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CBG Oil for better appetite

If you lack appetite, for whatever reason, it must be taken seriously, especially in the long term. Severe nutrient deficiencies can irreparably degrade general health. Anyone familiar with cannabis and especially its psychoactive component THC (tetrahydocannabinol) knows how much it can generate food cravings. On the other hand, CBG (cannabigerol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, extracted from hemp, and studied for its potential to stimulate appetite. We will explore in this blog how CBG Oil could be a reliable natural solution to a lack of appetite, without any unwanted psychoactive effects or ´high´.

Effects of CBD & CBG Oil on appetite

The rising star of hemp supplements in recent years is undoubtedly cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Cannabidiol is largely available as CBD oil, tablets, and SupMedi Nutrition products, each more delicious than the other. This great choice of CBD products makes it possible to benefit from the multiple advantages of this cannabinoid with increasingly recognized medicinal potential.  However, unlike psychoactive THC, CBD tends to inhibit appetite and therefore is more appropriate for those who want to lose weight than for stimulating the appetite.

cbg oil appetite

This only makese CBG Oil more interesting because of its complementary potential for appetite. Discovered in 1964 by Israeli professors Gaoni and Mechoulan, this mother molecule of the cannabis plant is a precursor of all cannabinoids. It is present in the plant before decarboxylation of CBD and THC, and thus possesses properties present in all cannabinoids and terpenes. However, only 1 % of pure CBG remains in the composition of the mature hemp plant. It is partly for this reason that CBG has not been noticed so far, CBD being present in abundance in hemp (20-25%). However, although research on the therapeutic effects of CBG is still minimal, this compound is being studied for its very promising medicinal potential.

Studying CBG Oil and appetite

Recently, cannabigerol has been studied in rats for its potential in stimulating appetite. The result of the experiment has proved to be interesting. The researchers observed that with a dosage of 120-240 mg/kg of CBG, the frequency of food intake was stimulated without increasing the total amount of food ingested. Although unfortunately, no studies are yet available on human subjects, this finding is quite encouraging for people who need to ingest nutrients rather than large amounts of food to prevent a risk of malnutrition.

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CBG  Oil and the causes of poor appetite

Psychological or physiological disorders, medication and chemotherapy are the most common causes of potentially dangerous lack of appetite. Sometimes, having worries is enough to cut off some people’s appetite while others will feel the urge to eat more to counter stress. Again, we are all very different.

Less stress, more cravings for food

When stress causes a lack of appetite, CBG Oil actively works with the endocannabinoïd system (ESC) of our body and regulate the physiological balance in many processes such as sleep, immune system, cognitive functions and the nervous system. And on top of that,  CBD and CBG cannabinoïds can inhibit the degradation of the GABA neurotransmitter. The role of GABA is to lower the nerve activity of the neurons to which it attaches and consequently helps relaxation, and control anxiety. By maintaining a high concentration of GABA in our system, CBG and CBD contribute directly to a calm and soothed state of mind. And sometimes, feeling good about yourself is enough to stimulate the desire to cook a good meal or forget your problems in the conviviality of a nice meal at the restaurant.

cbg oil better appetite

Anorexia, chemotherapy, and ageing

But stress is one of the benign reasons for lacking appetite. In many cases, anorexia, or disgust with food, accompanied by nausea, has deeper causes such as depression or eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa is a serious mental condition which is characterized by an obsession of losing weight. The patient has a distorted perception of his/her body and occurs sometimes when the individual needs to prove control on one’s life and emotions. The person perceives excessive weight loss as a mark of success, self control and happiness. If it can at first seem benign or “just a phase” particularly in young adults, it can lead to severe malnutrition and even death. There are multiple behavioral therapies available to treat anorexia once it has been diagnosed and CBG could give support by inducing a more relaxed state of mind while stimulating the enjoyment of food.

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy also often have difficulty feeding, while they certainly need nutrients to cope with the disease. A study in 2019 was conducted on cancer patients being treated by chemotherapy and the effect of CBG to regain appetite. The results seemed conclusive in regulating cachexia which is a dramatic weight and muscle strength loss due to chronic illnesses.

Older people are generally more vulnerable to a poor appetite. Senior citizens tend to be less hungry, have fewer taste buds, more difficulty digesting, chewing, and swallowing, and often social isolation discourages them to cook and enjoy a good meal. The daily intake of CBG oil has the potential to improve the general health of elderly people, as CBD does, but most importantly could stimulate the pleasure of having some food.

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CBG or THC to regain appetite?

Of course, although very promising, studies on CBG are still too rare, especially on humans to really assert its effectiveness for therapeutic purposes. However, cannabis THC, naturally created from CBG in hemp is known to trigger food cravings and is successfully prescribed to patients in chemotherapy treatment. THC is indeed the only antiemetic that increases appetite and allows, in most cases, patients to regain the pleasure of eating and the intensification of taste.

THC is undeniably indicated in some cases to regain appetite, but its major disadvantage concerns its psychoactive properties. This psychotropic aspect of cannabis (even medicinal) makes it a problematic substance in many countries where the use and distribution of cannabis is not allowed. In addition, many people undoubtedly prefer to keep a clear mind and do not want or do not need to be “high” to solve an anorexia, stress, or sleep problem.

CBG Oil for better appetite without the high

It is for this reason that CBG Oil seems to have the best assets to stimulate appetite in a natural way without unwanted psychoactive side effects. However, although studies tend to confirm its appetite-stimulating properties, it is still too early to draw definite conclusions. Further clinical studies are needed before reaching this stage. Moreover, in spite of its potential to improve appetite, CBG Oil is also quite difficult to find due to the complexity of its extraction.


High quality cannabigerol supplements

But fortunately, SupMedi has found a way to derive premium Full Spectrum CBG Oil using sophisticated technology and specially cultivated hemp plants. This puts you in a unique position to order the highest quality CBG Oil from the comfort of your own home. Our CBD Oil is tested for purity and quality by independent laboratories to guarantee you the best of the mother of cannabinoids.

Our premium CBG Oil is available in an exclusive full-spectrum formula. This means that the oil contains CBG as well as a range of other useful hemp plant cannabinoids. This further expands the potential of your CBG supplement, since the entourage effect allows certain cannabinoids to influence and even reinforce each other’s effects. The one cannabinoid you will not find in noticeable quantities, however, is THC. This guarantees the absence of any psychoactive effects while you work on your mental and physical balance as well as on your appetite by natural means.

You can also combine CBG Oil for your appetite with our range of CBG supplements. This will expand the possibilities of the entourage effect even further as you add the potential benefits of CBD to those of CBG.

So, if you can’t wait to try CBG Oil to improve your appetite by natural means, trying this wonderful cannabinoid can certainly prove worth your while. CBG may be the natural compound that will allow you to find back your eating pleasure and support your health in general. Side effects are very rare and mild and if you notice any, it might be that your body is adapting to the CBG interaction. However, we advise you to always consult your doctor, especially if you are taking medication, as a precaution. Hemp compounds such as CBD and CBG can interfere with the effects of medicines, and this can be dangerous for your health.

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