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CBD Oil For Dry Skin In Winter

The cold autumn wind blows, and the dark months of the year are here again: bad news for your skin! Especially for those with dry skin types, winter conditions are a real problem. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to stay hydrated. Winter is a great time to use CBD Oil for supporting dry skin in a natural way. This blog will show you how to make an early start this autumn, and keep your skin supple, moisturized, and free from dry spots or irritation.

CBD Oil For Dry Skin In Winter

If you have dry skin, you know it’s something to take into account all year long. Proper hydration is necessary to make sure your skin doesn’t dry out. In the cold, harsh winter months, however, moisturizing skincare becomes all the more important.

By late summer, the air outside slowly starts to grow colder, and harsher for the skin. Average air humidity drops while temperatures start to go down. This is what you feel when you get that familiar late-October dry sensation around the exposed skin of your face and hands.

cbd oil dry skin winter

Unfortunately, simply staying inside and keeping your door shut won’t solve the problem. Inside, the heating is on, with the windows firmly shut to keep the cold drafts out. If your first response is to cuddle up and hug the stove, you are only increasing your risk of dry, dehydrated skin.

The skin’s surface contains a fatty layer that is supposed to keep moisture trapped inside the skin tissue. This protective layer becomes less effective when the air get dryer. Moreover, cold weather reduces your sebaceous glands’ ability to help protect your skin. These factors combine to make your skin dry and chapped. In these conditions, dry skin types can use a bit of CBD Oil winter support.

CBD Winter Skincare: Nourish Dry Skin With Oil, Salve, Or Cream

Perhaps you don’t need any additional skincare in summer and spring, but even so, CBD Skincare and CBD Oil can help keep your skin vibrant and supple throughout the winter. The best time to start is at the first signs of autumn’s arrival. That way, you’ll stop skin problems before they get a chance to take hold.

CBD skincare and oil products can protect your dry skin in winter by:

  • Ongoing natural hydration, keeping skin moisture levels constant;
  • Safeguarding tissue fat levels (lipostatic) to retain moisture;
  • Reducing itches and irritation, which means less scratching and less damaged skin;
  • Forming a protective layer on the skin to soothe and to trap moisture;
  • Countering inflammation to keep the skin calm and balanced;
  • Supporting the skin’s natural recovery;
  • Additional nurturing ingredients such as organic argan oil and vitamins.

How CBD And Your Skin Interact

You may wonder at this point how a simple hemp plant compound like CBD (cannabidiol) can do so much for your skin. The reason for CBD’s amazing range of effects is its similarity to compounds produced by our own body. CBD is a cannabinoid, and as the name suggests it can interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This ECS orchestrates a complex symphony of physiological processes. These processes keep the body balanced in various ways. The skin is one of the ECS’s important target areas. This explains how CBD Oil can work to keep dry skin hydrated on the cellular level.

The hydrating capacity of CBD Oil is put to full use in our CBD Skincare range, aided by special ingredients to further boost skin health in winter.

CBD Argan Salve

Our special CBD Argan Salve nourishes and cares for your skin by natural means, whenever you can use a little extra support. The salve is pleasantly oily; just enough to leave a thin layer on the skin after use for extended protection. Organic argan oil is an additional source of anti-inflammatory en antioxidant ingredients to keep your cells healthy. The added vitamin E helps your skin cells recover faster.

CBD Argan Salve is more than just a deeply moisturizing skincare product. It also helps the skin recover after damage and irritation. That makes our salve highly suited for topical use in case of skin problems, injuries, and inflammation that you want to keep close at hand – especially if you have kids playing nearby!

CBD oil dry skin

CBD Argan Cream

CBD Argan Cream has the same prime cannabidiol-based hydration capacity as our CBD salve, but it has different ingredients that allow for other applications. CBD Argan Cream contains vitamin A, for instance, which penetrates deep into the skin’s tissues where it vitalizes the cells. This makes the skin soft and supple to the touch while extending a vibrant, youthful, healthy glow.

This hydrating cream is great for everyday use as a CBD moisturizer for your skin. Always use a high SPF product in combination with CBD Argan Cream for UV ray protection, though, even on cloudy days.

Additional Tips For Supple Skin In Winter

CBD Skincare can work wonders when it comes to keeping your skin in shape through winter. These additional tips will help you keep your skin well-moisturized until spring returns.

Tip 1: Avoid Hot Showers And Baths

If you come home chilled to the bone, it’s just tempting to hit a steaming hot shower or soak in a nice bath for hours. Still, all that heat can make your dry skin worse. The best thing to do is to turn the tap down a notch and take a lukewarm shower or not0too-hot bath instead. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturize afterwards – using CBD Salve or Cream, of course!

Tip 2: Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Your moisture levels are easier to maintain if you make sure your fluids intake is in order. One way to make sure is using moisturizing skincare products, but don’t forget to have plenty to drink as well. We tend to drink more in summer, but our skin needs the extra moisture all the more when the weather gets colder in winter.

Tip 3: The Right Type Of Fats

Your skin needs fats to retain moisture, but make sure you get the right type of fats for doing so. Omega 3 fats help keep your skin’s protective layer intact. Eating enough fish is one way to enrich your diet with omega 3, but cooking with olive oil helps too – as does using CBD Oil in addition to your skincare products of course!

cbd salve cream oil dry skin

Be Kind To Yourself And Your Dry Skin With CBD Oil

Of course, cannabidiol has more to offer with the cold winter up ahead. Did you know, for instance, that CBD Oil can help keep your immune system in shape, or to keep those nasty winter blues at bay? There are plenty of reasons to stock up on CBD Oil and Cream or Salve this autumn – or if you really feel like treating yourself, order some CBD Chocolate or CBD Coffee to make this season as warm and cosy as it can get!

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