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CBD And Alcohol, Do They Mix?

As long as CBD supplements contain no or very little THC, you will not get high. CBD has a calming and relaxing effect. However, alcohol can enhance this effect, making it inadvisable to drive a car if you have drunk CBD and a glass of wine or beer. However, CBD oil can help against liver problems resulting from alcohol consumption! In this blog we zoom in on the question of whether mixing CBD and alcohol is actually such a good idea.

Mixing CBD And Alcohol: Bad Idea?

Many people like to take one alcoholic beverage as a nightcap, as they think it will help them sleep well. The opposite is true though. Alcohol interferes with you sleeping patterns, causing you to feel less rested when you wake up the next day. If you are using CBD oil to tackle insomnia, drinking alcohol on the side is even more of a bad idea. This is because CBD and alcohol both have relaxing effects, with their separate effects reinforcing each other in turn. Even though you will not experience any physical problems by combining CBD and alcohol use, we nonetheless advise you to be careful about mixed use.

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Liver Damage

Let’s proceed to the subject of liver damage, against which CBD is reported to help. According to an article published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, CBD could protect the liver from damage caused by excessive use of alcohol.

Source: https://www.mediwietsite.nl/cbd-preventief-leverbeschadiging-alcohol/

CBD Helped Protect Mice Against The Effects Of Alcohol

To prove their hypothesis, researchers injected ethanol (alcohol) into mice test subjects twice a day over a five-day period. This was a way of mimicking a period of heavy alcohol consumption. Some of the mice were given preventive doses of CBD beforehand. As expected, the study demonstrated that CBD may be able to protect the liver against fattening effects. The researchers claim that this is due to CBD’s ability to prevent oxidative stress. In addition, CBD prevents the activation of pathways associated with coagulation of fat.

Source: https://www.mediwietsite.nl/cbd-preventief-leverbeschadiging-alcohol/

Overall, the SupMedi staff’s general advice is to be moderate in your consumption of alcohol, and to stick to a balanced and healthy diet. This will prevent any liver problems from arising in the first place! If you are interested in our products, we have a great variety of products, including CBD Tablets, CBD Oil, CBD Nutrition, and CBD Skincare products.

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