How Can I Discuss CBD With My Doctor?

CBD is often called a natural alternative for traditional medicine. We all know that doctors are not renowned for their fondness of alternative medicine, so a lot of patients are reluctant to report to their doctor that they are using CBD. In spite of mounting scientific evidence for its possible medical benefits, CBD and doctors are often still a difficult combination. Nonetheless, it’s important that you do discuss the use of CBD with your doctor. This article explains why, and how to go about talking to your physician about using CBD.

CBD And Doctors: Lifting The Stigma

Nowadays, CBD has a lot of ambassadors and convinced users worldwide. These include scientists and medical professionals, but most of all, personal experiences of CBD and its effects are changing people’s minds. The many beneficial properties of CBD simply can’t be ignored anymore, as international media, the World Health Organization, and medical experts continue to prove. In recent years, the mechanism by which CBD affects the balance of the human body has been identified. As a result, the worldwide view of CBD is changing radically. Nowadays, preconceptions about CBD are fading fast. Most people know for example, that CBD doesn’t get you  high. If more doctors get convinced of the possibilities offered by CBD, this trend will only speed up. That’s where you can help: for your own benefit and that of others.

Research Into CBD

In the end, general practitioners are there to help you with treatment, advice and support. Your GP knows you and your medical file the best and because of this he or she is the best judge of your CBD use. Maybe a conversation with your GP can even bring you new insights on CBD. After all, there are many international studies into the effects of CBD and results were reported by medical researchers. Ar any rate, encouraging medical professionals to learn more about CBD and its possible applications is helpful. If you ask your doctor to investigate, you could both learn more about the possibilities. Making an informed choice is always better; for you and for your physician as well.

CBD And Doctors: Preparing For ‘The Talk’

Thanks to ongoing research, knowledge about CBD is increasing. Before you discuss the subject of CBD with your doctor, it’s important that you have sufficient knowledge about the therapeutic effects. Of course it’s also key that you have a clear idea about what you use CBD for. You could search online for evidence to support your train of thoughts. This can simplify the conversation. Our blogs also cover a wide range of possible applications that may bring CBD and doctors closer together. These articles on CBD and migraine, stress, sleeping problems and addiction are just a few examples.

combining CBD and doctors advice
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CBD And Regular Medication

It’s important to note that CBD is metabolized by the liver, by enzyme CYP450. It so happens that a lot of drugs are also metabolized by this enzyme. If you use a lot of CBD, the enzyme CYP450 starts to metabolize and eliminate this. As a result, there will be less ‘capacity’ to metabolize other substances. That can cause the concentration of that drug in the body to get too high and that can be harmful on the long term. This article explains how this works.

Keeping Medical Professionals Informed

We advise all people to always consult their GP on CBD use . For instance, research has shown that certain drugs interact with CBD. Only your doctor can tell you more about this specifically. Therefore, your GP is always the first person to go to with doubts or questions about CBD. Furthermore, open use of CBD and doctors who know what their patients are using are a powerful combination. Firstly, your physician will know whether your CBD use has any effect, possibly adjusting your regular treatment in light of that knowledge. Secondly, you’re helping break down the taboo and any misconceptions about cannabidiol. If you’re successfully treating your symptoms with CBD and doctors know about this, they may change their mind about its effectiveness.

We still have a long way to go, but someday, we will make sure that CBD Oil, CBD Tablets and other CBD Supplements are accepted by the medical community as the promising natural remedies they can be.

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