Sleep Well: How CBD Can Help You

Everyone would love to sleep well every night, but for many people, that’s easier said than done. A surprising number of people have difficulty sleeping through the night. Unfortunately, a good night’s rest is hard to achieve when you feel stressed, pain is keeping you awake, or the sandman just won’t come. The more you try to fall asleep, the more elusive sleep becomes. CBD could help you sleep well!

There are many remedies available that might help. Most are synthetic, and some have severe side-effects. However, you could also try a natural alternative such as CBD. More and more people use it and are enthusiastic, especially when they have trouble sleeping. CBD helps your body and mind calm down. It could provide the peace and quiet you need for a good night’s rest. Moreover, CBD helps you sleep in a completely natural way without side-effects associated with prescription sleep medication.

Why Sleeping Well Is Important

In order to feel good, you need a good night’s rest. Not only will sleeping provide you with the energy you need to be active during the day, it’s also very important to be able to stay healthy. People that have trouble sleeping for a long period of time, run the risk of falling ill. It can also lead to depression, weight gain, concentration problems, impaired judgment and problems with memory.

Do you have trouble sleeping? You’re not the only one. In the Netherlands, for instance, a quarter of all people suffer from sleep problems. Data from the US CDC (Center For Disease Control) suggest even higher figures for many parts of North America.  Statistics show that more women than men have difficulty sleeping. They have trouble falling asleep and also experience problems with sleeping through the night. It’s also women that most often use sleep medication.

CBD against sleeping problems
Everyone needs a good night’s sleep

What Can You Do When You Have Trouble Sleeping?

The difficulty with sleeping problems, is the fact that they can have a variety of causes. For one person, it’s stress; for another, it’s pain. Many people are not even sure why they don’t sleep well. Regular sleep medication doesn’t treat the causes. Instead, it just forces your body to sleep. Effectively, sleep medication will just relax your muscles, have a sedative effect and slow down the nervous system. Because they’re usually quite effective, doctors often prescribe them. The number of people using synthetic sleep medication has increased alarmingly in recent years. This comes at a high cost; these drugs usually come with some pretty severe drawbacks and side-effects.

Sleep medication has a number of side effects. When you take a sleeping pill at night, you can feel drowsy during the next day. It can be harder to concentrate. Another disadvantage is that your body gets used to the compounds in the sedatives (such as benzodiazepines). That’s why you will need to take more over time. Consequently, it causes dependence, or even addiction.

But there are natural remedies you can use, including melatonin, valerian, homeopathic remedies and CBD oil. The big advantage of CBD is the lack of side-effects associated with its all-natural ingredients. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural plant compound that encourages your body and mind to fall asleep by its own natural mechanisms. It can help you get that good night’s sleep without messing around with serious drugs such as sleep medication. Below, you can read more about CBD and how it can help you sleep well.

Sleep Well With CBD, Naturally

Unfortunately, scientific research into the effects of CBD on sleeping problems is still in its infancy. This type of research takes a lot of time, but the preliminary evidence is encouraging. Data suggests that CBD positively influences our sleeping cycle. CBD, which is extracted from the hemp plant, ensures that the third sleeping stage lasts longer. This stage is called Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) sleep and is one of the most important stages of your sleep cycle. During NREM, your body is preoccupied with tissue repair and -growth and regulating blood pressure. This is a crucial part of your natural recovery process during sleep. By influencing the NREM stage, CBD helps you regain your energy as your brain and your body recover from the stress of the previous day.

Another consequence of remaining longer in the NREM stage, is that the REM sleep cycle is shorter. Actually, it seems that a shorter REM sleep cycle is a good thing and could possibly decrease symptoms of depression. People who use CBD to sleep well, indicate that they experience deeper sleep and feel more energetic during the day. In conclusion, CBD promotes the natural sleeping process.

CBD Promotes A Good Night’s Sleep Without Side-effects Or Drowsiness

Because sleeping problems can have many different causes, CBD has a lot of potential. Whether you can’t sleep through the night because of stress, pain or restlessness, CBD can alleviate these symptoms. It has a calming effect and puts the brakes on obsessive thinking. It inhibits inflammation and has an analgesic effect. Since CBD is derived from the hemp plant, some people fear they may get ‘high’ from using CBD. This is not the case; at least, it’s not when you choose pure and high-quality CBD products such as our SupMedi CBD range.

Although CBD is drawn from the same hemp or cannabis plants that produce THC (the compound used by recreational cannabis consumers), we use strict laboratory testing to ensure that you CBD oil or tablets contain no trace of THC. Because of this diligent quality control, you can use SupMedi CBD to sleep well without feeling drowsy the next day. That means you can still drive a car, do your job, and care for your loved ones when you use CBD. Good to know when you live a responsible and productive life!

What makes CBD so special, is that it hardly has any side effects. It will not make you drowsy, which would happen if you took a sleeping pill. You’ll just feel relaxed and calm, only when you are ready to sleep.

Are you interested in using CBD oil to sleep well? CBD oil 4% or CBD oil 10% is the right choice for sleeping problems. Take some drops under the tongue, before you go to sleep. You can also use SupMedi’s CBD melt tablets for extra convience. You can purchase tablets with 12 mg CBD.

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