Can CBD Help You Sleep Better?

A question that has been keeping people awake at night: can CBD help you sleep better? In these stressful times, many of us experience trouble sleeping on occasion. Even a single night of poor sleeping can have serious consequences for your mood, your focus and your (job) performance. If you regularly spend nights staring at your bedroom ceiling, sleeplessness can affect your health and well-being. Regular sleep medication often comes with serious side-effects. So can CBD help you sleep as a natural alternative?

Natural CBD Or Sedatives And Sleeping Pills?

Firstly, it is important to identify any possible causes of sleeping difficulties. Having trouble sleeping can often be traced back to clear causes, like stress, anxiety, or lifestyle choices. The best course of action is to take away these causes and return to a normal sleeping pattern. Sleeping naturally without using anything to help you is always the best solution. Sometimes, however, sleeping problems can’t be solved that easily. In such cases, sedatives or sleeping agents can help. You will need a doctor’s prescription for the more powerful sedatives. That makes perfect sense, too, because using sedatives comes with a number of risks. That’s why most people prefer natural options such as CBD (cannabidiol), an organic compound extracted from hemp plants.

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How Sedatives Work

Many of the prescription sedatives fall into the category of ‘benzodiazepines’. Put simply, they work along these lines: these medicines affect the way your GABA receptors work. GABA receptors are found on the cells of our bodies, where they serve a clear purpose. You can view these receptors as control switches that turn off specific processes in the body. If a sufficient number of these switches start to work together and turn off certain processes, we fall asleep.

The main problem with most sedatives like benzodiazepines is their side-effects. These can be quite severe, especially in high doses or prolonged use. These include drowsiness, trembling, confusion, and headaches. Moreover, sedatives can cause dependency, making it difficult to stop using them after a while. Natural CBD does not produce these serious side effects. If you try to let CBD help you sleep, you can avoid these negative effects while improving your sleeping patterns in a natural way.

How Can CBD Help You Sleep Better?

To be brief, CBD can have a calming and relaxing effect, both physically and mentally. Feeling calm can help you fall asleep more easily, and stay asleep longer. But ther is a more specific way in which CBD can help you sleep better and longer. When we take a closer look at the way CBD affects sleeping patterns, it turns out to be a more complicated mechanism compared to the sedatives prescribed by doctors. CBD affects many more different places in the body than benzodiazepines do. This is because CBD affects the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates the body’s internal balance, including patterns of sleeping and waking. On top of this, CBD interacts with the GABA receptors mentioned earlier, which slightly increases the activity level of these receptors. This means that instead of using chemicals to increase GABA activation, CBD activates the system in a natural way.

These different activities of CBD combined explain the calming and relaxing effect of the substance. Still, CBD will not make you fall asleep straight away, like prescription sedatives do. CBD might not knock you out, but it can help you sleep better!

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CBD Can Indeed Promote Healthy Sleeping Patterns

We now return to our original question: can CBD help you sleep better? Indeed, CBD can promote a good night’s rest due to its soothing effects. Furthermore, CBD appears to activate the very same GABA receptors that are triggered by heavy sedatives – only without the serious side-effects.

Every morning, people discover that their quality of sleep improves after using CBD. If you are using sleeping pills or sedatives and you want to change that, CBD could be a fine natural candidate.


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