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When we relax, we enter a deeply enjoyable state of peace, allowing us to get back in touch with ourselves as tensions and worries slip away. The problem is, however, that reaching this peaceful state is not so easy. Worries often refuse to be put aside, keeping our mind occupied and preventing our body from unwinding. Even trying yoga or mindfulness often doesn’t rid us of all stress. So how do we prevent our stress from wearing us down? This blog explains how CBD Oil can help us relax, both mentally and physically.

Why is relaxing so important?

When push comes to shove, relaxing is not very highly regarded in western societies. Staying relaxed is not a central part of our lives, as most of us face constant pressure to keep working, exercising, caring for others, and more. Finding time to relax is something we do at night, when we go to bed.

But if we stay ‘switched on’ all the time, finding ways to ‘switch back off’ becomes ever harder. On top of that, we experience ever more stress over the course of our daily lives. Chronic stress is a serious burden both for the body and for the brain. It drains energy to the point of exhaustion. That is precisely why it is so important to take a break and relax on a regular basis. Taking time to unwind is a thoroughly healthy habit, allowing us to restore and replenish our energy, mind, and body.

The benefits of relaxing

  • You allow your mind to unwind. All day long, your brain is busy processing information. It can work wonders to just take a step back and ease your mind. Taking a break allows your racing thoughts to calm down, which clears your perspective. This in turn has a positive effect on your creativity, encourages positive thinking, and makes room for new ideas;
  • It benefits physical recovery: relaxing gives the body an opportunity to replenish its energy as blood pressure drops and breathing eases. Many physiological processes work better after a short pause. This is why relaxing is good for the immune system and digestion;
  • Your performance improves if you regularly take time to unwind. Taking a time-out allows you to oversee the situation, improving your ability to focus. This fresh outlook can change the way you see challenges, allowing you to come up with novel solutions. Taking time to relax every now and then usually make us more effective than when we just keep working instead.

Yet even though most people realise that relaxing is good for them, many of us just can’t seem to relax as much as we ought to. We already mentioned that letting go of stress can be hard. It tends to get stuck in our mind and our body. If you find it hard to relax, you may want to try CBD Oil as a source of natural support. CBD has soothing properties that can improve both our mental and our physical sense of relaxation.

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How can CBD Oil help people relax?

CBD is a cannabinoid also known as cannabidiol, a compound derived from hemp plants. It can work together with the body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS) to influence how our cells operate. CBD can act as a messenger that eases up specific physiological processes. This property allows CBD Oil to help you relax and improve your sleep as well as have a positive effect on your mood.

So far, several studies have demonstrated the ability of CBD Oil to help us relax.

Influence on serotonin

CBD is capable of binding to serotonin receptors. This is one of the ways in which CHD Oil can help us relax on the microscopic level. Cannabidiol specifically activates 5-HT1A serotonin receptors. Research has shown this activation to reduce anxious behaviour in animals.

Intriguingly, some of the regular medication used to counter anxiety target the very same receptors. They are part of the serotonin network, which is involved in our appetite, mood, and cognition.

endocannabinoid system
The endocannabinoid system.

Elevated anandamide levels

Other research indicates that CBD can increase blood levels of anandamide. This substance, which functions like an endocannabinoid neurotransmitter, is also known as the bliss molecule. Its nickname betrays its effects: anandamide causes feelings of happiness and satisfaction, which have a positive effect on our overall mood.

Anandamide connects with our cannabinoid receptors, which allows it to play a crucial role in vital processes like sleep, appetite, and mood. On top of these, it also contributes to our ability to relax and our ability to let things go.

Studies have demonstrated the link between low anandamide levels and affective and anxiety disorders. CBD Oil appears capable of elevating anandamide levels, helping us relax and feel better as we do so.

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Natural stress and tension relief

Tension is the opposite of relaxation. When we are tense, our sympathetic nervous system is activated, making us alert as our heart rate and muscle tone increase. Conversely, when we relax, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in. This system slows down breathing, relaxes our muscles, and lowers our heart rate.

CBD has a natural capacity to help relieve feelings of tension, stress, and anxiety. This makes relaxing easier. Studies back up these claims, as does this one published in the prestigious Nature Magazine. The researchers involved aimed to find out how CBD affects people suffering from social inhibitions.

Subjects were asked to complete a test that involved addressing a large audience. One group of participants received 600mg CBD whereas the control group did not. The researchers found that the CBD group experienced less cognitive impairment, unease, and inhibition. Instead, they reported feeling more balanced.

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Does CBD Oil support your own ways to relax?

The importance of relaxing simply cannot be overstated. Do you feel stressed out because of the pressures in your everyday life? Try to change that state before it causes you harm. CBD Oil is a great supplement for anyone trying to relax in a natural way. It improves your sense of calm as you feel your body unwind and your mood improve.

Start relaxing by ordering CBD Oil online

Still, even CBD Oil won’t help you to unwind unless you find the time to actually relax. Make sure to take regular breaks from work, and spend them in ways that contribute to your sense of calm. Leave that cell phone alone. Don’t read any emails. Instead, go for a walk or find a quiet place to meditate.

Be sure to create a calm environment at home, too. Taking the time for a mindfulness exercise or some yoga practice can work wonders to help relieve stress as well as helping your body and brain to calm down. Simply add our premium CBD Oil and you are all set to relax!



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