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CBD And Stroke: Faster Recovery; Less Damage?

Strokes, also called Cerebrovascular Accidents (CVA), and other forms of brain injury cause damage to the brain cells. Research shows that CBD Oil can support or even speed up recovery after stroke. This cannabinoid has neuroprotective properties, is capable of stimulating brain tissue circulation, and protects against inflammation, as studies have demonstrated. These properties could be significant in prevention of brain damage caused by stroke. This bog explains what is currently known about using CBD in case of strokes, what science can tell us about it, and whether patients should be treated with this cannabinoid.

Brain Damage Caused By Stroke

To a certain extent, we can say that we ‘are’ our brain; at least, that is what many people experience. Our brain harbours our consciousness and personality. In case of stroke, the brain suffers damage, which poses a risk of losing parts of our sense of ‘self’. The thought alone is quite terrifying, but there are further risks involved in strokes. They can also cause loss of motor control, sensory abilities, cognitive skills, and more.

CBD stroke
We ‘are’ our brains.

So what exactly is a stroke? Stroke is a condition that damages the brain due to lack of oxygen reaching the brain. These oxygen supply disruptions can result from vascular blockades (blood clots) or brain haemorrhage. Stroke can affect anyone at any moment; they occur in men and women of all ages. Some groups are more at risks than others, though.

Brain, Blood Pressure, And Oxygen Supply

Overall, 90% of all strokes are caused by either blood clots or constriction of blood vessels resulting from high blood pressure. This impairs proper circulation of blood in the tissues of the brain. Brain cells cannot survive for long without fresh oxygen supply. Damage starts to spread after just six minutes. No matter how fast the response, however, anyone affected by a stroke will incur some form of damage to the brain as a result.

cbd stroke recovery
Lack of oxygen quickly causes brain damage.

Fortunately, though, stroke survival rates have improved considerably in recent years. 60% of all stroke victims survive the experience. That is not the end of the story, however; many stroke survivors require help in daily life afterwards. Brain damage can express itself in physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioural problems. Still, there is hope of improvement. Research indicates that CBD Oil offers a range of properties that may prove helpful in treating the consequences of stroke.

How Can CBD Improve Recovery After Stroke?

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, a stroke causes loss of brain cells at a rate of 1.9 million cells per minute. That means fast intervention is crucial to post-stroke damage reduction; one minute can make all the difference. Specialized healthcare is required both during and after stokes. It now turns out that the capacities of CBD can have positive effects on patients; both in the moments immediately following a stroke and during long-term recovery.

cbd stroke treatment
Rapid response is critical for good recovery.

Neuroregenerative Potential Of CBD Supplements

Research into Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease has already explored the potential of CBD supplements in protecting nerve cells, including the cells of the brain. These studies have demonstrated CBD’s capacity to trigger brain cell repair and production. Logically, these findings have raised researchers’ hopes of using these properties in stroke treatment. The main benefits seem connected to rapid administration of CBD as soon as the first symptoms of stroke occur.

CBD Can Curb Inflammation

In 2015, a comprehensive review was published in The Neurotherapeutics Journal. The study highlighted the potential of CBD in assisting recovery after strokes or other forms of traumatic brain injury. The key to this potential lies in CBD’s ability to activate CB1 and CB2 receptors in the human brain. These receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This enables CBD to inhibit production of cytokine inflammatory proteins in the brain.

Cells tend to produce such cytokines as a natural reaction to trauma (which includes strokes). In response, the receptors of the ECS promote cell production of other proteins called minocyclines. These proteins can help boost brain recovery. They can contribute to reduction of the risks of brain swelling and development of neurological disorders. This ultimately reduces the chances of extended brain tissue damage.

cbd oil brain damage

CBD And Stroke: Blood Flow Improvement

Another means by which CBD may help prevent further potential brain damage after strokes is by promoting blood flow throughout the brain. This speeds up restoration of normal nutrient and oxygen supply. This property of CBD is uniquely useful in case of strokes that involve blood clots or vascular constriction.

Summing up, administering CBD in the event of a stroke could result in major health benefits, including reduction of damage that can lead to paralysis and more. Even after strokes occur, the this cannabinoid can help promote recovery. This may well make CBD a successful addition to physical therapy and rehabilitation trajectories.

CBD Improves Overall Functioning

Research indicates that the sooner CBD is administered after onset of the initial stroke symptoms, the better its chances of helping improve motor skills. CBD appears able to protect the brain, reducing the likelihood of damage arising from strokes. This protection depends in part on how soon after the stroke CBD is available, because time is of the essence when it comes to tissue damage prevention.

cbd supplements stroke

Right now, it is too early for hard medical claims about the capacity of CBD to prevent brain damage after strokes. Further research is needed to clarify the exact effects and mechanisms. Nonetheless, CBD shows highly promising potential. For now, we could simply count our blessings and savour the prospect of damage reduction after strokes. If CBD supplements can help reduce damage resulting from strokes, that would be fantastic news. CBD is a natural supplement that is safe for long-term use. That makes it interesting to take CBD Oil or other CBD supplements as a preventative measure. Check out our webshop to find your perfect CBD product, such as CBD Tablets, CBD Gummies, or delicious CBD Coffee!


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