Can CBD Oil Protect You From Corona?

CBD Oil can help with many different symptoms and conditions, from chronic pain and stress to inflammation, depression and insomnia. It’s hardly surprising, then, to see how scientists keep looking for new applications of this natural hemp supplement. Currently, as the Covid-19 virus has held the world in its grasp for almost two years, researchers around the world are looking for new ways to protect us against the SARSCoV-2 virus: the disease we call Corona. So what are the results of these studies on CBD Oil and its effectiveness against Corona? Read this blog to get all the latest information.

Can CBD Oil Help In The Fight Against Corona?

Sometimes, it seems as if the Covid-19 coronavirus just won’t go away. Still, in the past few months, important steps have been made to stop the spread of the virus. Our own behaviour has proven a key element, but science has been making steady progress too since the first infections came to light. In previous blogs about corona and CBD Oil, we gave you updates on ongoing scientific progress. We also discussed the potential of cannabidiol against viruses in general and as a preventive supplement. Now, it is time for another update, as important steps were taken in the past year. It appears that even though CBD Oil is no miracle cure for COVID-19, it does show some promising signs that could prove helpful in the fight against corona. Read on to learn about the latest insights and brand new research findings.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

The human ECS, short for endocannabinoid system, ensures that all the many systems and processes at work throughout the body run in smooth synchronicity. These processes include our emotions, pain, and rhythms of waking and sleeping, to name just a few. At the same time, the ECS also maintains the balance of our immune system, which is our natural defence mechanism against viruses and other threats. The ECS does so by employing substances called endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids, including CBD, are able to activate or inhibit specific types of cells. They work together with the ECS to relieve the symptoms of certain health conditions, such as depression, insomnia, chronic pain, and much more besides!

CBD Oil And Your Immune System

Your immune system is your main line of defence against harmful outside influences. White blood cells make sure that bacteria, fungi, and viruses are eliminated quickly. This keeps you from getting sick, and allows your body to respond even faster and more effectively next time you encounter the same threat.

Studies have demonstrated that CBD Oil can have a positive influence on the ECS, and therefore on our immune system as well. This is due to the immunomodulating ability of CBD, which means it can balance the immune system if it is either too active or not active enough.

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Viruses And CBD Oil

CBD Oil cannot prevent viral infections before they take place. However, once a virus gets hold of you, CBD Oil can help you recover from the infection faster. The immunomodulating potential allows CBD to help activate your immune system.

In addition, CBD supplements can also have anti-inflammatory effects. Suppose that the flu gives you a sore throat, for example: in that case, CBD can help reduce the swelling and speed up recovery. At the same time, CBD can help ease the pain associated with influenza and other viruses. These discomforts can affect your quality of sleeping, which can negatively impact your natural resistance in turn. The soothing potential of CBD supplements can help you sleep better to help you recover faster.

Coronavirus And Lung Damage

In order to understand how CBD Oil could help us recover from lung damage caused by corona, we first need to know how Covid-19 causes such damage in the first place.

The coronavirus affect different people in different ways. Some people only get mild symptoms like a runny nose, while others end up on an ICU respirator in hospital. If symptoms such as shortness of breath escalate, they may give rise to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). This triggers the release of large quantities of inflammatory agents called cytokines. Large concentrations of cytokines are called cytokine storms. They can cause breathing difficulties, asphyxiation, and lung damage.

Under normal circumstances, our body produces a chemical called apelin as soon as it detects extreme inflammation values. If you get pneumonia, for instance, apelin production increases. This prevents cytokine storms and allows your lungs to resume their normal function. As a result, pneumonia fades without escalating into ARDS.

It turns out, however, that coronavirus infections reduce our capacity to produce apelin. This explains how symptoms such as lung problems can escalate rapidly, causing the shortness of breath that could wind you up in hospital.

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Studies Into CBD Oil Against Corona Infections

Cytokine Reduction And Faster Pneumonia Recovery

The Augusta University of Georgia studied the potential of CBD Oil for severe corona symptoms. To find out whether CBD might be effective against cytokine storms, Covid-19-infected mice were treated with CBD Oil. After treatment, blood oxygen levels had increased, while cytokine counts went down.

The study revealed that pure CBD can help the lungs recover after severe Covid-19-related pneumonia. It also demonstrated that CBD Oil can help restore oxygen levels after such corona related symptoms occur.

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Reducing Lung Damage By Restoring Apelin Levels

A follow-up study demonstrated for the first time that CBD Oil can reduce the symptoms of ARDS by restoring apelin production. During the study, researchers noticed that Covid-19 infections involve a marked drop in release of apelin into the bloodstream and lung tissue.

This study appears to demonstrate, however, that CBD Oil can be an effective treatment against these corona symptoms. Administering CBD caused significant increase of apelin concentrations, reducing ARDS symptoms and restoring oxygen uptake while reducing lung damage.

CBD Oil Can Help Prevent And Slow Down Corona Infections

Although it is still awaiting peer reviews, this very recent study appears to demonstrate that a specific CBD metabolite (7-OH-CBD) may counter viral reproduction of Covid-19 in the lungs. This seems to allow CBD Oil to reduce the impact of corona infections. Subjects infected with corona and then treated with CBD Oil displayed fewer inflammatory symptoms than a non-CBD control group.

The study indicates that CBD Oil may be effective as a preventative treatment. Subjects who already used CBD Oil or similar supplements before the study commenced showed fewer SARSCoV-2 coronavirus infections than other participants. CBD treatments can also be considered to combat symptoms in the early stages of Covid-19 infection. Even though this study is too recent to draw any solid conclusions just yet, its results are very promising indeed.

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No CBD Oil Corona Medicine Just Yet

As interesting as these research findings may be, we do wish to stress that further research is needed before we can expect CBD Oil based medication against corona to appear. Of course, we all hope that effective coronavirus medicines will become available soon. It would be great if CBD Oil or other cannabinoids could help find such corona treatments, but until more research data becomes available, we have to be patient.

What we do know so far, however, is that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and that it works with our body’s ECS. These two characteristics allow CBD to affect our immune system in positive ways. Still, we have to wait until science proves definitively that CBD Oil can help people counter corona infections and recover from Covid-19 related lung damage.

Fortunately. Science is working hard to further advance the insights discussed above. In the meantime, however, feel free to take our CBD Oil, CBD Tablets, or our other CBD supplements. We have already discussed the use of CBD to address the symptoms of Long Covid. However, even if you are not affected by corona, or afraid to catch the virus, CBD Oil may help you control stress, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, or pain.



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