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CBD Oil For Children: A Good Idea?

CBD Oil and other CBD products are getting increasingly popular. People who use CBD indicate that they experience more calm, less pain, and greater emotional stability. It seems perfectly reasonable for parents to want to give their children CBD Oil, too. After all, children can use all the help they can get when they get bumped, bruised, or upset. But is CBD Oil safe for use by young children? Hat is the minimum age for CBD? And how CBD Oil help your children? We have the facts for you right here!

CBD Oil And The Nature Of Children

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid; a compound that influences our endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is the system that guards our body’s homeostasis: the general sense of balance between all the various processes that go on inside. Homeostasis covers more than physical processes like pain processing, appetite, and sleep cycles. The ECS also regulates emotions, endocrine activity, memory, and social interactions. Clearly, these processes concern children, too.  Let´s find out how CBD Oil relates to a balanced life for children.

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Mother’s Milk And Endocannabinoids

Research has demonstrated that babies ingest endocannabinoids through mother’s milk. These endocannabinoids are produced by the mother’s own body to influence the ECS. Such endocannabinoids strongly resemble the phytocannabinoids found in hemp plants, and they appear to be essential for child development. They serve tp increase ppetite and promote growth and development. Simultaneously, the immune system is reinforced while inflammations are countered.

This mean babies receive endocannabinoids produced by their mothers in a natural way, provided they are breastfed, of course. Still, the way endo- and phytocannabinoids work is not yet sufficiently clear to ensure that CBD Oil is safe for young children’s development during regnancy or lactation. SupMedi strongly advises against such use; at least until we learn more about CBD Oil, mother’s milk, and babies.

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CBD Oil, Pregnancy, And Young Children

Research on prenatal use of CBD Oil, or on its applications for children up to four years old, is still quite limited. Even though there is no concrete evidence that CBD could be harmful for unborn and young children, we still do not know enough to guarantee your child’s safety. That’s why we say: better safe than sorry!

Until we know more, then, we at SupMedi categorically advise against using CBD products while pregnant or breastfeeding. The same advice applies to giving CBD supplements to children aged under four.

Children aged four or above can safely use CBD Oil, though. Below, you’ll learn more about the applications of CBD for children.

How CBD Oil Can Help Your Child

As A CBD Topical

CBD Salve is made using oil and wax, making it oilier than our water-based CBD Cream. That makes CBD Salve a firm source of nurturing protection. Its nourishing ingredients are quickly absorbed by the skin, while the salve forms a thin protective layer on top of the epidermis. This prevents skin dehydration and keeps the CBD in the salve working for hours and hours.

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CBD For Bruises, Small Cuts, And Minor Burns

The analgesic effects of CBD can really help your child after a fall or a bruise. CBD Argan Salve is easy to apply topically to the painful spot, allowing it to work exactly where it hurts. At the sme time, CBD helps the skin recover faster, which is great for abrasions or minor burns. CBD Salve even helps soothe sunburn! Keep in mind, though, that CBD Salve (or any salve) should nt be applied directly to open wounds. Still, it can work fine if you apply the salve aroubd th affected area, boosting the skin’s natural restorative capacity.

For Muscle Aches And Sports Injuries

If your child has aching muscles or injuries after sports or outdoor play, CBD Salve or CBD Cream can be applied to the painful spots to equal effect. CBD has pain-relieving potential and can help stop or even prevent inflammation. As CBD has calming properties, it can help your child’s muscles relax, which can reduce the duration of muscle aches.

For Eczema, Psoriasis, And Skin Rash

If your child has eczema, the skin becomes red and irritated, usually accompanied by inflammation, itching, or pain. This can be a real nuisance to children, who often lack the discipline to stop themselves from scratching and delaying the recovery.

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease that causes excessive skin cell division. This can lead to swellings, flaky skin, and redness. Psoriasis also causes itching or pain.

CBD skincare products can really help ease and soothe the skin’s tissues. CBD can reduce redness and stop inflammation to lessen itchy or painful sensations. In addition, reduced immune responses can allow faster skin recovery while restraining the unchecked reproduction of cells.

So if your child is affected by skin problems, minor injuries, or bruises, make sure you always have some CBD Argan Salve close at hand!

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CBD Gummies – especially yummy for children!

CBD Oil, Tablets And Gummies For Children


ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurological developmental disorder that affects children as well as adults. ADHD involves combinations of disruptions to focused attention and/or hyperactivity. A child with ADHD can be affected severely enough to impair normal functioning and healthy development.

As mentioned, CBD (cannabidiol) influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Studies have demonstrated how dopamine is involved in ADHD. Interestingly, CBD turns out to affect dopamine release, too. That means giving CBD to a child can help balance dopamine levels.

Children aged four or above can safely use CBD. You can give your children CBD Oil 2 or 3 times a day. Our CBD Gummies are a particularly suitable supplement for children, as they are easy to dose and come in four delicious fruity flavours.

For Autism

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder. In autism, the brain processes information differently than it would for most people. Sadly, regular medicine has very little options for treating autistic spectrum disorders (ASD). Since autism affects so many people, CBD has been studied as a potential candidate to help keep symptoms under control.

Studies appear to demonstrate that the ECS (yes, again!) is involved in certain autism symptoms. As the endocannabinoid system regulates emotional responses, behaviour, and social interactions, CBD may well prove to be a positive influence. Several studies are currently underway to find out how CBD can hep people, including children, with autism and related conditions.

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CBD Oil And Other Supplements: Naturally Suited For Children Aged 4 And Up

No matter whether you choose CBD Oil, CBD Salve, or CBD Gummies for your children, all SupMedi CBD Products are extensively lab-tested to ensure you get the purest cannabidiol. If you have any remaining doubts about giving CBD Oil to children, always be sure to consult your doctor first!


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