CBD Candy and sports

Candy and sports… it’s not a combination you hear very often. However, we think it’s very well possible to combine our CBD Candy with a fit and healthy life style in which sports also plays an important role! How does this work exactly? Keep on reading and discover how CBD Candy can support your body while working out and achieve great performances!

How can CBD help your body?

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a very useful substance, a cannabinoid that is being produced by the hemp plant. More and more studies are showing that CBD can support your health big time. But how?

CBD can collaborate with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your body. This system’s goal is to keep your body and its processes balanced, to maintain homeostasis. All over your body you can find the ECS’s receptors and cannabinoids can bind to them. That’s the way CBD can influence all sorts of processes by stimulating or inhibiting them: appetite, emotions, memory, hormone production and the processing of pain stimuli. But there are way more processes that can be effected by CBD. Read here how CBD Oil can help you, before, during and after working out!

Why combine CBD Candy and sports?

Please let us cut straight to the point here, by telling you the great news about our super delicious CBD Candy! Because actually you rarely hear the terms candy and sports in the same sentence. But… our CBD Candy Tablets are packed with vitamin C, that gives your immune system a boost and speeds up the absorption of the CBD. At the same time, the CBD Candy contains natural fruit sugars, for more energy during and after exercising. Furthermore, the candies come in a very pretty container, so you can bring them with you anywhere and take them discretely.

And oh my, how delicious they are! Worked up an appetite? Read on and discover how CBD Candy can support your sports performances, body and mind!

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CBD Candy and sports performances

Some athletes use CBD Oil before working out. CBD can actually have a positive influence on your mood. And if you feel good and happy with yourself, you’re probably more motivated and it gets easier to get into the right ‘flow’. At the same time CBD Oil helps to improve the blood flow and stimulates your metabolism, so more oxygen and fuel reach your muscles so you can perform better!

CBD, muscle recovery, pain and inflammation

Intensive sports can lead to muscle ache, injuries or painful joints. Your muscles can suffer from minor damages after a challenging workout. CBD Oil can help your body by speeding up the muscle recovery. Because of the improved blood flow, waste and toxins are removed faster, so your muscles can recover more quickly.

CBD Oil can support your physical recovery in several ways, but can also help with pain and inflammation. The oil has painkilling properties, can inhibit inflammation and improve sleep quality. So, CBD Oil can help your body to recover faster, so you can get back to your sports and are better prepared for the big match!

Tip: Do you suffer from muscle ache? Put some CBD Argan Cream or Salve on the painful spot! This helps with the pain, but also inhibits inflammation and helps to relax your muscles.

CBD Oil sports candy better fitness recovery

CBD, relaxation, sleep, energy and balance

Many people know that CBD Oil has relaxing properties. It can calm down your body and your mind. And that’s great news, because in sports you never use only one of those two. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, a match can cause stress. Too much stress can get in the way of great performances: it’s more difficult to take decisions, your body simply cannot respond so well and maybe you suffer from a poor sleep the night before, so you’re not rested enough.

Fortunately, CBD Oil can help! Like we’ve said before, CBD Oil supports the ECS, which maintains the balance throughout the body. The oil calms down your mind, so you worry less, but it also helps to relax your body. You’ll sleep deeper and longer and wake up more energetic, so you can start the game relaxed and focused, with more endurance!

CBD Candy for rider and horse!

Even though horses are elegant and strong animals, they can be very sensitive to stress, anxiety and injuries. Rider and horse often have a strong connection, which is very important! Riding through a busy city, competitions (dressage or jumping) or travelling in a horse trailer. Can CBD Oil help our beloved horses with all this?

Absolutely! In fact, horses also have an endocannabinoid system, just like all mammals. That means that both rider and horse can enjoy the painkilling, anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties. Give your horse a treat of CBD Oil to combat anxiety and stress, joint pain, digestive problems, infections and injuries! Most probably your horse won’t really like the strawberry flavour of our CBD Candy Tablets, but it’s very easy to mix our CBD Oil with your regular horse feed.

cbd oil horses

Full Spectrum CBD Oil or CBD Isolate?

This blog mainly focused on our CBD Candy Tablets. However, SupMedi has way more delicious CBD Products! Start your day off right and healthy with a rich bowl of CBD Oatmeal, or give our CBD Tablets or CBD Gummies a try!

These products are made with CBD Isolate. This means that all of the other cannabinoids have been removed from the CBD Oil, so only the CBD remains. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil does contain all cannabinoids, so you can enjoy the entourage effect. All compounds in the oil can reinforce each other! However, Full Spectrum CBD Oil also contains a tiny trace of THC. This amount isn’t enough to get you high, but if you have to deal with drug tests before a competition, you don’t want to risk this. CBD Products that are made with isolates don’t have this downside, but also don’t provide the benefits of the entourage effect.

Want to get fit by exercising while eating candy? Check our shop and discover all our delicious CBD Products! How about a nice cup of strong CBD Coffee with a piece or dark CBD Chocolate? Enjoy!

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