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CBD Oil and palpitations

Even though palpitations can be very unnerving, they are usually harmless. If you’ve experienced them yourself, you know the sensation of a sudden irregular or accelerating pulse. If necessary, you can get medication to keep heart palpitations under control. However, natural alternatives such as CBD can bring relief, too. This blog explores the potential of CBD Oil when it comes to palpitations.

What Are Palpitations?

Normally speaking, we don’t even notice that our heart is beating. This hard-working organ supplies your body with blood all throughout your life, at an average heartrate of 60 to 100 beats per minute. Your pulse speeds up during exertion, returning to normal as soon as you start to wind down.

If you experience palpitations, you will notice a sudden change in your heart’s activity. You’ll literally feel your heart pounding in your chest or your throat. The feeling can last for a few seconds or minutes at a time, which can be very unpleasant to go through. Heart palpitations can be a deep throbbing or pulsating feeling that tends to make people feel restless and anxious.

Most instances of palpitations arrive as suddenly as they disappear. Causes can vary, but they are usually quite harmless in themselves:

  • Changes in hormonal balance (e.g., menopause);
  • Intense emotions (both positive and negative);
  • Psychological triggers;
  • Medication side-effects;
  • Lifestyle choices.

In addition, certain health conditions are associated with palpitations, including hyperthyroidism, anaemia, and heart conditions. Use of illegal substances (amphetamine, cocaine) or medication (diet pills, antibiotics, thyroid hormones, and asthma drugs) can cause palpitations too.

cbd oil palpitations

Are palpitations a sign of heart disease?

Nearly everyone experiences palpitations at some point in their lives. As mentioned, they are usually perfectly harmless. However, an irregular heartbeat can indeed be a sign that something is wrong. If you do have palpitations and they worry you, it is advisable to keep track of their frequency and duration.

Especially if palpitations occur frequently or persist for more than a few minutes, it may be wise to see a doctor. If they are accompanied chest pain, breathlessness, dizziness, nausea, or loss of consciousness, you should call the emergency services straight away. These are typical signs of an impending heart attack.

However, if you don’t have any pre-existing heart problems, and if your palpitations subside in a few minutes after you sit down and relax, you don’t need to worry. If you do have questions remaining, it never hurts to consult your doctor on the matter.

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Treatment Options

The treatment of palpitations largely depends on their cause. If symptoms are mild and don’t impair your everyday life, you normally don’t need treatment at all. However, CBD Oil may be an option for mild recurring palpitations without underlying conditions.

If you do have serious symptoms, or if you have pre-existing medical conditions, a cardiologist can prescribe medication such as beta blockers or calcium channel blockers. These drugs help lower heart rate and blood pressure.

CBD Oil could also help keep palpitations under control. You’ll learn more about the scientific evidence for its effects below.

Studying the link between CBD Oil and palpitations

Nearly 2% of all people regularly experience palpitations. Although they are usually nothing to worry about, they can still be disconcerting and restricting in terms of our daily lives. That is why using CBD Oil cn be a good idea if you’re having palpitations.

CBD and cardiac health

CBD could potentially help reduce palpitation symptoms; but overall, it shows potential for supporting general cardiovascular health. A small-scale study conducted among 9 male subjects in 2017 demonstrated that a dose of CBD Oil could help lower blood pressure by a six-point average.

Other studies using animal subjects showed that CBD can help improve circulation while reducing the size of blockages in heart and arteries. These properties make CBD an interesting treatment option for heart attacks and stroke. Until we get more clinical trials done, however, science cannot be certain about the mechanism behind these effects, or whether the same applies to humans.

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Positive effect of CBD Oil on palpitations

In a 2010 rodent study, researchers observed how CBD Oil affected palpitations. Test animals were administered CBD either before coronary artery blood supply was restricted, or afterwards. Limited blood supply triggered palpitations. The research team discovered how rats that had received CBD Oil prior to restricting the blood supply were less affected by arterial and cardiac blockages as well as by palpitations.

CBD Oil can also be beneficial in case of palpitations through its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is an underlying cause of a range of conditions, including cardiac disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. By now, multiple rodent studies have demonstrated how CBD can help protect cardiac health.

The evidence  for CBD’s heart health potential from animal studies is mounting. Moreover, CBD Oil has very few side-effects and is safe for long-term use.

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Can you use CBD Oil for palpitations?

Anyone looking to reduce palpitations using natural means may want to give our premium Full Spectrum CBD Oil a try. CBD can help protect heart and arteries, balance heart rates, and lower blood pressure.

If you are already using medication for cardiac problems, be sure to consult your doctor before trying CBD supplements. CBD can affect certain kinds of regular medication, changing their effectiveness and efficiency.

Also remember that dietary habits and lifestyle are major factors in overall cardiovascular health, including the occurrence of palpitations. It makes sense to address these issues, too: trying to cut down on smoking and reducing alcohol and caffeine consumption certainly won’t harm your efforts.

Try to get regular exercise and try to get enough sleep every night. Sugar, unhealthy fats, and processed foods are best avoided as much as possible. Try to tackle stress by practicing yoga or mindfulness, and relax whenever you can. These minor lifestyle changes add up to make a major positive impact on your overall health and condition. And of course, it only helps to know that CBD Oil can also help when it comes to sleeping patterns, relaxation, and responsible exercise!

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