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CBD Oil And Doping Or Drug Tests

Imagine this: you agree to take a drug test in complete confidence you will pass, since you haven’t been using any drugs at all. Yet to your surprise, you test positive for THC, even though all you ever did was use CBD Oil. How can that happen? Or as a matter of fact, is that even possible? To be sure, full spectrum CBD products can contain minimal traces of THC, which is an illegal substance in most countries. Still, the question remains whether drug tests can detect such minimal quantities at all. So how do you use CBD Oil without worrying about doping or drug tests? This blog provides the answers to these questions.

CBD Oil And Doping Or Drug Tests: How Does That Work?

Can CBD Oil produce positive results on doping or drug tests and other tox screen measures? This is an important question for many people. Employers, including international business and government organisations, occasionally test staff for drugs and illegal substances. Anyone involved in high level (international sports competitions can also run into unannounced screenings for doping and performance enhancing means. No cause for alarm, you might think. After all, CBD Oil is not considered drugs, is it? Well, theoretically speaking, you’re right: international authorities including the United Nations, anti-doping authority WADA, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) have all ruled that cannabidiol (CBD) is not a drug. In many countries, CBD supplements are fully legal. And yet, certain CBD Oil supplements can still produce positive drug test results. We’ll explain why, and what you can do to avoid it.

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The Ingredients Of CBD Oil

While ordering Full Spectrum CBD Oil, you may not be aware that this oil contains much more than CBD alone. The hemp plants from which CBD is drawn produce a multitude of different compounds that contribute to the beneficia effects of CBD products. The naturally occurring ingredients found in these plants include:

CBD products are only labelled full spectrum if they contain all of these original compounds. That means they also contain other cannabinoids than CBD, including CBG, CBC, and CBN. But what about THC (tetra-hydrocannabinol)? CBD is derived from industrial hemp plants that produce only minimal quantities of THC. Full spectrum CBD products are not allowed to contain more than .3% THC (higher concentrations are not permitted by law). This is far to little to cause any psychoactive effects; but it is still a minimal presence, no matter how small.

Can Doping Or Drug Tests Turn Out Positive Because Of CBD Oil?

Of course, that still leaves the question unanswered of whether using CBD Oil can prevent you from passing a drug test. After all, CBD is considered a fully legal and accepted hemp supplement in an increasing number of countries. In addition, CBD Oil will not affect your driving ability or similar aspects, so you can drive safely even after using it. Nonetheless, we have seen that full spectrum CBD products still contain minute quantities of THC. So are these tests accurate enough to detect it? The shot and simple answer is “no”: in all probability, a drug test will not turn out positive because you used CBD Oil. Still, it remains a theoretical possibility, so you can’t rule it out entirely. Below, we’ll explain why.

Drug tests are designed to respond either to THC or to THC-COOH, one of its metabolites. Generally speaking, most drug tests you could be submitted to if you’re a government official or a top athlete, for instance, use urine samples. These days, however, saliva tests are becoming ever more common. These are easier to use and generally appear more accurate. Urine tests respond to THC-COOH, which can remain in your system for thirty to sixty days. Saliva tests, by contrast, respond to THC that remains in your mouth after smoking cannabis, or possibly after oral use of full spectrum supplements like CBD Oil.

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How accurate are drug tests, exactly?

How Sensitive To THC Are These Tests?

Urine tests can turn out positive on concentrations of 50 ng/ml THC-COOH or higher.

Saliva tests can produce positive results from 4 ng/ml concentrations.

As mentioned, Full Spectrum CBD Oil is not allowed to contain more than .3% THC. Drug tests are designed and calibrated not to yield positive results for such low percentages. Still, despite the minimal chances of positive test results in normal circumstances, it could still happen in exceptional situations, at least in theory. Potential complicating factors include the reliability and purity of the product you buy, as well as how much CBD you take. If, for instance, you purchase your CBD Oil or other supplements abroad, you may potentially expose yourself to higher THC levels. In certain American states, for instance, you can order CBD Oil that contains 5% THC. If you take such supplements on a regular basis, you may well fail a drug test without ever knowing why.

Worried About CBD Oil And Tox Screens? Choose CBD Isolate

CBD isolates are your safest option if you’re worried about failing a tox screen. CBD isolates are pure products based on CBD alone, without the other cannabinoids or active hemp compounds. They were developed specifically to make sure they don’t contain THC. If you’re interested in using high quality CBD isolates, SupMedi CBD Tablets or CBD Gummies are great options.

cbd tablets drug tests oil isolate
Our CBD Tablets contain only CBD isolate.

Yet although isolates give you certainty on passing drug tests, The drawback is, you’ll miss out on all the added benefits that full spectrum CBD products bring. In full spectrum products, all the other hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids add their own unique properties to the effect of CBD. In addition, these compounds can mutually reinforce and subtly alter each other’s effects through the entourage effect.

However, no matter what your own specific circumstances and needs, you now know you can always find a suitable CBD product online. Determining which supplement do you feel most comfortable with is still the most important consideration. That’s why you should keep relying on common sense, your own intuition, and the purity of SupMedi CBD supplements; and be sure to follow our blogs for more information on the possibilities of CBD!

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