Age Healthier With CBD

‘Everybody wants to live forever, but nobody wants to grow old´, as the saying goes. Still, there are ways to make ageing less burdensome. Of course it helps if you get enough physical activity. But you can also age healthier with CBD and prevent age-related complaints. We don’t claim that CBD is a magic solution to eternal youth, but it sure has the potential to help senior citizens lead fuller, healthier, and happier lives. Read our list of benefits!

CBD Can Help With Pain

Unfortunately, seniors experience lots of different painful symptoms and ailments. Getting out of bed can already be a huge task, thanks to pain in the joints. But there’s hope on the horizon! Different studies have shown that CBD can relieve pain caused by arthritis, joint pain and multiple sclerosis (MS). When the researchers activated different receptors in the Endocannabinoid System, they discovered that patients experienced ‘significantly reduced pain’. It’s interesting that there were no side effects at all. Healthcare professionals, who were involved in the study, called CBD a ‘serious alternative for traditional medication’.

CBD For Stronger Bones

As people get older, they develop osteoporosis. This means that our bones are becoming more porous and therefore more fragile. Older people who fall down, are at high risk of fractured bones. In fact, falling down is among the most common causes of death among the elderly. It’s well known that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect and can even stimulate cellular repair processes. This means that CBD could also strengthen your bones, or speed up recovery after a bone fracture. Although we still need more research, the results so far are promising.

CBD: For A Good Night’s Rest

Although insomnia can occur in all ages, there are remarkably many elderly who suffer from this. When you sleep, your body removes toxins and restores itself. Not sleeping well interrupts this process and makes you feel unwell. To be able to get at least some sleep, people start to use sleeping pills. Those will help in the short term, but they can be very harmful on the long term. We recommend to try CBD to relieve your restlessness. CBD is known for its calming effects. And it’s a natural alternative for traditional sleeping medication.

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CBD Against Addiction

This brings us to our next subject. Many older people use a variety of medication. Sometimes they use so many different kind of drugs, they develop a medication addiction. A serious matter of course. Long term medicine use could be more harmful than the initial problem. Once again, CBD can play a positive role. An American study into ‘medication addiction’ in 2018 brought hope. During this study, a test group of people with a medication addiction was given CBD for five months. After this period, the entire group was released from their addiction.

CBD Can Improve The Heart

Hart disease is one of the leading causes of death among the elderly. In America for example, more than half of all the elderly suffer from the biggest cause of heart diseases: high blood pressure. In a study from 2017, ten people were tested and were given a dose of 600mg CBD. Scientists found a decrease in blood pressure in all cases and call this ‘a strong indication that CBD has great potential’.

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CBD Can Reduce The Symptoms Of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) are neurodegenerative diseases. These are disorders that affect the central nervous system. Many studies have already shown that cannabinoids (CBD is also a cannabinoid) can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and MS. There’s a lot of proof for the neuroprotective benefits of CBD. CBD slows down the degenerative process, relieves pain and reduces spasms associated with MS. You would almost think that CBD could be the primary treatment for older people that suffer from these kind of conditions!

CBD Can Help With Depressions And ‘Mood Swings’

Growing older is often accompanied with unpleasant events, like people who pass away from us, or the sudden deterioration of the health. Processing these things can be quite a challenge and can lead, in some cases, to depression. A depression in its turn could lead eventually to more health problems. It looks like a vicious circle. The good news is that CBD can also help here! Several studies have shown that CBD can reduce stress. We think this is the perfect ending of this blog. The combination of enough physical activity and CBD should ensure you to age healthier and with less physical complaints!

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