CBD Argan Salve

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What Is CBD Argan Salve?

CBD Argan Salve can be used for wounds, damaged, dry, or chapped skin. De cannabis oil that has been processed in the salve helps your skin cells recover. Your skin will shine again! Buy your CBD Argan Salve here!

How To Use The Salve

You can use the salve on your skin, where the irritations occur, this will enhance the absorption of the CBD in your skin. The salve is soft and easy to apply. You can apply the salve multiple times a day for the maximum result, but be aware that every person’s skin reacts differently.

What Is The Difference Between CBD Argan Salve And CBD Argan Cream?

CBD Salve and Cream differ in the proportions of oil and water.  The Salve is much oilier than the cream. The Salve contains just oil and no water. Besides this, the Salve feels much oilier that the Cream, which only contains a small amount of water.

Properties of the Salve

  • Helps relax the skin.
  • Helps abrasion (wounds) recover.
  • Contains CBD and vitamin A.
  • Works as a facial Salve.
  • Vitamin A ensures the production of Collagen.
  • Contains natural vitamines and biological oils.

Buy CBD Salve?

If you want to buy the CBD Salve, visit the webshop to do so! When you place an order today, it will be sent the same day! If you have any questions about our products or CBD products, feel free to contact our team! If you’re interested in any of our other CBD enriched products, check out our webshop!