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Using CBD Against Sunburn

CBD is often mentioned as an effective remedy for skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis. With summer approaching, that raises an interesting question. Many people often spend too much time in the sun, with all the consequences that entails. Could using CBD Oil against sunburn help ease the pain? We will explain in this article.

What Causes Sunburn?

There are two kinds of ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation): UVA and UVB. One (UVB) causes a sunburn, the other (UVA) causes your skin to age and increases the risk of (skin)cancer. When you choose a sunscreen, it’s recommendable to take one that protects against both types of UV radiation. CBD helps in its own natural way by nourishing, moisturizing and caring for your skin. This helps prevent damage, and lets your skin recover quickly after a day spent enjoying the sunshine.

Characteristics Of Sunburn

When your skin is scorched by the sun, people call this  sunburn. Sunburn is a reaction of the skin to too much UV radiation. The skin gets infected within 12 to 24 hours and turns red and painful. Besides this, somebody with a heavy sunburn can get really sick. This manifests itself in nausea, vomiting, fainting and chills.

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CBD Oil Against Sunburn

Back to the CBD. CBD has – like you probably already know – an anti-inflammatory effect. This is important to know, because a sunburn is essentially an inflammation of the skin. So you might think that CBD could be of excellent help with a sunburn. Think about it: CBD is antibacterial and it hydrates the skin through natural oils. Added to that is anandamine, which reduces pain simuli. Simple math right? Our CBD Skincare products could be a great remedy for your sunburn, and are always great for your skin health!

Always Use  Sunscreen With High SPF In Addition To CBD

CBD skin care products help your skin recover quickly and naturally if you suffer from sunburn. However, prevention is always better than cure, so make sure you are well moisturized before sunbathing. A good sunscreen, lotion, or spray is an absolute must for every sunbather. Do you also use CBD Argan Cream or CBD Argan Salve? Apply it first and let it soak in for a while: you can use the sunscreen over it. This way you are optimally protected: against the direct impact of the sun and against the unpleasant consequences of too much sunlight for your skin!

Vitamin A And UV Radiation

If you use our CBD Argan Cream, we always advice using a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) product on top of the cream. This is because UV radiation combined with vitamin A can potentially have a negative impact on the health of your skin. So even though the added vitamin A in CBD Argan Cream helps keep your skin supple and elastic, it does call for some added protection against sunlight – even on cloudy days!

Research Into The Effects Of CBD Against Sunburn

Despite having good reasons to believe that CBD has analgesic effects that help ease the pain of sunburn, we need further research into the real effects of CBD Oil on sunburn. Anecdotal evidence is abundant, however: many people claim CBD helped them recover from sunburn faster. Also mentioned are the cooling effects and the pain reducing effects, in addition to CBD’s myriad other potential benefits. At any rate, we think it’s totally worth a try. Enjoy the sunshine, but be kind to your skin while you do so!


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