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Why Do More People Use CBD Every Day?

The popularity of CBD just keeps on rising – and that’s hardly a surprise. Every day, more people use CBD and discover its advantages. Meanwhile, science keeps revealing more about the effects of cannabidiol. Their efforts unlock ever more options for using CBD with an expanding range of conditions: from inflammations to dry skin; from sleeping problems and PMS to muscle aches, and from stress and anxiety issues to depression. The recent concern about the coronavirus pandemic has only made people more aware of caring for their health and wellbeing. Our immune system and natural defences have become more prominent issues. That makes choosing CBD products an increasingly obvious choice for more and more people. CBD sales keep rising both in America and in Europe. Market researchers predict that the global uptick in CBD consumption is here to stay. We tried to find out why.

Choosing Natural Supplements

The recent boom in CBD use has several reasons. Firstly, the preference for cannabidiol coincides with increased interest in natural supplements. We see that traditional pharmaceutics lost the public confidence it once enjoyed. People are out to find alternatives for regular medication and therapies. These often come with unwanted side-effects, or give patients a feeling of being kept dangling like some cash cow. Yes, we want results; but these days, we also want to know what exactly we are using, and what we’d rather skip over.

This new playing field of conscious consumers is more suited for natural supplements like CBD than just another anonymous pill or powder from some factory somewhere. This shifting perspective has changed the way we see CBD drawn from natural hemp. Still, in our desire for natural support, we all want transparent and honest products that state exactly what they are and what’s inside. This explains why CBD producers such as SupMedi only  work with the strictest lab tests and the purest CBD extracts. It is our trusted way of providing a trustworthy perspective for people from all walks of life, trying to treat a staggering range of different conditions and health ambitions.

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Trusting natural strength

We Keep Learning More About CBD

In the meantime, every month sees the release of new research reports on CBD. Scientists around the world join the effort to uncover more of the opportunities hemp plant extracts can offer. Although we still can’t claim CBD is medicine, we are getting closer to the truth every day. One example is the current study of CBD and its possibilities for corona and COVID-19. The recent revision of the United Nations advice on cannabionoids and their medical potential is a step in the right direction. As you see, our insight into CBD grows along with ongoing developments in real medical practice. More and more governments feel that use of CBD should be fully legalized.

This connection works both way. We keeping finding new promising applications where CBD might be a great natural alternative. That triggers more people to try using CBD for new reasons. This in turn sparks the interest of new researchers, creating a kind of snowball effect. Our expanding knowledge of CBD’s potential is an important factor in the international CBD market boom we see today.

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Strong Increase Of CBD Use In Europe

Anyone considering their investment options ought to have a good look at the market prospects of CBD. The future looks bright, at least according to the Brightfield Group market research agency, which studied European CBD markets in 2019. The bureau estimates that markets could expand by over 400% over the next three years.

Brightfield’s Bethany Gomez stresses the untapped potential CBD still has in store. There’s plenty of room for growth in Europe, because CBD is just getting started here. Tha’s in contrast to America, where people have had more time to get familiar with the product. In Europe, consumers are only beginning to grow aware of CBD’s potential. That is why entering the European CBD market right now could be a smart move. The competition isn’t half as fierce here as it is in the United States.

The Dutch Cannabis Advisory Bureau (CAN) claims that some 40 million Europeans currently use CBD. At present, most growth occurs in the United Kingdom and Austria. They are responsible for a joint turnover of about 71 million euro. Expectations for future growth focus on the German market right now.

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CBD Use Is More Accepted In The US

The British Centre for Medical Cannabis has investigated the increasing popularity of CBD in detail. By 2019, 6 million Brits had tried CBD. This is substantial evidence for growing numbers of people looking for alternative ways to boost their health. Sweeping change can be seen online, too. People are clearly looking for more information about CBD, as indicated by the paper “Trends in Internet Searches for CBD in the United States”.

The study looked at the US search keywords used in Google between January 2004 and April 2019. The data was used to make predictions for the future. One of the scientists concluded that CBD has become astronomically popular in recent years. Just three years ago, virtually nobody searched for CBD online. These days, 6 million searches a month has become the norm.

Another eye-catching result from the study: online CBD seraches for CBD increased by 126% between 2016 and 2017. Between 2017 and 2018, the figure grew to 160%. Present predictions expect continued growth of some 117%. Furthermore, CBD searches easily outnumbered searches for similar health and wellbeing-related keywords, such as meditation, acupuncture, veganism, or cannabis.

More Positive Experiences With CBD Use

Of course, the fact that more people experience the benefits of CBD themselves every day is a big factor, too. That holds true for the whole world, but most of all for America, because more people have been using CBD for longer there. As we await the outcomes of long-term medical studies, positive experiences keep piling up. Producers and retailers can make all the claims they want, but ultimately, we all want real-life experiences shared by people we can trust.

A good example is the surge of interest in CBD sparked by the story of Charlotte Figi. This American girl suffered from Dravet’s Syndrome, putting her through about 300 epileptic seizures every week. Her condition impaired her speech and motor development. Regular medication offered little relief, and Charlotte’s parents started to grow desperate. Then, in 2012, her mother gave her cannabis oil containing very low dosages of THC and high percentages of CBD. Charlotte’s symptoms decreased immediately, reducing the number of seizures she suffered from 300 per week down to just 3 per month.

CNN reported on Charlotte’s story, catapulting CBD to international fame almost overnight. Sadly, Charlotte Figi passed away in April 2020 due to pneumonia aged 13. In spite of this tragedy, she is still known as ‘the CBD girl’, and her story remains an important example of what CBD is capable of.

More Benefits = More CBD Use

Word about Charlotte Figi and others like her spread across the globe. Today, more people than ever want to share their stories about CBD’s potential with the world. Our blogs alone hold great examples of real people openly sharing their experiences with CBD, whether for their health, natural skincare, their athletic performance, or even their pets. As ever more CBD applications are discovered, more stories keep emerging. Nowadays, you can find real-life accounts of CBD users trying to treat conditions as diverse as:

Physical Symptoms

Psychological Symptoms

The major benefit of CBD is its ability to interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This crucial part of our anatomy, discovered only recently, is key to maintaining the balance our body needs. Cannabidiol is able to work together with the ECS, without any significant side-effects. That is because CBD is highly similar to so-called endocannabinoids produced by our own cells. CBD is a natural, plant-based alternative for our own endocannabinoids, which our metabolism can use as a booster when its own supplies are running low.

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Innovative CBD Products For Any Situation

By now, CBD supplements are available in just about all shapes and sizes, designed for any purpose and application. There’s CBD Salve or CBD Cream for instance, made especially to treat dry, irritated and itchy skin. CBD Tablets and CBD Gummies are CBD made tasty and easy, ready for use wherever you go. CBD Oil is still the best-known form of cannabidiol, which incidentally is perfect for administering CBD to pets and other animals. Then there is CBD Nutrition, for a refreshing way to get your daily dose. If you use CBD to support your exercise and sports routines, CBD Bars or drinks like CBD Ice Tea are perfect for popping into your sports bag. As you can see, there’s plenty of choice. You’ll always find a CBD product that fits right in with your lifestyle and the specific purpose for which you want to use CBD.

Take your time to look at our complete CBD product range, and experience for yourself why more CBD use is bound to be the big trend for the future!


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