CBD Oatmeal

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CBD Oatmeal24 mg CBD

Your wholesome CBD breakfast, lunch, sports shake or snack.

Get your instant serving of CBD in an easy, micronized oatmeal formula designed to match a busy, active, balanced lifestyle whether at work, at school, or in the gym. CBD Oatmeal is your high-fibre, high-energy, low-effort natural oatmeal: full of all the good stuff you need to keep you going all day long. Each 30g serving contains 24mg of the finest CBD – get yourself and your family good to go in a matter of seconds!


4 in stock

  • Instant Micronized Formula
  • Trusted Oatmeal Nutrition
  • Packed With Natural Energy

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  • Important information

  • How to use

  • Ingredients

  • Pour one sachet into a bowl.
  • Add skimmed milk or a vegan alternative.
  • Add fruit and other personal touches.
  • Stir well & enjoy!

Ingredients: instant oatmeal (micronized), sweetener: sucralose, 24mg CBD/30g serving.

Allergens: contains gluten. May contain traces of egg, milk, soy and crustaceans.

Advisory Servings: 30g with skimmed (oat or almond) milk for lunch, breakfast and/or snacks.

  • Naturally suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Not suited for children younger than 4 years.
  • Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Are you on medication? Consult your doctor first.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Store in a cool, dark and dry place.

Product information

SupMedi CBD Oatmeal lets you serve an instant full breakfast, lunch, shakes, or pancakes that contains all the goodness of oatmeal, plus all the natural benefits of first-class CBD. The micronized formula offers you the speed and ease that a busy life demands.

CBD Oatmeal: Giving Peak Performance The Greatest Taste

These days, we hardly notice how we go for peak performance day in, day out. Of course, the only way to keep that up is to treat yourself to the best every single day. The smart formula and delicious vanilla flavour of our CBD Oatmeal lets you create your own healthy recipes with minimal effort.  You’ll be giving yourself and your whole family exactly what you need for a full and active day. CBD Oatmeal also gets your body and your mind everything they need for peak performance, every day of the week.

Natural Balance, Maximum Ease, Ultimate Flavour

Choose natural balance with maximum ease while you enjoy ultimate flavour. The ultra-fine grind of our micronized formula makes CBD Oatmeal the perfect ingredient for all your favourite breakfast choices, lunch greats, and snack superhits. Perfect for getting fresh energy after that workout, a great start to a healthy day, or a responsible treat with your daily dose of CBD conveniently packed inside!

CBD Oatmeal, Your Daily Foundation To Rely On

For generations, oatmeal has provided the trusted foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle. These cereals are packed with valuable nutrients, fibre, and natural energy. No matter whether you’re going for a high-powered workout, a full day of focussed hard work, or laser-like focus for hours of classes: you can always rely on oatmeal. Just add a splash of skimmed milk or a vegan alternative, stir in some fresh fruit if you like, and there you go: you’ve already served a full, wholesome meal to keep the whole family going!

Oatmeal is an efficient natural source of:




Fast energy with low glycaemic index;

Unsaturated fats;

Important micronutrients, and more besides.

All we have to add to something so wholesome is the very best CBD!

Have A taste Of Natural Balance With CBD Oatmeal

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a highly diverse plant-based nutritional supplement derived from specially cultivated hemp plants. CBD does not contain psychoactive compounds; you cannot get high from it, but it can nonetheless contribute to a well-balanced diet and lifestyle.

Every day, more people start using CBD to support their natural balance. Cannabidiol works with your own body’s endocannabinoid system to reinforce your internal equilibrium. That allows it to contribute to:

Your immune system;

Muscles, nerves, and arteries;

Emotion and hormonal balance;

A good and full sleep cycle;

Less stress and anxiety;

Pain reduction, inflammation relief, and much more.

We have enough CBD supplements to provide a perfect match for everyone. In addition to CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD Coffee, and more, we now present CBD Oatmeal; our most nutritious CBD product so far.

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