in fact caused by the various claims manufacturers make about their supplements. To curb the confusion, they proposed to officially classify CBD Oil as medicine, so as to restrict the (medical) claims made about these products.

Sadly, this proposal did not get far, since it simply led manufacturers to make slight adjustments to their product descriptions. Strictly speaking, the only consequence would be that adjusted claims continue to confuse consumers. Another consequence would be that only synthetic CBD can be sold legally. These differ from the natural compounds you find in supplements such as our Full Spectrum CBD Oil, and it would prevent you from enjoying the full scope of the entourage effect.

Another point of concern is the notion of only having access to medicinal products through doctor’s prescriptions. At first glance, this might seem a wise idea, but consider this: if vitamin C were called medicine because of its medical effects, would that mean we could only get oranges by a doctor’s prescription, too?

What Exactly Are Supplements?

Let’s return to the current situation: CBD as a dietary supplement. Dietary or nutritional supplements include products such as pills, tablets, drops, edibles, or beverages intended to complement our regular diet.

Supplements usually contain synthetically produced ingredients such as vitamins or minerals. These substances are added to supplements in concentrated form, although they work in similar ways to their natural counterparts.

The Dutch Food And Consumption Goods Authority (NVWA) prohibits medical claims on dietary supplements. Nutritional and health-related claims can only be made under strict conditions.

The Potential Of CBD Supplements As Medicine

As you have seen, SupMedi CBD products are sold as dietary supplements. But does that make any difference for the effects or the effectiveness of CBD as an ingredient?

Although CBD produces different results for different people, we do know that many people benefit from CBD Oil or other CBD products. Anyone surfing the web or reading our blogs can see that more and more consumers are getting convinced of CBD’s positive effects.

How Can CBD Contribute To Your Health?

In a previous blog, we noted that cannabidiol (CBD) cannot make you high or stoned, in contrast to THC, another cannabinoid. This is due to the fact that CBD inhibits CB1 receptors, whereas THC activates them by contrast. Furthermore, CBD has an interesting effect on adenosine receptors, which are found in the cellular walls of almost all the cells in our body.  They are involved in the body’s reaction to stressful situations, which widens blood vessels and increases heart rate to support a fight or flight response.

This could imply that CBD has a concrete positive influence on anxiety and stress issues. Even though research into this subject matter is still in its infancy, multiple studies are now exploring the health effects of CBD in physical and mental regard.

Studies have demonstrated, for instance, that CBD Tablets and CBD Oil may help in case of depression. CBD may also reduce several types of anxiety, compulsive disorders, and stress. CBD can have soothing effects that may improve quality of sleep, too.

CBD Oil has even been reported by many users to relieve chronic pain! These findings include inflammation, headache, migraine, back pain, menstrual pain, and nerve pain symptoms.

Medicine or supplement: no matter how we label our products, more people are convinced of CBD Oil’s positive effects every day. Perhaps it is time you gave it a try, using oil or our delicious CBD Gummies, Tablets, or Argan Salve to experience whether cannabidiol may help improve your health and wellbeing too!




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