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Can CBD Oil Work As A Painkiller For You?

Could CBD Oil be an alternative for, or even better than, regular pain medication with serious side-effects? This question has been the focus of research teams around the world. In the past few years, much has been discovered about the possibilities of using CBD against pain. That’s a good thing, too, because for many people, both acute and chronic pain are a huge impediment on living a full, normal, and healthy life. Find out if using CBD Oil as a painkiller could be the solution for you, too.

CBD Oil As A Painkiller: A Natural Alternative?

We know that worldwide, more people start taking CBD oil and other supplements every day. They do so for all sorts of reasons, but by now, scientists and patients alike are zooming in on using CBD as a painkiller for a range of medical conditions. For huge numbers of people, pain is part of everyday life. Their pain comes in many forms, caused by a multitude of different factors. That makes pain a serious issue for general health. It would be wonderful if CBD Oil and other supplements could help tackle this issue. But what exactly do we know about CBD and pain? Is CBD a painkiller? Allow us to give you the facts. First, we look at other pain medication and the problems that come with their use. That will clearly illustrate the need for natural alternatives such as CBD.

Synthetic Painkillers And Opiates: Not Without Risk

Our traditional painkillers (analgesics) can cause unpleasant and undesirable side-effects. Even medication that seems harmless at first glance, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, involve certain risks. In particular, prescriptions for opiates or opiate-derived prescription drugs (morphine is an infamous example) can cause serious harm. One of the main problems is the dependency and even addiction that synthetic painkillers can cause. Just like CBD, opiates have a natural origin, but modern painkillers are usually chemical variants of opium; generally many times stronger than their natural precursor. Opiates are often used after surgery or for serious injuries. They are also prescribed for diseases involving intensely painful experiences, including multiple sclerosis, arthritis, arthrosis, or cancer.

The problem with opiates is in their often severe side-effects: constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, and even addiction. Particularly in the US, problems with these medications have spiralled out of control: the country faces an opioid crisis that has caused many deaths and addictions. That alone makes CBD as a painkiller all the more interesting; cannabidiol is a natural, plant-based supplement without psychoactive effects, and without risks of addiction.

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Is CBD Oil A Painkiller?

Pain comes in many forms: from headaches to neuropathological pain, and from chronic pain to the intense pain of acute trauma. That diversity calls for tailor-made solutions, because we all experience our pain differently. Nonetheless, new research shows that CBD Oil could have analgesic effects, in particular for chronic pain problems. That opens up new perspectives for treating pain with CBD; even for horrific diseases such as MS or cancer.

Most research on CBD and pain so far has been conducted on mice. Still, new studies show promising results. Full-blown clinical trials involving human subjects will take many years to complete. We will simply have to wait for the results to be published. Fortunately, high-quality CBD Oil is readily available online today. That explains why we see so many personal accounts of people using CBD Oil as an analgesic with great success.

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CBD Works Together With Your Body

Research focuses on the way in which CBD works together with our body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). This important system is spread out all across the body. It makes sure that we stay balanced as organisms, by coordinating a huge range of physical process. The nerve cells and receptors involved in pain are also connected with the ECS.

Is CBD Oil A Painkiller For Nerve Pain?

Nerve pain, or neuropathic pain, is known to be a particularly debilitating form of pain. On top of that, nerve pain is particularly difficult to treat. Interestingly though, using CBD as a painkiller appears to be an especially promising route to explore for fighting nerve pain. In the Journal of Experimental Medicine, a group of scientists reported that CBD yielded interesting results for treating neuropathic pain. That’s a ray of hope for great numbers of patients driven into despair by tingling sensations, stinging jabs, and other debilitating expressions of neuropathic pain that CBD Oil could help suppress.

Is CBD An Analgesic For Arthritis And Inflammation?

Another area of interest where CBD just might make an important difference is pain caused by inflammation, as in arthritis for instance. The wonderful thing about CBD in this case is its potential both as a painkiller and as an anti-inflammatory agent. These properties led researchers to conclude in multiple studies that CBD may not only be a suitable painkiller for rheumatoid symptoms, arthritis and arthrosis, but also be an inti-inflammatory solution in fighting these painful and widespread conditions.

CBD And Pain In Animals

CBD can be a painkiller even for animals. That may sound surprising, but in fact it isn’t, because nearly all animals have the same endocannabinoid system that we do. Take the story of guide dog Funky, for example; it shows how CBD can work as an analgesic even for our furry friends when in pain.

CBD, Terpenes, And Other Cannabinoids Fight Pain Together

SupMedi CBD supplements contain much more than CBD alone. In addition to this natural compound, they hold more cannabinoids and other useful substances. CBC, for instance, has promising analgesic potential; as do the cannabinoids CBN and CBG, which can help fight inflammation. Moreover, our CBD products are full of terpenes: these determine the scent and flavour of many plants, but they have many interesting properties themselves as well. Some terpenes are known for their own analgesic effects. Added together, these compounds interact with CBD. This joining of forces is known as the entourage effect.

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Is CBD Oil The Painkiller For Your Specific Pain?

Nobody can guarantee that CBD Oil will be the perfect way to stop your pain. Ultimately, we will have to wait for more studies to come in, and until then, we are not prepared to make any bold medical statements. Meanwhile, research goes on, and we get one step closer to definitive answers every day.

No matter what, we always advise you to consult your doctor when dealing with pain. Be sure to discuss CBD with your doctor too, because fortunately, more and more physicians start to see its intrinsic value. Go over your options together and remember that the final decision is yours alone.

In addition, keep in mind that every person is unique: you can’t simply compare your pain and the way you experience it to that of other people. Just as with regular painkillers, deciding to use CBD supplements is a matter of trying carefully to find out what works. That’s why SupMedi gives you plenty of options: will you try CBD Oil, or might our convenient CBD Tablets be the solution for you? Perhaps our CBD Gummies are just what you need, or maybe you prefer to enjoy a piece of first-class CBD Chocolate? The choice is yours: our natural, 100% pure, and lab-tested CBD products are here for you!



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