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CBD On Holiday: Bringing CBD Along On Vacation

Have you been planning your next holiday yet? Can’t wait to enjoy those long hot days on the beach, children playing outside in the sunshine, and enjoying a cold drink by your summer cottage? This year more than ever, we’ve all been yearning to finally eat out again, read that book we didn’t get round to, discover new cities, or go hiking in the mountains. No matter what kind of vacation plans make your heart beat faster, though, taking CBD Oil along on your holiday can be a smart and even necessary move. But what purposes can CBD serve on holiday, and is it legal to take abroad?

CBD On Holiday: Taking Your Supplements Abroad

CBD (cannabidiol) is not regarded as medication, and at least in the Netherlands, it is fully legal. Nonetheless, you should pay attention before taking CBD with you on holidays abroad. Generally speaking, CBD supplements are permitted in just about any European country, so carrying it with you should not pose any problems. Nonetheless, the ingredients of many CBD supplements can easily lead to confusion and misunderstandings. They can contain negligible traces of THC (< .3%), for instance. THC is the psychoactive cannabis plant compound that can cause a ‘high’ in larger quantities. Obviously, products that contain substantial amounts of this compound are illegal in most countries.

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CBD can be a very handy travel companion!

The fact of the matter is, that SupMedi CBD products do not contain significant quantities of THC. However, cannabis oil rather than CBD oil can in fact contain problematic THC levels. That makes it all the more important to make sure you bring the right type of oil along if you plan to cross the border. Carrying high quality (full spectrum) CBD Oil such as ours should not cause any problems. At least in most of Europe, these are quite safe to take with you on holiday, barring certain exceptions such as Belgium and Slovakia.

If you are worried about bringing CBD products with you on vacation, you could also opt for our CBD Tablets or CBD Gummies. These are not full spectrum CBD products with multiple cannabinoids; they contain CBD isolate instead. That means they contain no THC whatsoever; not even the > .3% trace amounts permitted in most European countries.

Good Reasons To Put CBD In Your Suitcase

Perhaps you are wondering why anyone would want to bring CBD supplements along on holiday at all. Well, firstly, there are many people who have grown used to taking cannabidiol products on a daily basis for a wide range of symptoms and health conditions. Someone struggling with chronic pain, inflammation, or stress, for instance, will want to continue using CBD on holiday, too.

Secondly, CBD can actually help reduce the stress that going on holiday may cause. Some people experience fear of flying, but the mere fact of travelling to another country can be stressful by itself. CBD has soothing properties that can be very useful in such situations. It can help ease severe anxiety, and ease a worried mind. In addition, CBD can help control motion sickness, which makes it particularly handy to bring on holiday. All things considered, it’s good to know whether bringing CBD abroad with you is permitted, especially on vacation.

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There are other reasons for carrying CBD products along on holiday, though. On top of its soothing potential, cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is safe to use for children over four years old. We all know how easily children at play can get scratches or bruises; and this is precisely where CBD Argan Salve can provide quick relief and skin repair. It is also a great natural way to treat sunburn, skin rashes, or insect bites.

CBD Oil or Tablets can be used for motion sickness, inflammations, trouble sleeping, stress and anxiety, sore muscles, headaches, and more besides. We all know how those fist nights abroad can be a bit unsettling: CBD helps calm your body and mind, to make you feel at home sooner. Its diverse applications and versatility makes CBD a particularly smart addition to any travel kit. So treat yourself to the ease and comfort of CBD on holiday, and enjoy your well-earned vacation to full effect.

And in case you were wondering, CBD products are safe to use, even while driving. We wish you a pleasant journey and the best holiday ever!

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