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Sleep better with CBD Oil

Sleeping well: it’s not just something we all want, getting a good night’s sleep is essential to stay healthy, fit, and happy. Sleeping poorly or not getting enough rest at night is a sure ticket to learning how unpleasant and indeed harmful it can be. That explains why so many people are using CBD to sleep better these days. In this blog, you’ll read how CBD Oil can help you sleep better, faster, and deeper without the drawbacks of regular sleep medication.

CBD Oil to sleep better: sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

We’re all so busy these days: we stay ‘tuned in’ all day long and we’re under constant pressure to perform. Whether it’s work, school, or raising the kids, we’re active from dusk till dawn; and at the end of the day, we try to have some quality time for ourselves too – if our schedules permit.

All this constant activity and peak performance make it increasingly harder for many people to get enough rest, especially when it comes to the time we spend asleep in our beds. Sadly, this is taking a toll on many of us: stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, burn-out, and depression are all risks that increase whenever we don’t get enough sleep. We all know that’s how it works: after all, who wouldn’t prefer to sleep like a baby every night and rise fresh and rested the next morning? Still, for many of us, sleeping better remains a mere pipe dream; fortunately though, CBD Oil can lend a natural helping hand.

cbd oil sleep better

How can CBD Oil help you sleep better?

There are all sorts of techniques that supposedly help us fall asleep. From a glass of warm milk or classic sheep-counting to heave prescription sleep medication: everyone seems to know a few tricks of their own. But if all these techniques worked, we wouldn’t have so many people lying awake all over the world, now would we?

Most of the old-fashioned tricks are only partly effective at best; especially when we get to bed still wound up, stressed, and agitated by the day’s events. Sleep medication and tranquillizers usually come with severe side-effects, as well as making you feel drowsy when you wake up the next morning. Fortunately, CBD Oil does not come with these drawbacks: this plant-based supplement can help you sleep better by naturally interacting with your own body.

Support your natural sleep cycle

CBD can have soothing, relaxing effects both in the physical and the mental sense. Feeling calm makes it easier to fall asleep and to stay asleep longer. However, there is a more specific way in which CBD Oil can help you sleep better. CBD affects your natural sleep cycle in more subtle ways than regular prescription sleeping pills.

CBD works across many more parts of the body than sleep medication such as benzodiazepines ever could. This is due to the fact that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates the body’s internal balance, including its patterns of sleeping and waking. CBD Oil can help us sleep better by using the ECS to support our natural sleep cycles. That helps make falling asleep easier as well as facilitating uninterrupted sleep without waking up all the time.

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Research has demonstrated that CBD can help people lying awake because of stress and anxiety sleep better too. CBD not only helped subjects ease their anxiety; it also helped two thirds of all participants improve their sleeping within one month.

Moreover, CBD works together with GABA receptors, promoting their increased activity. These receptors regulate our sensitivity to stimuli: they can make our brain less sensitive to external triggers. It’s not hard to see how CBD Oil could tweak our GABA receptors to help us sleep better at night.

Melatonin is another essential compound produced by our body to promote sleeping well. Interestingly, CBD appears capable to influence this compound, too, increasing its blood levels. And since melatonin make us more likely to fall asleep, this may hold yet more physiological clues to how CBD Oil can help us sleep better.

Is CBD Oil better than sleeping pills and tranquillizers?

CBD’s calming, relaxing properties are based on this combination of different effects. Still, CBD will not make you fall asleep right away like prescription tranquillizers do. Look at it this way: CBD Oil helps you sleep better by soothing you in natural ways, without knocking you straight out like sleeping pills tend to do.

cbd oil sleeping pills

Another reason for trying CBD Oil to sleep better instead of sleep medication is the risk of addiction and dependency. CBD is not addictive: even the World Health Organization WHO has indicated that CBD is safe even for long-term use. That is not the case for most sleep medication, though: people often find it very hard to stop using such drugs, making it deceptively easy to risk addiction and dependency on sleeping pills and tranquillizers.

Many types of sleep medication have another major drawback: they may make you sleep like a log, but you’re likely to still feel dazed and drowsy by the time you wake up. Obviously, that is the opposite of the effect you are looking for, making CBD seem an even more attractive alternative. CBD Oil won’t have you waking up fuzzy and confused after sleeping better – in fact, CBD can even help boost your energy and improve your concentration!

CBD and your dreams

People often wonder whether CBD affects their dreams. Keeping in mind that studying dreams scientifically is a highly complicated affair, we need to rely on anecdotal consumer evidence here for now at least. Some people do indicate that their dreams become more intense and more frequent after using CBD Oil for sleeping better, although this certainly doesn’t apply to all consumers. One likely explanation is the fact that people sleep better after taking CBD Oil, which could automatically increase their frequency of dreaming as well as of sleeping.

cbd oil dream sleep

When should you take CBD Oil to sleep better?

The moment of taking CBD Oil can also affect your attempts at better sleeping. Although keeping blood CBD levels stable is important, many people indicate their sleeping gets better if they take their CBD Oil in the evening, just before going to bed. That’s another factor to consider if you intend to improve your sleep by natural means!

Sleep better with your perfect CBD Oil match

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