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CBD Oil in school

Stress in the runup to tests and exams, muscle aches after gym class, lying awake over that important presentation, social anxiety, growing pains: we’ve all been there. School can be a tough time for children and young adults, and the pressure only seems to increase these days. CBD Oil has several features that may bring relief for typical school issues. How it works? Allow us to explain.

How does CBD Oil work?

Picture the human body as a small factory running various automated processes simultaneously. In this factory, one process is particularly vital: the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system ensures that all the other processes run in smooth harmony. These other processes include the rhythm of sleeping and waking, blood pressure, the immune system, and memory, among others. The ECS regulates these processes by means of cannabinoids: compounds able to influence specific receptors. This allows specific cannabinoids to either stimulate or inhibit certain bodily functions, such as our appetite, for instance.

Your body produces its own supply of cannabinoids called endocannabinoids. However, we can also take supplemental phytocannabinoids derived from plant extracts, as is the case with cannabidiol (CBD) in CBD Oil. Your body does not distinguish between the two types, which allows CBD Oil to support your physiology by nudging it in the right direction.

Anyone interested in using CBD Oil in school should know that cannabidiol cannot make people ‘high’ or  ‘stoned’. CBD is non-psychoactive, and even our Full Spectrum CBD Oil containing all natural hemp cannabinoids contains too little THC to produce any noticeable effects.

How can CBD Oil help in school?

CBD Oil has soothing properties; it can help reduce stress and (social) anxiety, and promote good sleep: all useful qualities when it comes to school performance. CBD supplements are not advised for children below four years of age, but hemp oil based supplements have much to offer, especially past primary school level. The World Health Organization WHO has stated that CBD Oil is safe for use. It can help relieve pain, promote physical recovery, improve memory, and much more besides. So how exactly does that work?

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Performance anxiety and stress

Tests and exams cause stress and anxiety in most children and adolescents – as goes for most adults, if we’re honest. Of course, feeling a bit nervous in anticipation of a test serves its purpose, because it keeps us on edge and focussed. However, children with extreme fears or performance anxiety risk lasting consequences if left unchecked. Making new social contacts can be a stressful experience, too. CBD Oil can help children and adolescents experience less stress and anxiety in school. The soothing effects of CBD can help your child feel more relaxed both mentally and physically.

Better sleeping

CBD can help you relax and calm down, which has direct implications for improving quality of sleep. Some students are so affected by school stress that they have trouble sleeping. Others burn the midnight oil to stay awake and study until dawn, only to need tranquillizers to be able to sleep afterwards. Regular sleep medication affect certain receptors intended to help you stay awake. Once enough of such receptors are deactivated by tranquillizers, sleep can set in.

Unfortunately, sleep medication often comes with rather unpleasant side-effects that can be quite severe. Examples include drowsiness, tremors, confusion, and headaches. Over time, dependence on such medication can become problematic, keeping people awake if they don’t take them. CBD Oil does not produce such side-effects: instead, it helps you sleep better by natural means.

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Children who experience too much stress or anxiety in school can suffer from actual amnesia symptoms. One of the brain structures involved in storing new memories is the hippocampus. In case of chronic stress, the hippocampus can become overburdened, which can lead to problems retrieving certain memories in children. Ultimately, stress can even cause a loss of connections between nerve cells. It appears as if stress can in fact cause brain damage.

Research into the effect of CBD on brain cells has shown that this cannabinoid can help prevent stress-related brain damage. In times of stress, the body produces its own supply of cannabinoids – the endocannabinoids – to protect the brain and repair any damage. CBD Oil can support this restorative process, allowing for natural support of the brain during stressful times in school and beyond.

Pain and recovery

Children growing up can experience pain during growth spurts. Also, even though a bit of muscle ache goes with exercise, CBD Oil can provide relief after intensive school gym classes too.

CBD can help us recover from muscle aches and growing pains in more than one way. It can ease pain, reduce inflammation, and improve quality of sleep. This is how CBD Oil can help our muscles recover faster, shortening any resulting muscle aches.

Mental balance

Even though we may not like to admit it, depression disproportionately affects adolescents and young adults. Not being able to go to school due to lockdowns has only made matters worse.

Several studies have shown, however, that CBD Oil has calming potential and can help reduce the impact of sadness, depression, and social anxiety we often see in school. Studies also show how CBD can have positive effects on serotonin receptors in the brain. Serotonin is sometimes called the ‘happy hormone’, and has proven crucial in depression treatment. CBD works differently than regular antidepressants, with far fewer side-effects: another serious advantage in school settings.

Focus and attention

Schoolgoing children and young adults need their full attention and focus to learn. Most students find this difficult occasionally; for some, staying focussed is an ongoing struggle. In some cases, CBD can help improve concentration, which makes this supplement particularly interesting for school settings.

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ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurological and developmental disorder involving disrupted concentration and/or hyperactivity. Children suffering from ADHD may find it impossible to function normally while in school.

Studies have shown that the neurotransmitter dopamine plays a role in ADHD and its symptoms. Since CBD can also influence dopamine levels in the brain, CBD Oil can help students with ADHD cope better in school and beyond.

Spots and skin problems

As children grow up, they start to become more aware of their physical appearance. That makes suffering from skin conditions such as acne or eczema extra sensitive while in school, especially when spots or scars affect highly visible areas such as the face.

CBD Oil can help counter symptoms and causes of several skin conditions that are particularly frustrating for children in school. This too depends on our ECS, since the skin is full of its cannabinoid receptors. It appears that the ECS can influence a range of skin processes, including hormone production, cell growth, cell division, and targeted removal of dead skin cells.

CBD has anti-inflammatory capacity, can help prevent itching, and soothes the skin. That makes CBD Oil particularly interesting to use for various skin conditions, which can come in vary handy in school.

CBD Oil is not medicine!

CBD is no miracle cure for all ailments. It is in fact not officially classified as medicine: instead, it is a dietary supplement. Of course, regular medication is no guarantee for better sleeping, less pain, or recovery from depression either; but a warning in in place here nonetheless.

If your child is struggling with severe symptoms of serious problems in school, we always advise seeking professional help. A word of caution is also in place for students already using medication in school, since CBD Oil can interact with certain specific prescription drugs.

Having said that, though, CBD Oil or other hemp supplements an be a useful natural alternative for a range of symptoms affecting children, teens, and young adults in school. They can be real sources of support on the long and sometimes difficult journey towards adulthood!

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Which CBD Oil products could help your child in school?

SupMedi has many other supplements in store than CBD Oil alone, some of which are particularly suited for use in school. CBD Tablets, for instance, are easy to carry in any school bag, while CBD Skincare or CBD Nutrition can offer excellent solutions for specific student problems.

Explore all supplements

External support: CBD Skincare

Our CBD Argan Cream and CBD Argan Salve are loaded with naturally nourishing ingredients. They can be applied for aching muscles, bruises, sprained ankles, or cuts, while giving your schoolgoing children the nest skincare for acne, eczema, and more besides!

Tip 1: ever tried our handmade hemp oil soap? Hemp oil can be very effective against eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, acne, blemishes, and spots, with anti-inflammatory potential to deal with any skin problems.

Support from within: CBD Oil and Nutrition in school

Taking CBD Oil, CBD Tablets, or any of our CBD Nutrition supplements allows the CBD to work from inside out, supporting the ECS to make school life easier.

Tip 2: looking for a special gift as a bit of student support? Try our delicious CBD Gummies that fit any satchel or backpack! Of course , a home-made cup of CBD Coffee or CBD Hot Chocolate could be the perfect homework support, too. And don’t forget to try our CBD Oatmeal to give any student the best possible start of their day.


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