How Does CBD Affect Appetite?

If you are a fan of cannabidiol (CBD), you are probably aware of the numerous benefits of consuming this cannabinoid. In addition to the anti-inflammatory and other therapeutic effects, CBD offers even more benefits. For example, the way cannabidiol affects appetite. Can you use CBD for weight loss? In this article, we investigate whether CBD causes more or less appetite for food. Want to know more about CBD and appetite? Read on!

CBD Ups Metabolism

Before we dive deeper, appetite is the desire to take food, probably due to hunger. Now, metabolism plays a critical role in determining a living organism’s desire to eat. When it comes to CBD for appetite, proponent pieces of research from PubMed show that Cannabidiol binds with CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors to boost one’s metabolism levels. In the two-week case study, the researchers injected CBD to rats, whereby they showed suppressed appetite after the duration was over. Going by the fact that human beings have the Endocannabinoid System, and cannabinoid receptors just like rats, it gets likely  to assume that the potential of CBD to boost metabolism may cause decreased appetite.

Reduced Food Consumption

PubMed also conducted a different study to see the effects of CBD on food intake. However, the specimens where divided into two. They administered the first lot with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while the second with nonpsychotic compounds like CBD. They noticed that at the end of the study, the rats administered with THC had increased their food intake. When it came to the specimens under a CBD dosage, they showed instances of reduced food intake; thus, their appetite decreased drastically. This is among the reasons as to why CBD could be considered as an excellent natural compound for aiding in a weight loss journey among most Cannabidiol users.

CBD Can Boost The Burning Of Calories

The body has two types of fats:

• White fat
• Brown fat.

White fat is responsible for cushioning the body parts, acts as an insulator, supplying and storing one’s energy. When the amounts of white fat grow beyond the desired, one can end up developing diabetes and hypertension. Conversely, brown fat burns calories, thus generating sufficient heat in the body. That said, it is critical to do activities that convert white fat into brown fat. Among those is exercising. Thankfully, those who, for any reason, can’t exercise can take CBD to convert excess white fat into brown fat. Browning of the white fat cells means enhanced burning of calories. In the long run, CBD users end up having reduced appetite due to fast calorie burn.

how does cbd work - endocannabinoid system

CBD Can Increase Appetite For Some People

Well, even though most of the pieces of research claim that CBD has the potential to reduce appetite, one rare occurrence is whereby, this chemical compound of cannabis can stimulate appetite. PubMed says that as they were researching on the potential of CBD oil to treat pediatric epilepsy, it later dawned on them that 30% of the children had increased appetite. The fact that everyone has different metabolism rates should send a cool gesture that, yes, it can happen.


As seen above, CBD can reduce appetite on rats. However, we can unanimously agree that more human studies ought to get conducted. The exception that CBD may actually aid in increasing appetite should ring a signal to your mind – it is fantastic to get in touch with a health care professional. A doctor is in the best position to advise you on your metabolism rate, the way CBD can work for your appetite, and the right dosage to keep you going, for optimum results.

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