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Can you get more energy by taking CBD Oil? We hear a lot of people talking about fatigue, tiredness, or even exhaustion these days. Of course, we’re all too busy more often than not; whether at work, in school, with the kids, or simply due to overcrowded schedules. All of these activities drain our energy. Sometimes, we can’t even see what exactly causes our lack of energy. If that feeling persists, it will negatively impact your performance and your health.In the Netherlands alone, 15% of all people are suffering from chronic fatigue. We feel it in our heads and in our bodies. The reasons for a lack of energy are often hard to pinpoint exactly. Many factors play a part. Thankfully, there is a single supplement that can help tackle many of these issues naturally. In this blog, we look at the connection between CBD and more energy to live your life.

Fatigue, Stress, And Low Energy

Fatigue, or the feeling of exhaustion, is a disruptive condition. It can express itself in many ways; from listlessness, trouble concentrating and lack of motivation to agitation and irritability. Though many different factors can contribute to fatigue, including diet habits, sleeping patterns and getting enough outdoor exercise, stress is often the main culprit.

Stress has a strong negative impact on the body. Long-term stress triggers production of stress hormones, which in turn cause high blood pressure and other typical stress responses. On the other hand, stress may cause anxiety, resulting in high muscle tone, headaches, and digestive issues. All of these obviously drain your energy. You run the risk of your stress not just making you feel exhausted, but disrupting your sleeping cycles too. When that happens, you get trapped in a vicious cycle.

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The Social Consequences Of Low Energy

Fatigue and low energy can have undesirable side-effects on a social level, too. Problems focusing on the job or at school leads to poor results. If you lack the energy to maintain your social contacts, or if you’re just too cranky to do so, you’ll notice the consequences eventually. Your social life will grind to a standstill, depriving you of precisely the social stimuli that ought to replenish you and get you more energy. As you can see, low energy can become a vicious cycle not just physically, but socially too.

Viewed like this, the need for more energy is a problem most of us face on a regular basis. Moreover, this is a problem that affects many different aspects of our lives. That makes it even better to know that CBD Oil and other CBD supplements can help you get more energy to live your life the way you want to live it.

How CBD Can Boost Your Energy

So what can CBD do to boost your energy? CBD is a cannabinoid; a compound derived from hemp plants. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), which in turn performs a regulatory function in the body. Thus, the ECS influences digestion, rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, emotions, and memory. The system can get disrupted by stress, but it also affects how you experience stress.

The endocannabinoid system produces its own cannabinoids, but it also responds to plant-based cannabinoids like CBD. This allows CBD to influence how the ECS works. Research shows that CBD can help you get more energy and beat fatigue in several ways.

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CBD Can Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Research into how CBD affects anxiety is gradually advancing. It has demonstrated that CBD can be quite effective against multiple forms of anxiety. When we’re anxious, we spend a great deal of time worrying and fretting. That anxious mindset obviously drains a lot of energy. Since CBD can have soothing effects, it can reduce your sense of anxiety. Moreover, CBD can work against stress directly: it can help you to either let go of your stress, or to control it instead. That makes it easier to keep those racing thoughts in check before they cause sombre moods and drain your energy further.

Overall, stress and anxiety drain huge amounts of energy. If you can stop that drain by taking CBD, you will soon notice how you make it through the day with more energy to spare. You’ll feel less anxiety, but you’ll also notice how your overall mood improves, sparking new motivation and enthusiasm. Of course, that experience is a source of fresh energy in its own right!

CBD Can Improve Concentration

CBD can also help you feel more awake with a clear mind. It can improve your focus, which allows you to concentrate and direct your energy to the job at hand. That is mainly due to CBD activating your hypothalamus; an important structure in the brain responsible for production of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (a substance nerves use to relay messages to one another) that increases motivation, and which is capable of unlocking new sources of energy. This improved focus allows you to spend your energy more efficiently. That means you’ll have more energy left to spend on the rest of your day.

Happiness: A Sense Of Bliss As An Energy Booster

Another area where CBD can give you more energy is its potential to improve your mood. Studies reveal that CBD is able to keep anandamide, a substance produced by your own body, circulating in the bloodstream for longer. That allows you to hang on to the sense off happiness triggered by this ‘bliss molecule’, as anandamide is also known. Once your mood improves, you’ll have more room to recharge and increase your energy. The positive effect that CBD can have on depression has been studies quite extensively. Depression is an energy-draining condition in and of itself. All in all, we see that CBD’s role in making you feel better can improve your energy level in several ways.

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An Energy Booster For Sports And Exercise

The energy boost that CBD can give us explains why ever more (professional) athletes start taking CBD supplements. Staying sharp and alert is important; particularly during intense training regimes and competition. Obviously, having a natural source of extra energy and a well-rested feeling are a welcome bonus in such cases. Nonetheless, CBD has much to offer amateur athletes like us, too. It is widely accepted that getting enough exercise can be a source of fresh energy; especially when done outside in the fresh air. CBD can improve our motivation to get in more exercise, and it can promote rapid muscle recovery. That makes is easy to keep moving; yet another way in which CBD can boost your energy and counter fatigue!

CBD And Improved Sleeping

Sleep is a mysterious phenomenon. No matter how tired we feel, sometimes, we still find it impossible to fall asleep. Here too, worries, anxiety, and stress can be underlying causes, as well as irregular sleeping patterns. Most people function optimally after getting between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. Of course, catching a few less hours every now and then isn’t a problem; it’s extended periods of sleeplessness that cause problems. Feeling exhausted the next day is only natural, after all.

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Wake Up With More Fresh Energy

CBD can be very helpful at falling asleep, and at returning to regular sleeping patterns. Its soothing effects can make catching sleep easier. It can stop the racing thoughts that keep you awake as tension dissipates. CBD can also improve your chances of getting a full night’s sleep rather than just a series of naps. This area of interest has been getting more attention from researchers lately, if only because sleeping problems and insomnia affect so many people every day. Not everyone is happy with the sleeping pills doctors usually prescribe. Not only is CBD a natural alternative to sleep medication; it also has the benefit of not leaving you drowsy when you wake up the next morning.

Serotonin deficits are another common cause of sleeping problems and low energy. This neurotransmitter is important for getting a good night’s sleep. CBD can interact with serotonin receptors, restoring the balance to its production.

More Energy From CBD’s Other Ingredients

SupMedi CBD products contain much more natural goodness than CBD alone. Certain other natural ingredients of our supplements can contribute to a well-governed energy supply. Terpenes are a good example. These vegetable aromatic substances have been used in aroma therapy for centuries. Certain terpenes, such as linalool which is also found in lavender for instance, are known for their uplifting, soothing, and energy boosting effects.

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Trying CBD For More Natural Energy

Summing up, we have seen how CBD can be a great support when you’re low on energy. We advise giving it a chance, as this natural supplement comes with hardly any side-effects. Pick your best match from among our CBD Tablets, CBD Oil, or our CBD edibles including our delicious CBD Gummies. And if you’re looking for the ultimate energy booster, then try our CBD Bars full of plant power, or a CBD beverage like our CBD Kombucha or CBD Ice Tea. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of power to keep beaming with fresh energy all day long!

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