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WHO: CBD Oil is safe to use

Many people use CBD Oil as a supplement for a wide range of health issues. Even so, it is officially still classified as a dietary supplement rather than actual medicine. Fortunately, a recent report by World Health Organization WHO concludes that CBD Oil is safe for people to use. In this blog, we’ll explain the WHO position on CBD Oil and your health.

Does the WHO consider CBD Oil safe to use?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over a hundred naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp plants. Contrary to THC, CBD’s famous relative, CBD cannot make people high. This is one of the main reasons why CBD is increasingly popular among people keen to benefit from the medicinal potential of cannabis without getting intoxicated as a result.

CBD can work together with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS). This vital system regulates all sorts of important physiological processes and keeps them balanced, including our appetite, mood, and sleeping patterns as well as our perception of pain.

This allows CBD to influence our body indirectly. Although CBD Oil itself cannot heal our body as such, it can support the ECS which in turn helps our body perform better. Ultimately, then, CBD is used to help keep our body balanced.

The World Health Organization WHO has been guarding the health of all people on earth since 1948. The assessments and directives of the WHO are a major source of guidance for doctors and scientists as well as for governments and patient and consumer collectives. That makes it important to know how the WHO regards the increasing use of CBD Oil by ever more people. The WHO has issued a report stating that people can safely use CBD Oil and related supplements. The WHO considers CBD to be well-tolerated and safe for consumption.

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What are the side-effects of CBD Oil?

As we have seen, the WHO considers CBD Oil safe to use, with very few side-effects. One factor to keep in mind, however, is the potential for interactions between CBD Oil with certain kinds of prescription drugs.

Research indicates that CBD can inhibit production of a specific enzyme responsible for the breakdown of CBD and some regular medicines. This means that taking CBD in combination with specific drugs could result in reduced or accelerated decomposition of certain chemicals. This can be dangerous if it leads to situations where concentrations of such chemicals become too high. Certain types of medication could also be rendered less effective by CBD, which is also undesirable.

Our advice? If you plan to try CBD Oil while also taking medication of any kind, always be sure to consult your doctor.

WHO: CBD Oil is safe and non-addictive

Some people worry that CBD Oil could involve risks of addiction. Fortunately, we can rule out such risks. Studies on mice demonstrated that there is no chance of addiction for CBD. This led the WHO to conclude that no addiction risks exist for CBD Oil.

Can we call CBD Oil medicine?

A wide range of CBD products is freely available on today’s markets, including CBD Tablets, CBD Oil, CBD Creams and Salves, or CBD Nutrition. The list goes on, but the main point is that these products are fully legal for regular sale in ever more countries.

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Currently, CBD cannot be labelled as a medicine. In fact, one cannot make solid medicinal claims about it until more scientific research can support such claims. CBD Oil can be sold as a dietary supplement, however, denoting products intended to complement a regular, healthy diet.

Which health conditions can CBD Oil help control?

The effects of CBD Oil on epileptic seizures have been studied since the nineteen seventies. Scientists have zoomed in on how using CBD Oil could help people suffering from epilepsy. CBD proved capable of drastically reducing the number of seizures in specific types of epilepsy.

However, there is also evidence for CBD Oil as a potential way to treat other medical conditions, which partly explains why WHO released their recent report on CBD. Cannabidiol has shown potential for anxiety and depression treatment, for instance. Studies have shown how people suffering from various types of anxiety and stress may benefit from CBD, including performance anxiety, job stress, and generalized anxiety disorder.

CBD Oil has also been shown to have analgesic capacity, making it a natural alternative to synthetic painkillers. Its combination of pain relief and calming potential leads doctors to suspect potential for treatment of both addiction and PTSD symptoms.

CBD Oil shows great promise for improving people’s general quality of living, which readily explains the interest shown by the WHO and other health organisations. This potential is based on the many opportunities CBD offers for chronic pain, arthritis, sleeping problems, and even diabetes, to name but a few.

It is important to remember, though, that CBD Oil is no miracle cure. We need further research to uncover its full potential. If you intend to try CBD Oil for any medical symptoms or conditions, always make sure to consult your doctor.

The WHO, UN, and further research

In a recent move, the United Nations followed the WHO’s advice to remove cannabis from their list of hazardous and harmful substances. Cannabis, the same species as the non-psychoactive hemp plants used to produce CBD Oil, was listed alongside all sorts of dangerous and highly toxic drugs, including heroin. Until then, cannabis was regarded more as a dangerous drug than as a natural remedy with great therapeutic potential.

As a consequence of being on the list, research into cannabis remained limited at best. Now that the pant was moved to another list, however, scientists around the world see new opportunities to study the full potential of this promising plant.

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