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A Healthy Winter With CBD Oil

Every year, as winter approaches, our immune system is put to the test. The Covid-19 coronavirus has only emphasized how the cold months make life easier for viruses and other pathogens, increasing our chances of getting sick. Make sure you stay healthy this winter by using the best CBD Oil and the smart tips you’ll find in this blog.

Feel Healthy All Winter Long With CBD Oil

CBD Oil is a fully natural source of cannabidiol, a powerful cannabinoid drawn from specially cultivated hemp plants. CBD Oil does not produce a high, but it can help you stay healthy by natural means – especially in winter. Among other benefits, CBD is known for its potential to boost immunity, ease pain and inflammation, and improve sleep and moods. That makes CBD Oil a responsible way to stay healthy preventively; all year long, but even more so in winter.

CBD is able to cause so many positive health effects because it is recognised by your own endocannabinoid system (ECS). All day long, your ECS is working to keep the processes in your body in mutual balance. Supplements such as our Full Spectrum CBD Oil can support the ECS by adding a source of plant based cannabinoids. This way, they can help increase the supply of active compounds to see your ECS through the cold months of the year.

If you manage to include the seven tips below into your daily life this winter, you’ll have a solid basis for physical and mental health and wellbeing. That means skipping the winter blues and looking forward to the first snowflakes, because you’re all set for winter this year!

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1. Go Outside Every Day

Finding the time and energy to leave home can be hard; especially when it’s cold and windy outside and warm inside. Still, staying in all day is bad for your health, physically as well as mentally. Heading outside on a regular basis is demonstrably good for many different facets of your health.

On top of that, a bit of fresh air can really help you unwind. A good stroll works wonders for mind and body: the fitter you feel, the stronger your immune system gets. Bonus tip: reward yourself afterwards with a hot cup of CBD Coffee or a CBD Hot Chocolate Spoon!

2. A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is one of the surest and most efficient ways to protect yourself against disease. As you sleep, your body clears away waste products and restores your tissues. As a result, not getting enough quality sleep is often reflected in poor health. A lack of sleep can impair immune system functioning.

Many instances of trouble sleeping are caused by underlying stress. As tension builds throughout the day, it can be very hard to let go of that stress once you’re ready for bed. CBD Oil can help reduce that stress, improving your healthy sleep this winter, especially when taken shortly before bedtime.

3. Drinking Water: A Healthy Habit

More than half our body’s mass is made up of water. Drinking enough water replenishes any shortages and helps your body stay healthy. Water is necessary for detoxification as well as for digestion, and to regulate your body temperature.

Not drinking enough can result in negative moods and headaches. It also negatively affects your immune system, which limits that healthy CBD Oil winter boost.

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4. Healthy Diet Choices

Eating wnough calories is extra important in winter, but do make sure you stick to a healthy diet. Fibre and vitamins are important for good bowel function, immunity, and general condition. Thankfully, thestores are full of delicious, healthy winter fruits and vegetables to keep yourself fit as a fiddle before summer returns.

If you’re looking for a tasty CBD Oil alternative, you could try our CBD Oatmeal: a health, handy, and tasty winter booster for all.

And if you love a bit of a treat, be sure to pick a snack that supports your health. Our delicious CBD Gummies and gourmet CBD Chocolate are excellent choices. Fancy serving something healthy-yet-spectacular? Our blogs contain the best CBD recipes, including CBD Pasta and CBD Honey and Ginger Salmon

5. Be Kind To Your Skin

A healthy body goes with a healthy skin; and this is where CBD Oil can come in pretty handy in winter. It is why we designed our special CBD Argan Cream for daily skin hydration. If you have dry spots, eczema, or cracked skin in winter, our CBD Argan Salve is you topical oil replacement for localized moisturizing and repair.

6. Plan Leisure Time And Work Hours

The worse the weather gets, the more we prefer to stay in; even more so now that we’re all used to working from home. However, you need time to yourself apart from time for your job! Be careful to avoid stress on the job and schedule plenty of free time for yourself. Being with friends and family really helps you lose stress and lift your mood. Best of all, you can even combine it with being outside, eating well, and enjoying some exercise!

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7. Get Regular Exercise

Exercise is another key factor in maintaining a strong immune system. Research shows that even modest exercise such as 20 or 30 minutes of walking or cycling can seriously reduce your chances of catching a cold. Sports also help improve moods and prevent depression, especially when it’s outdoor exercise. And if you’re getting sore muscles, CBD Oil can help you recover quickly this winter – or take some healthy CBD Gummies with you as you go!

Healthy CBD Oil Winter Habits

As you can see, you have plenty of options for staying healthy and positive this winter with CBD Oil supplements. Say goodbye to seasonal effective disorder and winter blues, and if you know someone else who can use some support right now, we have a list of great CBD Gift ideas waiting for you!


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