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Can CBD Oil Cause Side Effects?

We know quite a lot about the many positive effects of CBD Oil by now, but are there any negative side-effects we should be aware of? Firstly, CBD is safe to use, and hardly causes any side-effects at all. Nonetheless, some people react to this natural supplement differently from what they would expect. This usually involves minor discomforts such as nausea or drowsiness. However, there have been a few cases in which more serious side-effects were reported. CBD can have certain effects on specific types of medication you may be using already, for instance; it can also affect blood pressure. In general, most problems can be avoided simply by sticking to the advisory dosage. Here, you can read all about the side effects of CBD Oil. 

Mild Side Effects Of CBD Oil

CBD Oil is a plant-based supplement that can be used to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Many people are keen to benefit from its beneficial soothing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and other effects.

Cannabidiol is safe to use: in 2017, the WHO officially declared that it cannot cause addiction, and causes no harmful effects if used in regular ways. The anti-doping authority WADA has removed CBD from their substances list, and the United Nations made some very positive comments about CBD in a recent report. Furthermore, CBD has no psychoactive side-effects: even full spectrum CBD Oil contains only trace amounts of THC (<.03%); far too little to cause any noticeable effect. That means you cannot get ‘high’ from CBD supplements; it is perfectly safe to use at the office or in traffic, for instance.

In spite of the above, however, every person is a unique individual. Each of us may react differently to any substance we ingest. In the case of CBD, some people may experience mild side-effects:

  • Dizziness;
  • Nausea;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Reduced appetite

These side-effects are generally no cause for concern: they are common sign of your body adjusting to CBD. If you want, you can lower your dosage; or you can simply wait for a few days to see if the effects persist. You could be hypersensitive to CBD: in such cases, you may want to refrain from using CBD supplements altogether, although such cases are very rare indeed.

cbd oil side effects

Can CBD Oil Cause Harmful Side Effects?

There have been reports of some very rare cases in which people responded more severely to CBD products. In some cases, problems arose after people used far too much CBD, or combined their supplements with certain prescription medication. Another possible cause might be hypersensitivity to CBD. The following side-effects have been observed in a few very rare cases:

Lower Blood Pressure

One of CBD’s natural effects is its vasodilatory capacity, meaning that it can widen the passage of blood vessels. This is actually a benefit, as it makes CBD useful for controlling high blood pressure and preventing thrombosis (blood clots). Conversely, this property of CBD could cause problems or people who are already using blood pressure medication, or who already have low blood pressure. In such cases, it might be better not to try CBD Oil, but in any case, you should consult your doctor first. It should be noted, however, that CBD Oil can help lower blood pressure is actually one of its main beneficial effects rather than a side-effect. This advantage can only become problematic for people who are already on (blood pressure) medication, or who had low blood pressure to begin with.

Headaches Or Migraines

Some product labels state that CBD may cause headaches or migraines. However, research has shown that this is not a side-effect of CBD. In fact, the opposite appears to be true: CBD can actually work as an analgesic for migraine and headaches. In all likelihood, these symptoms are caused by certain (chemical) additions in low-purity CBD products. That makes it all the more important to make sure you buy only high quality CBD supplements from reliable brands!

CBD Oil Side Effects Caused By Medicine Interactions

CBD is known to influence the effects of specific types of medication. Medication is broken down by enzymes in the liver. However, CBD is capable of disrupting the effectiveness of certain enzymes, slowing down the breakdown process of certain prescription medication. This in turn can extend the period of effectiveness of any such medication you may be using, or make their (side) effects more intense.

You should always be cautious when using medication. That is doubly true for anyone using medication and CBD at the same time, because their interactions and mutual effects are not always clear. CBD is known to potentially affect the way antidepressants, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, blood thinners, statins, and beta blockers work, for instance.

cbd oil side effects

The Grapefruit Test

Although this is not rock-solid medical advice, the so-called grapefruit test can be used as a check for possible interactions between CBD and any medication you may be using. If specific (prescription) drugs state that they should not be used in combination with grapefruit (juice), they may be unsafe to use alongside CBD supplements, too. No matter how healthy grapefruits are of themselves; it just goes to show that even fully plant-based supplements such as CBD Oil can have very real effects on your body – even though luckily, these effects are generally positive ones!

Influence On Kidneys

Cannabis (including the cannabinoid CBD, as far as we know) can have adverse effects on renal function in chronic kidney disease patients. This mainly applies to smoked cannabis products, as one study shows. On the other hand, another study has demonstrated how cannabis can help ease the pain for kidney patients, without any noticeable side-effects. At any rate, no negative kidney-related side-effects have been discovered in healthy people so far.

Allergic Reactions To CBD Oil

Allergic reactions to CBD Oil are possible. The body can produce an allergic response to any substance the immune system regards as an allergen. Allergies are usually caused by insect bites, specific foods, animals hairs, pollen and similar allergens. CBD, which is a natural derivative of the cannabis plant, can contain ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. CBD products may contain traces of pollen, for instance, but you could also turn out to be allergic to certain terpenes or natural proteins produced by the plant.

Allergic reactions to CBD are usually mild, producing symptoms such as itches, rashes, or irritated skin. However, certain rare case involve more serious symptoms such as breathing difficulties. Such allergic reactions can theoretically have quite serious consequences, but even so, it is good to remember that allergies and side-effects are not the same thing. Allergic reactions are caused by excessive immune responses of your own body; they are not side-effects of CBD products as such.

Are CBD Oil Side Effects Cause For Concern?

As it turns out, using CBD Oil can produce certain side-effects for a specific group of people. Still, most people who use CBD never experience any problems. Even if you do notice side-effects, or suspect you notice these, you can always keep them under control by lowering your dose. Another tip: if you notice side-effects after using full spectrum CBD Oil, you could try one of our CBD isolate supplements instead. If one of the other ingredients of a full spectrum supplement cause side-effects or allergies, isolate products such as CBD Tablets or Gummies could solve the problem for you.

CBD gummies

Severe side-effects are very rare indeed. Of course, taking CBD alongside other medication is always something to approach with caution. If you do wish to use CBD to support your health, then you should know that you are making a sound, responsible choice; as long as you make sure to choose high quality supplements such as SupMedi CBD Oil. Being aware of the possible side-effects is always a good idea, but there is no need to worry.

Nonetheless, we always advise to consult your doctor on CBD Oil or other supplements you may be using. This ensures an open and transparent doctor-patient relationship, as well as giving your physician access to all the information they may need.

As mentioned, it is always a good idea to order your CBD products from a reliable supplier with a solid reputation for product safety, purity, and quality. The SupMedi manufacturing process involves strict quality control at every step of production. That means our web shop has the perfect CBD supplements for anyone, whether it’s CBD Oil  or CBD Tablets, Chocolate, or CBD Coffee Beans instead.




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