The Most Frequently Asked Questions About CBD

CBD is the subject of controversy worldwide. Proponents of global CBD legalization are lacking arguments to defend their positions. At the same time, others also point to the lack of scientific support for beneficial properties that are rightly or wrongly attributed to CBD. This controversy also immediately explains the many questions we receive every day about (the effect of) CBD. We are happy to list the most frequently asked CBD questions for you.

Frequently Asked CBD Questions

1. What Exactly Is CBD And What About The Side Effects?

CBD stands for cannabidiol (in short: CBD). CBD is a chemical compound that’s naturally present in cannabis and hemp plants. It’s inside small vesicles that grow on hemp flowers. After extraction, SupMedi processes the CBD into Tablets, Oil, Nutritional Products, and Skincare Products.

The ECS System

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a part of the central nervous system of every human being. It plays a vital role in our health and the natural balance of our body. The ECS recognizes and accepts CBD. This allows the CBD to have a direct effect on our health.

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A lot of scientific research has been done worldwide into the effects of CBD and other cannabinoids. Because of that, a lot of suspected positive properties are now oficially recognized. Still, SupMedi can’t make any claim about its benefits. SupMedi’s CBD products are not medicines, but all-natural nutritional supplements, which are approved for sale.

Side Effects

CBD is being used by a lot of people, for many reasons or ailments. The answer to question 4 of this blog tells you more about this. Furthermore, there are no direct side effects known of CBD. So the product is completely safe to use. However, CBD can delay the break down of certain regular medicines. We recommend to consult your general practitioner if you are using medicines besides the CBD, to set the dosage right.

2. What Is The Difference With THC?

This is one of the important questions about CBD and THC. THC is the agent that can be found in certain cannabisplants. THC is also the cause of the ‘high’. To be clear: none of the products of SupMedi contain THC. We extract our CBD from cultivated hemp, which is especially selected to contain as much CBD as possible. You can safely use our CBD without worrying about the pshychoactive influences of cannabis. With CBD you can have all the good stuff and none of the bad effects you could experience as a burden.

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Frequently Asked CBD Questions: The Effects

3. How Does CBD Oil Work In The Body?

Let’s have a quick biology class. All day long, your body is working very hard to keep itself balanced. In this way, all your organs keep functioning optimally and all the processes align. This important function is, for the biggest part, carried out by your so-called endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a part of the regulatory mechanism of the body, including your central nervous system. ‘Endo’ means ‘inside’ and in the word ‘cannabinoid’ you can find the name of the cannabisplant.

The ECS System

The ECS system is a part of our central nervous system and it uses the endocannabinoids. These give signals which control all important processes in the body, like transmit stimuli, the immune system, the digestion and muscle plasticity. Cannabis is the only plant that contains over 130 phytocannabinoids and can therefore directly influence the endocannabinoid system.

No Side Effects

By using CBD as a daily food supplement, you make sure that enough active substances stay in your blood. This is why CBD is not a medicine, but a food supplement. Just like vitamin C for example. Even a lot of proper scientific research couldn’t discover any side effects of CBD. You just give your own body some support if you start to use CBD supplements. Please be careful when you combine CBD with medicines.

4. For Which Complaints Can CBD Offer Relief?

Worldwide, a lot of beneficial effects are attributed to CBD. Some of those beneficial effects are science-based. Many users experience different positive aspects of CBD and feel an effect against a wide range of complaints. Legally, we can’t do any medical claims about this. But we will enumerate some effects, experienced by users:

  • Helps to relax and be restful
  • Promotes a good night’s sleep
  • Relieves stress, tension or feeling nervous
  • Helps with mood changes and fears
  • Improves concentration ability
  • Improves intestinal flora
  • Good for the blood circulation and maintaining a healthy blood pressure
  • Good for the memory
  • Helps with withdrawal of addictive substances

Users experience many more positive effects of CBD. For a complete overview, we would like to refer you to our other blogs, to find more answers to your questions about CBD.

Frequently Asked CBD Questions: Animals And Children

5. Is CBD Suitable For kids And Animals?

You might not immediately expect it, but CBD oil can also have beneficial effects for your dog, cat or other pets. Just like human beings, other mammals (even fish and molluscs) have a endocannabinoid system too. The main component of CBD oil is cannabidiol. It ensures that the endocannabinoids that are naturally present in the human and animal body, can be more effective. This is also the explanation of how CBD oil can help to balance this complex system in the body. CBD oil refills your natural system and helps your body to function more efficient. You can give SupMedi’s CBD oil to your pet without side effects. Because it doesn’t contain THC, your pet won’t get stoned or high.

Veterinarian And Dosage

Before you give CBD to your pet, we do recommend to consult your veterinarian. We can’t comment on optimal individual dosages for different kind of pets. Also for this, it’s advisable to do a little research of your own and consult the veterinarian.

6. Will CBD Oil Get You ‘High’ Or ‘Stoned’?

CBD is not psychoactive. This means that this substance doesn’t get you stoned or high. It can however make you feel (slightly) relaxed. The substance that gets you high is called THC.

Background Of THC

THC is a substance that, like CBD, can be found in cannabis. The cannabis plant produces it to protect its flowers from harmful influences. People mostly know the substance THC from the weed from the coffeeshops. It’s a psychoactive substance, which means it will get you stoned or high.

THC trichomes
These trichomes (THC) get you high, in contrast to CBD!

Approved By WADA

So, CBD is another substance from the hemp plant. CBD doesn’t get you high. This is one of the many reasons why the WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) has officially removed CBD from the doping list. Even Olympic athletes can use CBD supplements, without risking a worldwide suspension.

Frequently Asked CBD Questions: Dosage And Usage

7. How Do I Use CBD?

SupMedi offers a lot of different ways to use CBD. Besides the well-known CBD oil, we also have CBD Tablets, CBD Edibles and Drinks and even CBD Skincare Products. So, you can use CBD exactly how you like it and in the way that is most convenient for you. Please be aware that the dosage depends on a number of factors.

8. What Is The Ideal Dosage Of CBD?

The optimal dosage depends on a number of factors. Such as age, weight, gender and health status. Besides this, SupMedi’s CBD products have different concentrations. For more information about that, please refer to the packaging and leaflet. We recommend you, when you have set your ideal dosage, to take the CBD product at the beginning of the day. Furthermore, we recommend always to start with a low dosage and gradually increase it.

SupMedi CBD Oil
Try our CBD Oil!

9. Can I Take CBD With Me Abroad?

In most European countries, but also in a couple of countries outside of Europe, the possession and use of CBD products is legal. However, it does depend on the substances present in the CBD products. SupMedi’s CBD products are thoroughly tested in a GLP approved laboratory, so basically you can be in possession of our products, and use them, in a large number of countries. Still, it’s wise to really look into this before you take the CBD abroad, because every country has different laws and also because legislation on hemp products changes frequently. You see, it’s possible that CBD oil is legal, but sometimes it also contains the psychoactive substance THC. And that substance is NOT legal. However, SupMedi’s CBD products don’t contain THC.

10. What Is The Difference Between CBD Made Of Hemp And CBD Oil Made Of Cannabis?

This is one of the questions about CBD that causes some confusion. Hemp contains a natural high concentration of CBD and a low concentration of THC. We call it hemp when cannabis plants are being grown for industrial purposes. For the cannabis available in the pharmacy or the coffeeshop, it’s the other way around: it contains a high concentration of THC and a low concentration of CBD. Basically, CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants. In some rare cases there are special methods to extract CBD from cannabis, but these methods are illegal in The Netherlands. CBD oil can be kept for at least one year, as long as you store it in the right way. That is, preferably, in a cool and dark place.

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