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Research Into CBD Against Anxiety

A series of international studies have been conducted to investigate how CBD might help counter anxiety and anxiety disorders. Supposedly, CBD could provide a natural and effective alternative to (addictive) medication used to treat anxiety issues. If using CBD against anxiety works, that would come with an added bonus: you’d never need to worry about side-effects of regular anti-anxiety medication again!

Fear Means: RUN!

Fear is a natural response. It enables us to deal with threats around us. Some people, however, develop excessive levels of fear and anxiety, without any clear reasons for doing so. This is called an anxiety disorder. On a worldwide scale, dramatic numbers of people suffer from anxiety disorders, with effects ranging from outright terror to a mild sense of panic. Often, a person suffering from an anxiety disorder will understand that his or her anxiety is abnormal, but at the same time, they find the fear impossible to repress. Not without the help of medication, that is. Thankfully, CBD by SupMedi provides a natural alternative to current medical treatments.

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Addiction Is Just Around The Corner

The familiar big pharmaceutical corporations, pumping out anti-anxiety drugs like Prozac, Valium, and Xanax, know very well that people grow dependent on – and get addicted to – their medication. These drugs inhibit the natural reuptake of a natural chemical called serotonin in the brain. To be brief, this results in a decrease of anxiety, but it also causes mood swings; both in animal test subjects and in humans. CBD, by contrast, can reduce anxiety levels too, only without the negative side-effects of regular drugs. This was demonstrated in the following study, using rats to test the effects of CBD: click here for the link!

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CBD Against Anxiety: Numbers Are Staggering

If you look at the promising potential effects of CBD, it is hard to understand why so many governments still manage to keep up their naive stance on the health benefits of cannabis products. This only becomes stranger when you realise that CBD has enjoyed enormous attention by scientists. Various research centres have established (refer to the study presented above for example) that CBD is a powerful anxiety blocker. Add to this the staggering number of people who are convinced that CBD is a natural treatment for a wide range of physical symptoms and mental issues. It seems only a matter of time before CBD studies get the attention, respect, and funding they deserve.

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