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People increasingly start to notice how CBD supplements can provide relief for a huge diversity of different symptoms. It’s almost unbelievable how the compounds found in hemp plant can offer us so many benefits. Still, some people still hesitate at the thought of ‘hemp’. After all, they wonder, isn’t hemp the same as weed, the plant that contains THC that makes people ‘high’ or ‘stoned’? Don’t worry: this blog explains all the ins and outs of CBD Oil without THC!

CBD, hemp, and cannabis

We kick off this blog with a brief lesson in biology. We need to do so because the botanical name of hemp, cannabis sativa L., still causes a lot of confusion and even bias. Our CBD Oil without THC is derived from premium grade natural hemp plants. Officially, these plants also fall under the classification of ‘cannabis plants’, but hemp is a special variant of cannabis. Our modern (industrial fibre) hemp has been carefully selected for the compounds it does and does not contain.

Officially, you can’t label a cannabis plant ‘hemp’ if it contains more than .3% THC. If the THC content rises above this threshold, the plant or its components can no longer be classified as hemp, which disqualifies them for the production of hemp supplements. If this wasn’t so, there would be no way to make sure you order CBD Oil without THC.

According to biological taxonomy then, hemp is cannabis; but not all cannabis is hemp. The distinction is largely a legal one, which explains why you can enjoy CBD Oil without THC while not worrying about breaking the law.

cbd oil without thc
Hemp leaves

Is CBD hemp weed or not?

The story of CBD Oil without THC is all about the difference between hemp and weed. ‘Weed’ is the popular name for all cannabis variants that do contain noticeable amounts of THC. Weed is sold in coffeeshops and dispensaries; CBD Oil without THC is readily available to order online. In the Netherlands and in a growing number of other countries, CBD supplements are legal to sell and use. Pay attention while shopping, though, because some vendors sell ‘weed oil’ or ‘cannabis oil’ that does contain THC – even though doing so is illegal – and these can produce very different effects than CBD Oil without THC!

The legal status of CBD supplements is closely linked to the safety of the substance. The World Health Organization WHO recently stated that CBD is safe to use even over extended periods.

The legal precondition for this claim is the absence of noticeable quantities of THC in harvested plant material. That way, you can be sure about ordering CBD Oil without THC, leaving you sober and never making you high or stoned while still benefiting from all the possibilities of CBD.

cbd cannabis thc oil

What exactly is THC?

THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. That’s quite a mouthful, but put briefly, THC owes its reputation (for better or worse) to its effects on our body, and on our mind in particular. Structurally, THC molecules resemble CBD (cannabidiol) molecules quite closely. The same goes for other cannabinoids: the various compounds naturally produced by cannabis plants.

Just like CBD, THC is capable of interacting with our body’s own endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is an important part of our human physiology, responsible for maintaining our internal chemical balance. While the world around us changes continuously, the ECS ensures that we remain as stable as possible within. This involves a process known as homeostasis, which covers all sorts of physiological systems including body temperature, metabolism, hormonal balance, and sleep-wake cycles.

All of these processes are regulated by our endocannabinoid system. The compounds found in hemp are capable of influencing this system, which accounts for the many different beneficial effects attributed to CBD Oil.

endocannabinoid system cbd thc
The endocannabinoid system.

How does THC work in the body?

THC also works by its effect on the ECS, but it does so differently than CBD does. Whereas CBD often exerts suppressing effects on specific receptors of the system, THC is often an activating or boosting factor. Moreover, there are several types of receptors (CB1 and CB2) to which either compound can bind with various degrees of success. These biochemical differences account for the differences between weed with THC and CBD Oil without THC.

It explains why CBD can have soothing, attention-improving, and energy-boosting properties, while THC can affect perception, make us feel sluggish, and trigger the famous ‘red eye’ effect. All in all, CBD and THC produce completely different effects. How THC affects our brain largely explains the sense of being ‘high’ or ‘stoned’, which is exactly what many recreational cannabis consumers are after. We call these effects ‘psychoactive’ since they actively affect the psyche.

What makes CBD Oil without THC different

You will not notice such psychoactive effects after taking CBD supplements. CBD Oil without THC comes with all the (medical) potential of hemp plant compounds, but is doesn’t convey the numbing or mind-altering effects of THC. That allows you to perform (better) at work, in school, or in traffic while trying CBD Oil without THC for a range of symptoms, including:

CBD oil thc difference

Can I also get Full Spectrum CBD Oil without THC?

Strictly speaking, our Full Spectrum CBD Oil is different from all our other CBD supplements. This is due to its full spectrum formula. Full spectrum supplements contain the entire range (spectrum) of active compounds found in cannabis plants. We make full spectrum oil specifically to let you enjoy the full power of the entourage effect. This entourage effect, discovered by Israeli scientist Mechoulam and his team, describes the interactions between the various compounds produced by cannabis (and hemp)  plants.

Studies conducted by Mechoulam and others demonstrate that CBD and other hemp ingredients can mutually influence each other’s effectiveness and even reinforce one another. That means the comprehensive formula of Full Spectrum CBD Oil can offer even greater potential than CBD alone could.

Without THC, however, this full spectrum of ingredients would be incomplete. This is why our full spectrum supplements still contain traces of THC. We employ strict testing by independent laboratories to make absolutely sure THC percentages remain below .3%. These concentrations are too low to produce any noticeable effects: no psychoactive consequences, and definitely no ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ sensations!

CBD oil thc difference

THC-free CBD supplements

If you want to be absolutely positively sure that your CBD supplement does not contain even the slightest trace of THC, your best option is to choose a CBD isolate-based product. Professional athletes could decide to do so, for instance, since even the smallest quantities of THC could produce positive doping test results in exceptional cases. Having a job where you could be randomly tested for drugs can be another reason to prefer CBD isolate. In such cases, your safest choice is picking an alternative for our CBD Oil without THC in it.

Alternatives for CBD Oil without THC

Fortunately, the online SupMedi store offers plenty of supplements that  don’t contain any THC at all. Our CBD Tablets, CBD Nutrition and Candy, and our entire CBD Skincare range are all produced using premium CBD isolate. You can be sure these don’t contain no THC whatsoever, so passing a drug or doping test will be no problem at all.

Find all your supplements here!

If you wish to enjoy the full potential of CBD Oil without THC – not even one microgram – be sure to try our handy CBD Tablets, tasty CBD Candy, or our other foods and beverages including CBD Oatmeal and CBD Chocolate.


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