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CBD Oil And Your Doctor

These days, more people know about CBD Oil than a few years ago. By now, most doctors and other medical professionals are aware that CBD supplements exist. At the same time, we know more about the potential effects of CBD, and any remaining taboos are rapidly fading. That makes it perfectly acceptable to consult your doctor if you have any CBD questions. This blog explains more about CBD Oil, possible medicine interactions, side-effects, and finding your perfect personal dose. This information can be highly useful when you see your doctor!

Doctor, Is CBD Oil Medicine?

In most countries, CBD Oil is not officially labelled as a medical drug, mostly because we still need more clinical trials. This automatically means that manufacturers cannot make medicinal claims about CBD. This is why CBD Oil is sold as a dietary supplement, restricting claims to the potential health value it entails rather than actual medicinal benefits. Moreover, this means CBD Oil cannot be prescribed by your doctor as many kinds of regular medicine can.

For consumers, it is important to know that CBD Oil can have different effects on different people. It could have a strong soothing effect on you, while the next person may not notice the same effect. How CBD works is highly personal, and that makes it important to find out what works best for you. Nonetheless, it is always good to let your doctor know about CBD Oil or any other supplements you use to maintain a transparent medical relationship.

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Combining CBD Oil With Medication Prescribed By Your Doctor

Your body metabolizes medicines and other substances, including CBD Oil. Your metabolic rate determines how fast your body breaks down specific drugs and other compounds. Metabolism of medicinal compounds is a complex process, in which enzymes play an important part.

CBD is metabolized by a specific enzyme, which is also responsible for the breakdown of many prescription drugs. Research has shown that CBD can influence how this enzyme works. Using CBD Oil in combination with certain types of medication can slow down or speed up the breakdown of such drugs. This can cause shortages or excess levels of such medicines even if you take the correct dosage.

There is an extensive list of drugs that could potentially be affected by CBD Oil. It is important to talk with your doctor about combining medication and CBD supplements, to see whether you need to adjust your current prescription.

What Is The Right CBD Dosage For Me?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine one perfect CBD Oil dosage that works for everyone. The effects are highly individual, differing from one person to the next. The following factors can help you determine your personal dosage:

  • Your body’s sensitivity to CBD;
  • Personal factors such as age, gender, weight, and overall health;
  • Severity and nature of the symptoms you intend to relieve;
  • CBC concentration in the product you intend to use;
  • Moment of use.

Finding Your Own Optimal Dose

Studies have shown that a CBD Oil overdose is almost impossible to reach. That makes it safe to try and determine your own ideal dose. We advise starting out by taking low doses of CBD for the first three days. This allows your body to get used to the effect before gradually increasing the dose. Perhaps these low doses are enough to stop your symptoms. However, for more serious conditions such as chronic pain, it may take some time before you reach the CBD dosage that suits your needs.

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The Signals Of Your Body

Allow your body time to get used to CBD Oil, and keep paying close attention to determine which products and dosages work for you. Always listen to the signs your body gives you!

Once you have established your optimal dosage, you can use any CBD supplement that best suits your taste. The CBD works the same way in each of these supplements. The one exception is Full Spectrum CBD Oil, which contains additional cannabinoids and terpenes for even greater potential results through the entourage effect.

Can CBD Oil Produce Side Effects?

Fortunately, severe side-effects of CBD are exceptionally rare. Some of the mild side-effects that may occur include dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness, and reduced appetite.

Should you happen to notice any side-effects, then stop increasing your dosage. Return to the last dosage that did not produce any side-effects, and use that as your optimal daily dose.

Doctor, How Can CBD Oil Help Me?

CBD Oil For Pain

CBD is capable of interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This allows CBD to affect the impulses processed in cells, including pain impulses. This explains how CBD Oil can help control pain.


Several studies have demonstrated that CBD has calming properties. This soothing potential can be helpful in times of stress.


Research also shows that CBD Oil has positive effects on serotonin receptors in the brain. These and other properties make CBD an interesting natural candidate for countering depression.

High Blood Pressure

Stress is often accompanied by (too) high blood pressure. Recent studies point out that CBD has vasodilatory properties that help widen blood vessels for improved circulation and lower blood pressure.

Stroke And Cardiac Disease

Scientists have discovered that CBD Oil may help support or even speed up recovery after strokes. CBD has neuroprotective properties, and can help promote circulation and stop imflammation. These characteristics could have a major impact on preventing brain damage in stroke victims.

Other studies have found that CBD may help protect against arrhythmia, which makes it an interesting candidate in the ongoing search for cardiac disease remedies.

And More Besides!

New potential health benefits are being linked to CBD Oil almost on a monthly basis. Although we have learned much in recent years, scientists keep finding more ways in which cannabidiol may help improve our health and wellbeing.

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The Importance Of Discussing CBD Oil With Your Doctor

As researchers keep making steady progress, it only becomes more important to openly discuss the potential of CBD Oil with your own doctor. At SupMedi, we are all for making evidence-based decisions when it comes to your health. Maintaining an honest and transparent relationship with your own doctor is an important part of this. As mentioned, there is no need to hide your use of CBD supplements from medical professionals. In fact, you may be able to offer new information that they can use for other patients in turn!

Moreover, letting your doctor know in which ways you are working on your physical and mental health helps them keep your medication, therapies, and other health advice in line with your own healthy choices. Ultimately, that will only add to a balanced, healthy lifestyle in every possible way!






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