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Safe Driving With CBD On The Road

Question: have you ever taken extra care while driving after taking CBD? Many people wonder whether driving and CBD are a safe combination. Of course, it is a cannabinoid just like THC. The psychoactive component in cannabis. However, CBD has completely different effects, and new research demonstrates that it has no negative impact on your driving ability. That’s a big relief: you can rest assured that it’s perfectly safe to drive after taking CBD.

Driving While Using CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is hugely popular. Every day, more people try using CBD, because it is a natural compound with remarkably few side effects. People used it for many reasons, such as combating insomnia, headaches, or painful inflammations. If you are dealing with stress, anxiety, or restlessness, CBD could help you regain your calm. You get to choose between CBD Oil and a whole range of other CBD supplements. Nonetheless, traffic safety is certainly an important consideration. After all, if CBD can affect your mood, your metabolism and your mental capacity, is it safe to use while driving a car?

The importance of making sure it’s safe to drive with CBD prompted the University of Sidney’s Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics to investigate. They commissioned the University of Maastricht to conduct a study. The results were published last week.

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How CBD And THC Affect Your Driving

The study required 26 healthy subjects to inhale evaporated cannabis, containing different quantities of CBD and THC. Next, participants were asked to drive 100km on public roads 40 minutes and 4 hours later, respectively. In case you’re wondering: they were accompanied by a supervisor while on the road. Driving ability was assessed across several criteria using a widely accepted scientific test.

It involved looking at standard deviations relative to the position of the vehicle (SDLP), lane switching indicators, and excessive corrections by the driver. Precious tests have shown higher SDLP scores under the influence of substances like alcohol and Valium.

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The present study pointed out that CBD does not affect driving ability. Cannabis with mixed THC and CBD content had a minor negative impact on driving after 40 minutes, but these effects disappeared after 4 hours. The study’s chief author said this is the first time science proves that CBD does not affect driving skills. Obviously, that’s great news for anyone using CBD, or considering giving it a try.

Safe Driving While Using CBD

These results should come as a relief to anyone using CBD. You’re safe to drive; you even have scientific evidence to back it up now. If you are using products containing THC as well as CBD, you now know these can indeed affect your driving. Nonetheless, even THC’s effects do not linger for long. The results of the study could lead to changes in law and legislation for those who use CBD or medical cannabis.

So, are you planning to go for a ride while using CBD? Now you know it will not affect your ability to drive. If you want an easy way to take CBD on the road, you should try our convenient (and tasty)  CBD Tablets. They are easy to take along and can be taken without water anywhere, anytime. You can partition them for handy dosing if you prefer. Their refreshing orange flavour makes them very easy to use. Another great option to take with you on the road are CBD Gummies. These sweet treats contain 4mg CBD each. They’re a real treat for anyone with a sweet tooth and a busy schedule. In fact, since CBD products are safe to use on the road, you could even take them to calm your nerves before you take your driving lessons or exams!

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Safety First!

Always keep in mind, however, that people’s reactions to CBD may differ between individuals. This natural compound affects your endocannabinoid system, which governs important functions like your emotions, memory, rhythm of sleep and wakefulness, and your digestion. If you are using CBD for the first time, wait until you’re familiar with its effects before operating vehicles or performing other responsible tasks. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions about CBD. Whatever you do, always make sure your own safety and that of other drivers is assured. That’s the best way to make sensible choices when it comes to safe driving and your personal health.

Drive safely, and stay healthy!

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