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When Is A High CBD Oil Dosage Useful?

Does it make sense to take a high dosage of CBD Oil? As we have stated before, determining your ideal individual CBD dose is important. Start out with small doses and the gradually increase until you reach the desired effect. Along very broad lines, the general advice is to use between 20 and 40mg of CBD. There are cases, however, when such amounts do not suffice. Cases involving chronic pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, or anxiety disorders sometimes call for increased dosages to relieve symptoms. Are you wondering whether you should, or should not take more CBD on a daily basis? CBD is safe to use, even at higher dosages. In this blog, we will explore the cases in which a high dosage of CBD can prove helpful.

How To Calculate Your CBD Dosage

If you want to determine the right CBD dosage for your individual circumstances, knowing how to calculate that dosage is a good start. CBD oil is available in various concentrations. SupMedi CBD Oil can contain either 5% or 10% cannabidiol. This means that one drop of our CBD Oil may contain either 5% or 10% CBD depending on which type you bought. Always keep this in mind when dosing your CBD supplements.


5% CBD: 500 mg CBD in a 10 ml bottle; 1 drop contains 2.5 mg CBD

10% CBD: 1000 mg CBD in a 10 ml bottle; 1 drop contains 5 mg CBD

If, for example, you take 5 drops of CBD Oil every day, your daily CBD intake amounts to 25mg.

That means you can double your CBD dosage in two ways: either by using twice as many drops of the same 5% CBD Oil, or keeping the number of drops the same and switching to 10% CBD Oil. Of course, the same principle applies to other supplements such as our CBD Tablets, CBD Gummies, or CBD Chocolates: always check the percentage of the active ingredient CBD to determine your dosage.

high cbd oil dosage

Reasons To Try A High CBD Dosage

If you have been using CBD for a while without noticing the desired effect, you may need to increase your dose. The general advice is to take between 20 to 40mg daily. Higher doses, however, are still safe to try.

In one study, participants received 1,500mg of CBD every day for four consecutive weeks. These dosages were tolerated by all subjects without problems, and no withdrawal symptoms were reported after the study was concluded.

In cases such as those listed below, increasing your CBD dosage may be worth considering:

Determining the right dose depends on several factors, including your body weight and metabolism rate.

CBD gummies high dosage
CBD Gummies and CBD Tablets are easy to dose.

Chronic Pain

In case of chronic pain, you could decide to start out by taking 40mg of CBD each day. If you notice no improvement after one week, you can gradually increase the dose to 45mg, proceeding to 50 one week later if symptoms don’t become less severe. For severe cases of chronic pain, the recommended daily cannabidiol dosages range between 40 and 100mg.


Cannabidiol has properties that can suppress spastic motion, enabling it to reduce the severity of epileptic seizures. In the case of epilepsy, specified guidelines dictate the appropriate amount of CBD. The advice is to start out with 2.5mg per kilo of body weight, twice a day. By this standard, a person weighing 60kg would be advised to take 60 x 2.5mg = 150mg of CBD per day.

Taking a higher CBD dosage is a viable road to reducing the number of epileptic seizures. The maximum amount is 1,200mg per day. However, you are not advised to use this much CBD for extended periods, as this may harm your liver function.

High CBD Dosage For Anxiety

By now, many people know that cannabidiol can easy symptoms of anxiety and anxiety disorders. It is in fact the most common reason to start using CBD. Anxiety disorders, however, may require treatment with higher dosages than other conditions do. Research shows that CBD offers promising results for generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, or PTSD.

If a regular daily dose of 20 to 40mg doesn’t produce the intended effect, dosages for stress and anxiety relief can be increased to 300 – 600mg per day.

Is A Higher CBD Dosage Really Necessary?

It is always wise to consider whether you really need to increase your CBD dosage. The main reason for this is that even with natural supplements, taking more of a good thing is not necessarily better. Higher dosages do not automatically make treatment more effective. This is particularly true for specific conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD: sometimes, working with lower doses produces better results instead. That means you cannot avoid trying for yourself to find the ideal CBD dosage for your unique situation.

high cbd dosage
Always inform your doctor about your CBD use.

Furthermore, there is always the risk of increasing your dosage too fast. Suppose you’re rapidly increasing your dose to 40mg CBD per day, and you notice that your symptoms become less severe as you start to feel better. This means you might have produced the same positive effect by gradually increasing the dose to 20mg. You could be wasting 50% of your CBD Oil, which equals wasting half of the money you have invested. Always remember to take your time, and to listen to the signals of your body. We also advise you to always consult your doctor on your CBD use, and on your preferred dosage.

As you see, it is worthwhile to carefully consider what you need, and to take your time in finding the right dosage. Perhaps a high CBD dosage does prove to be best for you. In that case, choose a high-quality CBD supplement, to make sure you get the best results using the purest CBD Oil or Tablets available.





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